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Thrush in early pregnancy

Thrush in early pregnancy

His People, the term "yeast" had a yeast infection called candidiasis.In the course of infection irritation occurs under the influence of the fungus Candida mainly mucous - mucous membrane of the intestine, mouth, genital tract ("wet surface" of the body).At least once a sexual encounter candidiasis 70% of all women, so the situation can be regarded as the norm views.But in the case of recurrence already necessary to carry out treatment for the woman and partner.

In early pregnancy thrush is a fairly common occurrence.But remember - in such a case it is not necessary to take independent measures as are inaccurate smear (which is bound to say to make a gynecologist).But accurate smear results are the mainstay of treatment of disease, otherwise achieve the desired results will not be possible.

Article topic: Thrush in pregnancy

disease can develop for different reasons: as a result of hormonal disorders, eating large quantities of flour and sweet food, low immunity, infectious and chronic diseases,

vitamin deficiency, stress.Thrush often comes from the use of birth control pills or antibiotics.

favorable background and exacerbations of thrush - pregnancy, the female body when faced with hormonal changes, becomes more acidic chemical environment in the vagina, with the weakening of the immune system.

Symptoms of thrush in early pregnancy

Let's talk about the main symptoms of the appearance of thrush: mucosal edema, redness, appearance of burning and itching (increased feelings after sex, water treatment or during the night), whitish cheesy discharge with a sour smell or without.

with similar symptoms may be encountered and some other infections.Accordingly, to determine the final diagnosis of the occurrence of thrush is possible only after the results of analysis by a doctor.When the illness began less than a month ago, the treatment is fairly easy.What to take to pregnant women?

There may be a variety of drugs to effectively get rid of candidiasis during pregnancy.But acts contra and a ban on their use during early pregnancy.The situation is similar with various douching.During the first weeks of pregnancy is not usually performed treatment of thrush - because it does not affect the gestation.When a heavy discharge and itching of the application is assigned to a limited list of drugs.

unpleasant feeling can be avoided by cleaning the soda solution (1 liter of boiled water take 2 tsp. In the morning and evening), or 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (helps create an acidic environment in the vagina, except for breeding yeast-like fungi).Most effective means of getting yogurt - just obmoknut it tampon inserted into the vagina at night.But be sure to use only very fresh yogurt.

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You can also use a complex of various folk remedies to combat disease thrush.But in this case it is necessary to take into account possible contraindications.However, the effectiveness of these methods do not have to call, although the harm they bring should not.Use herbal infusions should only be for cleaning the compressor and (but you must take into account possible allergies).

can then use to celandine, birch buds, pharmacy chamomile, juniper, knotweed, oak bark, yarrow, nettle leaves nettle, sage leaves, rosemary and other plants.

Prevention thrush during pregnancy

From prophylactics appearance of thrush are the following:

  • should always wear comfortable cotton underwear.It is known that many women prefer to use synthetic strings, but they can provoke the development of fungi.

  • sure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene (washing hands every time after going to the toilet, or coming home from the street).

  • Avoid sweet or starchy foods in your diet, as they lead to fermentation in the body, leading to an exacerbation of the disease.

  • timely change of personal hygiene - tampons and pads female.

  • having sex only with a condom.

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