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Avocados in pregnancy

Avocados in pregnancy

According to many nutritionists, a person needs to supplement their diet with a close fruit - that grow in our climate zone.This can recommend to abandon various exotic fruits, including popular kiwi, avocado, lime and others.What decision should be taken for pregnant women, if you want to indulge in a delicious banana, orange or avocado?Question fairly common, including a variety of niche sites for pregnant women - so we stop the focus on the properties of avocado, recommendations for its consumption during the childbearing.

undoubted benefits of avocado during pregnancy

First of all, it should be noted undoubted benefits of avocado to the body as a whole.This is a fairly nutritious product, which is composed of important vitamins (A, E, B, C, K) and monounsaturated fatty foods.With these substances improve the development of vital organs and systems of children.Namely - the cells of the brain, nervous system, organs of vision, adipose tissue and placenta.Also, the elements in the composition of t

he fruit is saturated with the human body in vitamin B9 (folic acid), becoming a prerequisite for women as prevention of various congenital malformations of the child, including cases of cleft lip.

important feature of the fruit becomes a wealth of different minerals.Among the useful components to be noted potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, manganese, magnesium and copper - essential components which provide the obvious benefit to the body of the pregnant woman.In particular, they are effective for the prevention of problems of cardiovascular activity, anemia, a tendency to it.Especially useful avocado consumption becomes for pregnant women who are faced with diseases of the digestive system.Including proved positive effect of avocado on the immune system, providing effective prevention of colds.Those skilled in many countries as a result of numerous tests and studies failed to prove the complete absence of negative impact avocado pregnancy.

Avocado during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks

It should be noted another important quality avocado for pregnant women.Because we all know the dangers of stretch marks, which invariably accompany pregnancy.Indeed difficult to effectively prevent the formation of stretch marks on the stomach, chest and hips of a pregnant woman.The composition of the avocado includes various components, providing a soothing and moisturizing, nourishing and healing effect.Consequently, the mask of avocado can rightly be regarded as an effective means for the prevention of stretch marks.For such a result is very useful mask of avocado, which are excellent prevention of stretch marks.To do this, crushed avocado puree to the state, complementing the composition of olive oil, causing the body to the area with stretch marks.The optimal period of validity of such a mask is considered to be a period of 15 minutes.Then use warm water to wash off a mask from the stretch.

Recommendations for avocado consumption during pregnancy

necessary to note that the beneficial properties of avocados are stored only in the raw form of exotic fruit.In particular, you can reflect on the salads on the basis of avocado, cream and supplementing it with other fruits.It is also a major benefit has proved pasta cooked with avocado and butter.A great snack becomes a half of fruit to satisfy hunger, giving saturation.Also note that the avocado is not only their use, but also a neutral taste, becoming a versatile addition to vegetable salads and desserts.Before use, the fruit should be washed thoroughly to not remain on the surface of agricultural fertilizers.Also, we will not rule out the possibility of allergy to the product - is an individual factor to be taken into account.

course, are allergic to avocado in pregnancy is a very rare phenomenon, but completely exclude this possibility will not.Therefore, if you plan to avocados first time in his life to try it during pregnancy, you should follow some rules.To do this, the fruit of my thoroughly and cut away a small piece.We eat the slice that you want to chew.We are waiting for the reaction within the hour.If no problem, you can treat yourself to a half fruit.Modern medical literature does not have any of the cases of allergy to this fruit.In this respect, much safer avocado citrus.

In any case, supplement your diet with new products, fruit recommended consultation with a specialist.When in doubt, better ask the doctor questions.But in any case the avocado provides benefits for the woman and fetus development.To provide for your body useful vitamins in the diet, may be recommended to eat half of this fruit every day.

Various dishes of avocado consumption during pregnancy

Avocado can be used to prepare various dishes, which will be quite useful for pregnant women.In particular, pay attention to the pasta with a creamy avocado pulp - known as guacamole.Avocados are optimally combined with crackers, sandwiches, fried potatoes.Although itself raw fruit is also pleasantly surprised with a special taste and benefit to the organism.Many people recommend the salad of boiled chicken breast and avocado - performing under the thick Greek salad.But we have to talk about the potential threat of certain food products which are prepared on the basis of avocado.

Representatives of the American Pregnancy Association recommends pregnant women to eliminate in your diet soft cheese, including Queso Fresco and Queso Blanco, in their composition may contents of bacteria responsible for listeriosis - an infection that can be dangerous for the fetus.Often, the presence of this pathogen is typical of raw and smoked meats, unpasteurized milk and cheese varieties.However, this requirement does not apply to fresh avocados - but only for finished products and packaged with its contents.

Precautions for use during pregnancy avocado

women have always, especially during pregnancy, should be excluded in the diet products, which are the result of an allergic reaction.If you have an allergy to avocado should completely abandon this product, even microscopic doses.Experts draw attention to the need to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating.Listen carefully and follow the advice of obstetricians, gynecologists or prenatal dieticians for understanding the safest and most effective products during pregnancy.

Selection Rules avocado - which should be considered

When choosing an avocado sure to carefully check - whether to offer fully ripe fruit.Immature fruit - hard fruits, peel which is not pressed.If pressed deeply, the fruit is overripe.Particular attention should be dark spots and cracks in avocado - they are a sign that the fruit began to deteriorate.But most shops offer is unripe avocado.To ripened fruit, it must leave for several days at room temperature.

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