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Contraindications Pregnancy

Contraindications Pregnancy

Pregnancy in any case, it is special, unique status of the female body, bringing about changes in the general way of life, habits and preferences.At this time, the woman, the mother of the future, require compliance with various rules of conduct, which previously could only seem like a gimmick.During pregnancy, faced with a variety of serious restrictions and prohibitions.Sticking to such measures necessary for the woman to the normal development of the child and maintain its good health.The development of the child and its natural childbirth should be the main motivation and challenge for the pregnant woman.After a pregnancy actually involves numerous contraindications for women.We have to recognize that many of these restrictions are ignored, as they are called superstitious and just insignificant.To answer pressing questions, look at the main contraindications during pregnancy - an important condition for the normal development and birth of the child.

Alcohol in pregnancy

Alcohol becomes the mai

n ban for women during pregnancy.You do not need to follow the entreaties of his friends, who say - well, what can make one glass of champagne or beer?But it is important to take into account even the smallest amount of alcohol leads to serious risks during pregnancy and in some cases there is a likelihood of alcohol abuse syndrome fetus.Just note that the critical dose of alcohol during pregnancy and is not defined, so once again expose the health of the child does not need unnecessary risks.

Drugs during pregnancy

actions are absolutely prohibited during pregnancy and drug use.At the same time full of contraindications exist for lung narcotic drugs, including cannabis.At the use of narcotic drugs during pregnancy increases the risk of various defects in the newborn.The use of hard drugs, including heroin or morphine leads to miscarriage or the formation of a child's neurological diseases.

Tobacco Maternity

smoking tobacco.Do not forget about the vasoconstrictor effect of tobacco.His smoking leads to significant exposure to the fetus, the child malnutrition.

Sunbathing during pregnancy

sunbathing.The recommendations of many gynecologists recommended limit for pregnant women swimming in reservoirs and finding the open sun.These temperature changes can cause miscarriages.

Sports during pregnancy

Sport during pregnancy.Note that specific contraindications for sports during the first trimester of pregnancy does not exist.During this period, you can not give up the practice.But in the future should be limited to the possible exercise for your body.Because progesterone does tendons and muscles more lethargic.Therefore, increasing the risk of falls and fractures.Doctors recommend to abandon diving and snorkeling.While just walking or swimming in this period will be quite useful.Do not forget about the risks of excessive stress to the body, which can lead to bleeding or a risk of miscarriage.

food for pregnant

It is essential to adhere to the recommendations for the correct diet.First of all, your diet should abandon the use of salt.Indeed, the use of salt leads to fluid retention, which is why there is swelling of the limbs.It is also recommended rejection of condiments and spices, that increase the dryness of the mouth, and general appetite.Accordingly, their use can lead to weight gain.

sex during pregnancy

doctors in most cases the first trimester of pregnancy is recommended refusal of sex.After all, during this period there is mounting of the fetus to the uterus, with the slow development in the future.Saved and some contraindications for sex and for the following stages of pregnancy, in the presence of unexplained bleeding and spotting.


during pregnancy tend to retain contraindications to the use of medicines.It is therefore important to monitor the health during pregnancy with extreme care.It is important to avoid the disease during pregnancy, since the use of any of drugs can adversely affect the overall development of the child.It is important to understand - self completely forbidden.

Cosmetic procedures

should give up some types of massage, laser therapy, electrophoresis, a cold shower, bath or sauna visit.

addition to the main common contraindications, can be as individual limitations and restrictions - they reported the results of tests the doctor.

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