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Sauerkraut in pregnancy

Sauerkraut in pregnancy

Sauerkraut is one of the favorite foods in Russia for a long time.Our ancestors did not just enjoy the taste of sauerkraut, but also used it for medicinal, useful properties.Every winter, it was decided to procure a unique salty, preferably in large quantities.

And today our families in the diet remains popular sauerkraut.Perhaps not always regularly, but at least periodically, most of us are not averse to enjoy the sour and salty.During pregnancy, these needs are increasing dramatically.For pregnant women, this condition can be considered completely normal.

Sauerkraut in the diet of pregnant women

Many women have told me that without sauerkraut can not even imagine her pregnancy.After all, it is constantly adding to its almost daily diet.Other women, though in smaller numbers, also want to periodically sour-salty foods.Therefore, a reasonable question about the possibility of adding sauerkraut to the diet of a pregnant woman.If you view the numerous guidelines on proper nutrition during pregnancy

, you can learn about the good side dish of sauerkraut for fish or meat, because it allows more efficient to digest protein foods.

Sauerkraut during pregnancy to maintain shape

When during pregnancy problem of excess weight, your doctor may recommend a variety of means, including sauerkraut.After this amazing product with a relatively small amount of calories, provides a good effect for the body, with a gentle effect compared to fresh cabbage.

women after pregnancy is often claimed - due sauerkraut managed to get rid of nausea during toxicosis.Add information can mother or grandmother - absolutely natural product, so harmful consequences for the body should not be.Much better than a variety of salted and smoked, that women are starting to make in their gastronomic sag.

benefits of sauerkraut during pregnancy

Indeed, sauerkraut provides a significant benefit to the body.Among the major beneficial properties of the product may be noted:

- Large amounts of vitamin C, selenium, which are the prevention of SARS, contributing to the strengthening of the immune system (effective help at a high temperature or pain in the chest), improving the absorption of certain nutrients, including iron.

- contribute to a better flow of iron in the female body, which helps prevent anemia, and providing the necessary supplies for the fetus.

- The content of folic acid - vitamin is extremely important for a pregnant woman and the child (taking part in the emergence of new cells).

- The positive effect for digestion of proteins by vitamin B6 as part of sauerkraut.

- Confident leader in the number of vitamin K, which is especially important during childbirth.After all, it improves the availability of blood clotting.

- relieves nausea (especially due to the brine sauerkraut).This salvation in toxicosis.

- Sauerkraut is an effective means of preventing the development of cancer cells in a child, peptic ulcer disease.

- Positive effects for the hair and nails (composed of not only contains these elements, but also zinc, nicotinic acid and magnesium).

- Preventing heartburn.Enough to start a meal with sauerkraut - two or three tablespoons.

- Elimination of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

- Activation of digestion, preventing bloating, relieving constipation.

- Brine from sauerkraut will be helpful for hemorrhoids.

- Maintaining a healthy metabolism.

- Settlement of cholesterol and blood sugar, maintaining a normal level of acid-base balance of the body.

Sauerkraut with a relatively small amount of calories (25 calories per 100 gr.) Contributes to the rapid saturation.The presence of tartronic acid becomes prevention of fat, carbohydrates deriving from the body - essential conditions during pregnancy.Thanks brine sauerkraut improves appetite.

list of useful properties of sauerkraut can be extended even further.Among the main benefits of the product - a set of effects, including tonic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immunostimulant, anti-carcinogenic and anesthetic.

Precautions and limitations

But in any case the measure is necessary to know.Doctors say - in the use of sauerkraut in uncontrolled amounts can cause flatulence.The product contains a large amount of salt, so the swelling can occur.With sauerkraut better to be extremely cautious in diseases of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, gastritis, hypertension, ulcers with high acidity or pancreatitis.

important in the conclusion of the article noted that the effect of the brine is more useful compared with sauerkraut, effect on the body will be softer.But in any case, this question requires an individual consultation with a physician.