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Bleeding in early pregnancy

Bleeding in early pregnancy

bleeding in early pregnancy has been quite discussed topic on specialized sites and women's forums.Understanding the divisiveness of the issue, we have tried to understand it more, picking up relevant recommendations and a means of solving the problem.

bleeding in early pregnancy is not always dangerous

At the outset it is worth little to calm our readers.It is important to understand that not every bleeding in early pregnancy would indicate a serious problem.But it is necessary to take into account - the appearance of vaginal discharge can be a really alarming at which definitely need to seek help from a competent specialist.Therefore, you should always customize your positive attitude, but do not forget to monitor the state of your body and mood.

immediately on the appearance of his underwear at least a drop of blood is required to consult a doctor immediately.It is simply not on their own be able to determine - whether the occurrence of bleeding was caused by hormonal changes in the body or in t

he basis of proved serious violation.

cause bleeding in early pregnancy

Immediately it is worth considering that the first trimester (especially the first month) of pregnancy becomes a really special time.It was during this period, and the ongoing global restructuring of the body, including physiological and hormonal changes.If the age of the child is in your body is not more than ten days from the moment of conception (remember this nuance), and the appearance of brown, brown or red discharge rapidly (they usually are minor, accompanied by pain) does not have to be afraid.

During the reception at the doctor (and it definitely need to go) can be determined that the cause of this situation, it became necessary for pregnancy implantation - fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall.Small fragments of its mucous membrane thus can be torn away - resulting in a slight bleeding from the vagina.

Article topic: Spotting in early pregnancy

Spotting earlier in pregnancy may arise as a result of lovemaking.After all this time to the uterine cervix comes increased blood flow.Among the possible causes of bleeding should be noted polyps cervical canal and cervical erosion.Usually in such cases are fairly minor release is not accompanied by pain.Such bleeding do not entail particularly dangerous, but a medical intervention is required in this case.

In all other cases, the appearance of bleeding can be considered truly more than just a threat.Inaction, or even the slightest delay in such a situation increases the risks of losing a child (with miscarriage) or certain consequences, including the threat to the life of a woman (in the case of ectopic pregnancy).Also, bleeding from the genital tract of pregnant women may indicate the development of certain severe pathology of uterine cervix, until the presence of cancer tumors.Among other possible factors leading to bleeding, infection of the vagina may be noted - a problem that requires an urgent solution.

abortions occur spontaneously in stages.Bleeding on each of the stages will differ among themselves.In particular, spotting the threat of miscarriage can be rather meager.Bleeding When Getting an abortion can be slow if he has to go - it is quite abundant.In the case of an incomplete miscarriage will be dark red spotting, with the presence of clots, can be quite strong and plentiful.

What Level of Blood is classified as bleeding?According to medical literature, this category includes spotting different from a few drops to the profuse level (for common people - as "pouring").There are differences highlighted in the blood - from pink to bright shade of red.Sometimes the bleeding may be brownish.

must be remembered that timely assistance specialists allows to avoid many complications.You just need to rely on the competent help, not just a miracle.

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