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Take a bath during pregnancy

Take a bath during pregnancy

pregnancy gives a woman a variety of changes in the health and well-being.For normal pregnancy should take into account some changes in their lifestyle and professional advice.A particular issue, which is dedicated to the many topics of discussion, it is taking a bath during pregnancy.

Can I take a bath during pregnancy?If

still remain some doubts as to the possibility of taking a bath during pregnancy, be calm and not to worry about this issue.In fact, nothing critical on this issue does not exist.After all, the opinions of experts confirm - in modern medicine not only allowed En adoption procedures, but even strongly recommends them, given the obvious.

After bathing can provide for a woman to enjoy and benefit.The effect of the bath is so high that to reject it is not necessary.Therefore, if a woman likes to enjoy the warm some water, relaxing and relaxing in the bath, to think is not particularly necessary.Besides, during pregnancy may change various preferences women.In particular, fans often

prefer to lie normal shower in the bath, enjoying a peaceful holiday and relaxation of your body.

bath Benefits during pregnancy

Immediately it should be noted that the adoption of the baths are actually able to provide a number of important advantages.After a bath can not only effectively and safely relieve stress, tension, possible fatigue, pain, but also contributes to a significant mood elevation woman favorably affecting blood circulation in the whole, restoring the state of the nervous system.Among other things, taking a bath can effectively remove toxins from the human body.

during childbearing bathing also acquires additional value.Among many other features, it draws attention to the ability to cope with various consequences of pregnancy.In particular, the ability to relieve stress, swelling, eliminates or reduces the pain, reducing the tone of the uterus.

useful and practical addition to the bath becomes essential and the use of various cosmetics.Let yourself be pampered so interesting effects, but it is necessary to take into account some of the rules of use.In particular shower gel should be selected from a series designed specifically for pregnant women.Using various means of aromatherapy, be sure to carefully and responsibly to the choice of suitable oils.

Among the recommended facilities during this period may be noted bergamot, orange, Leuzea kayaputa, lemon, limetta, Petitgrain, Neroli, niaouli, sandalwood, rosewood, eucalyptus, tea tree.But some during pregnancy have to give - are contraindicated in this period will be rosemary, basil, cedar, cypress, thyme, patchouli.It is important to be attentive to a suitable dosage.In particular, for a comfortable swim in the tub, eliminating the risks to its status, it will be enough 2-3 drops of essential oil.

Note that there are various doubts.After all, mother, grandmother or friends could strictly prohibit the adoption of a bath before giving birth.Experience suggests that such a ban is a profound mistake.His reason is simple - before it was widely believed the possibility of getting into the vagina of various infections and germs along with the water.But in modern medicine, there is unequivocal opinion - due to mucus plug child receives protection against such risks.

recommendations how to take a bath during pregnancy

Given the information in the article, it can be argued - no need to deny yourself the coveted pleasure to rest and relax in the warm waters.Yet for this pleasure is necessary to observe some rules and guidelines.

  • hot water in this period is strictly prohibited - the temperature is over 38 degrees.

  • is in the bath should be no longer than 10-15 minutes.

  • Place the bottom non-slip bath mat.

  • bath better to take when you are not the house - it is better to err, if it turns out badly.

  • It is important to take into account the increase in body temperature in warm water, so it will gradually heat up and the child.In order to avoid such undesirable overheating of the fetus, the woman's shoulders should not be in the water.

  • bathing is forbidden after the discharge of water.