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How to calculate the gestational age

How to calculate the gestational age

every woman with the onset of pregnancy, so it is important to determine in advance the estimated date of birth.And especially I would like to see the pregnancy proceeded normally, without complications and unexpected surprises.But it is important to correctly identify this with a term of her pregnancy.This may be different ways to determine the duration of pregnancy.

effective way to determine gestational age in women

talk more about the common methods of determining the duration of pregnancy:

  • date of ovulation (or conception). By law, it is among the most accurate method of determining gestational age.But in this case it requires a systematic maintenance schedule rectal temperature.Do you need to process every day at the same time - in the morning after waking up, still not getting out of bed.Temperature in the first half of the menstrual cycle does not exceed 37 degrees, with an increase in the ovulation day.

  • Day intercourse consider not worth it. fact, after getting into the uterus an

    d uterine tube sperm can live there 3-4, sometimes up to 7 days, waiting for the egg is released from the follicle.Accordingly, there is always a day of sexual intercourse coincides with the day of conception, and the day of ovulation is not in every case, it is the day of conception, since the egg survive, released from the ovary, it may no longer than a day.Therefore, if you want women to get pregnant, it is best to attempt a few days before ovulation, rather than later.

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  • date of last menstrual period. error is within 1-2 weeks.Pregnancy occurs only after ovulation - between 12-16 days at 28-day cycle.Therefore it is necessary to count the period of pregnancy in 2 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period.The countdown is characterized by high reliability, if a woman has a regular menstrual cycle.Adds to the day of the last menstrual period of 280 days that will get the approximate day of birth.

  • first baby move - not the most accurate option for determining pregnancy.However, it is available only in the second half of pregnancy.But he gynecologists used in combination with other methods.It is believed that in nulliparous women wiggling baby felt in the 20th week of pregnancy, during pregnancy re - 18 minutes.To this date, a further 20-22 weeks with the performance estimates.In each case, the terms are individual.The situation when a woman feels the baby move since the 16th week or not at all before.

  • size of the uterus. centimeters in length approximately equal to the uterus in gestational weeks.To determine the uses ordinary tape measure.The gynecologist performs measurements of the uterus at every visit a woman.This allows you to monitor the development of the fetus.

How to calculate gestational age size and position of the uterus

deserve attention as the position and size of the uterus:

  • By the end of the first month (4 weeks) - the size of the uterus is comparable to the size of a hen's egg.

  • By the end of the second month (8 weeks) - the value of the uterus as female fist.

  • end of the third month (12 weeks) - as the head of a newborn, the bottom comes to the upper edge of the womb.

  • end of the fourth month (16 weeks) - the bottom of the uterus is at 6 centimeters above the womb.

  • end of the fifth month (20 weeks) - to 12cm.

  • End of 6 months (24 weeks) - 20cm.

  • end of the 7th month (28 weeks) - to 24cm.

  • end of the 8th month (32 weeks) - to 28-30sm.

  • end of the 9th month (36 weeks) - to 34-36sm.

  • By the end of the 10th month of the uterus prolapse occurs, the definition of a level similar to 32 weeks.According to a survey of ultrasound can accurately be determined by calculations on different terms - 6-7 weeks.Baby develops in proportion to the period, in the same time the same size in all women.The development will take place already individually.

level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the blood.In pregnancy, one-two weeks of its content in the blood is 150 IU / ml to 8 weeks of reaching a level of 70,000 IU / ml.There are slight variations in the index of one or the other side.However, if that level does not correspond to human chorionic gonadotropin gestation, the situation may be indicative of pathological, ectopic pregnancy or "fading" of pregnancy.

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