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Irritability during pregnancy

Irritability during pregnancy

known fact that pregnancy is accompanied by dramatic physiological and hormonal changes a woman's body.The consequence of these hormonal changes may be increased irritability and a woman with whom she had not encountered before.As a result, during pregnancy may periodic conflicts with loved ones, resorting to higher tones and cries at the showdown.In place of this irritability comes guilt, taking into account all sorts of ways that a woman is trying to make amends for his blunder.But the saddest thing is that this situation is beginning to be repeated almost constantly, literally every day.Even in a situation when a woman realizes he was wrong at the time of the next conflict, it can not do anything.What is the cause of such a situation, how it can be alleviated or even eliminated - these issues, we will pay attention to in his article.

What caused irritability during pregnancy?

Science managed to identify all the features of the behavior of a pregnant woman, so we can refer directly to the scientif

ic work to identify the possible causes of irritability during pregnancy.Experts tend to believe that in most cases there is only a manifestation of irritability in the presence of relatives or close friends.Accordingly, one can speak of a subconscious desire to pregnant women to prepare the future father to characteristic changes in the future life - a child with their cries will be regularly forced to wake up at night, there are a variety of domestic and other problems after birth and so forth. "Through" This irritability woman trying to develop in the futurefather's preparedness for future surprises and difficulties maintaining patience and calm even in the various conflict or stressful situations.

also irritability during pregnancy results in the realization that with all the changes and challenges facing the body is a woman.After all, nature has, that only a woman is faced with typical problems during pregnancy - pain in different parts of the body, symptoms of toxicity, discomfort, heaviness, changes in appearance and other troubles that accompany this period.

Accordingly, often during pregnancy unconsciously start blaming men in his condition.The most common is irritation during the first trimester of pregnancy, and the second is already beginning to decline gradually and held.

But, unfortunately, it does not mean the complete absence of irritability in the future.Sometimes seizures may occur irritability - you need to know to be ready, to exercise maximum tolerance and peace.

How to suppress irritability during pregnancy?

to suppress their irritability and learning self-calming, remember some pretty powerful ways:

  • be understood that the irritability during pregnancy can lead even the sensitivity of women to odors.Even without knowing the situation, a pregnant woman can be irritated even because of an unpleasant smell for yourself.Accordingly, for the prevention of such a situation is useful as often as possible ventilate the room, avoiding foods with a strong, unpleasant smell for a woman, should not be smoking in the apartment.

  • Psychologists are of the opinion that the effective discharge contributes to the drawing.Even for women who had previously not particularly fond of drawing, this activity will provide positive emotions.According to the results of many studies failed to determine that while drawing a person gets the opportunity to psychological relaxation, splashing accumulated negative on an easel.When a person is able to calm down, start sketching a grim picture already bright, cheerful colors.It should observe this process - and it is replaced by emotion during this interesting and useful hobby.

  • Another fairly effective means of getting any physical activity.Therefore, obstetricians often advised from the first days of life gymnastics, yoga for pregnancy or dancing.You can select a city in the courses for pregnant women, which are available and appropriate exercises and gymnastics.Harmony of use and enjoyment in the form of a physical activity will significantly reduce the degree of irritability.

  • also given to the importance of mental attitude.Himself need to set a positive mood - enjoy your favorite music, the outdoors, socializing with nice people you do not forget about the regular walks on air.In an extreme case, if the deal with emotions could not, be sure to apologize to the relatives - they will understand your condition.

Causes of irritability during pregnancy because of the physical condition

Among the possible causes irritation, which leads to the physical condition of a woman can be called as the figure changes.Such changes do not go unheeded any of the women.It should be understood that pregnancy in any case accompanied by a set of additional weight, which leads to external changes women.

pregnant is often accompanied by various problems with the intestines, many women experience back pain, and possibly the development of hemorrhoids.Most pregnant women experience symptoms of toxicity.And even in this period the woman should find time for their household, perform household chores and cooking.So naturally the appearance of irritation a pregnant woman.In this case, there can be only one recommendation.Spouses and close the rest of the people need to understand the state of the pregnant woman, helping her, so she had plenty of time for yourself.Most women need to consider a good rest, good diet, the pleasure of watching your favorite movies, listen to music, communicate with his beloved girlfriend.During pregnancy, a woman needs rest the most.In fact, after the birth of such a possibility it will not be - will have plenty of time to devote to the child.

drugs to combat irritability during pregnancy

often pregnant women are wondering about the possibility of the use of any drugs to reduce irritability.The decision should be taken only physician on an individual basis.Do not hesitate to talk to him on this issue.But it is important to understand the undesirability of many drugs during pregnancy.Therefore it is possible to suggest other ways to reduce irritation.Above all, this possibility should also be regularly walking outdoors, especially in sunny weather.After all, the sunlight leads to increased production of the hormone serotonin in the female body.It is on its amount and depends on the mood.Often called the happiness hormone serotonin.

No need to constantly sit at home - should consider a daily walk, even if small.Over time, it is sure to be able to notice an improvement in their mood and well being, without irritability and outbursts of rage on various details.It is important during pregnancy and do interesting things you love.Perhaps just now I had the opportunity to study a foreign language, reading, drawing or other interesting hobby, acceptable during pregnancy.

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