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Early signs of pregnancy to delay

Early signs of pregnancy to delay

Many women when planning pregnancy tend to ask the question about the first signs of conception took place.These issues are set not only women in the planning conception of the child, but also worry about an unwanted pregnancy.In his article, we will look at possible changes to the body and a sense of a woman that may indicate pregnancy.

How to pregnancy to delay-being

woman who is well aware of your own body, used to listen to it, will be able to identify certain changes in their health condition and still in the very early stages of pregnancy.Therefore, many women can not identify a pregnancy even before the period when you can use the test.

  • sense of feeling ill.Pregnancy reduces female immunity.Therefore, in this period it is quite natural feeling of weakness, malaise, fatigue.The woman is sometimes seen raising his irritability, drowsiness.This sometimes alternating sensations of cold and heat.The reason is to reduce the pressure and increasing the temperature of the body.Quite often there i

    s redness of the skin and in the evening.Such a condition is easily confused with the first symptoms of influenza or acute respiratory disease.In this situation it is not necessary to immediately resort to drugs that may lead to negative consequences for the fetus.

  • breast tenderness.Often the beginning of pregnancy followed by breast pain, nipple swelling.The emergence of such symptoms characteristic after one to two weeks from the moment of fertilization.Sometimes there are situations where because of the pain is almost impossible to touch the chest.Other signs of pregnancy can be darkened nipples may also darken and the skin in the nipple.

  • Feeling of heaviness in the pelvic area.It increases blood flow to the pelvic organs.Therefore, some women may experience a feeling a rush of blood, sometimes may cause tingling in the uterus.Such features are complemented and sometimes hemorrhoids accompany pregnancy in the early stages.

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Spotting a sign of pregnancy to delay

The woman with the beginning of pregnancy may cause vaginal discharge muddy red.Explain such allocation can be fairly easy.In fact, after the egg is fertilized, it attaches to the wall of the uterine endometrium.That is, the process of attachment of the ovum, which may lead to minor injury to uterine epithelium.The result of these changes can sometimes be bleeding, although often such separation does not occur at all.

basal body temperature changes during pregnancy

When planning a pregnancy, many are basal body temperature chart.Measure the basal temperature thermometer can be in the vagina, rectum or mouth.Performing the procedure should be carried out immediately after waking in the morning, even without getting out of bed without doing any physical activity.In the first half of the menstrual cycle, the basal temperature will be in the range 36,7-36,9 degrees.

If ovulation (according to the calendar on the 14th day of the cycle) the level of basal body temperature rises to 37-37,2 degrees range.Upon the occurrence of pregnancy is no longer a decrease in basal body temperature - will be maintained at a level of 37 degrees.Elevated levels stored basal temperature during pregnancy is still within two weeks.

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definition of pregnancy to delay by a test

Modern pharmacology offers effective tools that allow you to determine pregnancy even before a missed period.For such a result can be used sensitive or ultrasensitive tests.Their principle is based on the possibility of determining pregnancy for 5-7 days prior to the delay.The sensitivity of the test may be 25, 20, 10 mIU \ mL.

To determine early pregnancy, require the purchase of dough having a sensitivity of 10 mIU \ mL.This test allows you to detect even slight levels of hCG in urine composition.Appears HCG hormone in the female body with the onset of pregnancy, initially staying at a fairly low level.However, tests with high sensitivity can detect hCG even at quite low concentrations.

blood test to determine pregnancy to delay - the most effective way

The principle of pregnancy tests built on identifying the content of hCG in urine.In this respect, a more accurate and reliable results allows for a blood test for hCG.Such analysis can be performed to delay monthly to detect pregnancy.

If you experience possible pregnancy must be extremely cautious to resort to drugs.It should abandon the headache pills or other problems.For drugs in early pregnancy can lead to negative consequences for the state and development of the child.

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