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Dill in pregnancy

Dill in pregnancy

Every woman should be with the onset of pregnancy to think of a completely new image of its life expectancy.In particular, the menu is complemented by a pregnant woman with plenty of fresh herbs, native to our latitude and love is dill.

quite common even cases with the onset of pregnancy, a woman she wants to add to your diet dill - at least for the smell.Many pregnant women consume fennel, even without other dishes, or used as a seasoning for soup, salads, side dishes, made from dill drinks.Sometimes fennel becomes a means to combat the disease emerged in women.Can I safely use dill so throughout the period of pregnancy without risks and uncertainties, or some limitations and rules exist?

Use fennel during pregnancy

Research numerous experts really confirm the information-rich content in dill different healing components that provide beneficial properties for the body.At the same efficiencies dill fall not only on the physiological condition of the pregnant woman, but also psychological.

Thanks to the essential oil of fennel is provided by the effect of peace, a sense of calm and harmony with all the fullness of life.Thanks to its use by pregnant women manage to cope with the challenges of increased suspiciousness or emotional - an important condition for expectant mothers.Yet the effect on internal systems and organs of a woman is much more important and significant.

main benefit of dill falls on the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system.Its use helps to normalize and improve digestive processes, preventing the formation of gas, provided the stimulation of peristalsis, to get rid of intestinal cramps and colic, maintaining the normal properties of the intestinal microflora, without fermentation or putrefaction.The positive effect is also provided for the liver, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, nervous and excretory systems, significantly improving discharge of mucus from the bronchi, markedly beneficial effect on eyesight.

Dill in pregnancy

Dill is surprisingly versatile.He enjoy thi-used for a variety of regions and areas, but especially appreciated in medicine because of the undoubted beneficial qualities - carminative, cardiotonic, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, laxative, expectorant, bronchodilator, antibacterial and other useful effects.

During pregnancy dill creates better conditions for the growth and development of the child, positively affecting the overall health of women: to help get rid of headaches, nausea, stabilize sleep, promotes a sense of calm, reducing blood pressure, eliminating the bloating, a positive effect on appetite.

Fennel helps rid the body of excess fluid, to avoid the problem of edema in pregnant women.Fennel contains many substances, much needed during pregnancy.In particular, the content of nicotine and folic acid, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and so forth. Saturation dill and many other minerals and vitamins.Among other things, essential oils, chlorophyll, chlorogenic acid, vitamins A, B, C, flavonoids, pectin and so forth.

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harm fennel during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the use of dillpresents to the body a variety of useful properties.But we should take into account the nuances of the reverse - it may involve certain dangers and risks to the pregnant woman and the fetus.Such aromatic herbs in large quantities can cause induction of labor.This feature has been used since ancient times for delivery - a woman in childbirth giving the tincture of fennel.

abuse dill When there is a risk of nausea and dizziness, temporary visual impairment, loss of strength, vision problems, fainting.Therefore it is better to know the measure, keeping a small amount of fennel in your diet.It is better not to use dill tea during pregnancy, which many mums are choosing in the toxicosis.At least on this consultation with a physician will not be superfluous.

But after childbirth dill can play a major role - through stimulation of lactation, the child's problems with the stomach reliably prevented.Later fennel help easier to transfer monthly.Virtually all resembles dill and its "nearest relative" - ​​fennel.

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