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Castor oil during pregnancy

Castor oil during pregnancy

For women, pregnancy is not just desirable but also very responsible and exciting time.For all this period will take care not only about their own condition, but also for the child to be protected.Therefore, special attention is paid to the restrictions for pregnant women.Also pay attention to the use of castor oil, which is used by many women before pregnancy.

The use of castor oil in pregnancy

Castor oil - an effective remedy for constipation.From the second trimester of pregnancy in women often arises a similar problem when you can not normally empty the bowel.If before pregnancy castor oil has been a great help in this intimate problem, then directly during childbearing is obviously not suitable.The reason lies in the peculiarities of the effect of the application - not just improve the patency of the intestine, but also a certain impact to the uterus, leading to its contraction.Accordingly, the use of castor oil can lead to a risk of miscarriage.

Given this feature of the oil, the use of cast

or oil has previously been extended in the induction of labor activity in the last stages of pregnancy.But it is important to understand - use castor oil for these tasks can only be subject to appropriate medical training and knowledge to the measures taken not lead to a variety of undesirable consequences.In addition, modern medicine offers a variety of the latest technology, so it can afford to completely abandon the castor oil for induction of labor.Today is much more preferable to use more efficient and advanced technologies, which allow to achieve a result without unnecessary risks.

External application of castor oil

known that take inside castor oil during pregnancy is clearly undesirable.Yet the use of external experts is welcome, even during pregnancy.Castor oil often comes to "rescue" a pregnant woman.Probably the most common way is to promote the topical hair with castor oil.This method can also favorably affect the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Since ancient times, castor oil is used to improve the eyelashes, which became more fluffy and long.To do this, apply oil on eyelashes with a brush, allowed to stand overnight.The same principle has also been with the eyebrows, which is due to oil was much easier to provide a suitable form.

pregnancy many women have a negative impact on the general condition of the hair.The reason are serious changes that occur in the female body.Often hair loss begins, they are quite brittle and dry, slow-growing.Therefore, it is reasonable to use castor oil to rectify the situation.To do this, the oil is rubbed into the scalp massaged, and you can use special masks for hair on the basis of castor oil.

strengthen hair can be due to a mixture of castor oil and onion juice (two tablespoons) or lemon juice (in equal parts).To cope with the problem of abundant hair loss can be due to a mixture of castor oil and alcohol are mixed half.Braves mask for 0.5-2 hours - depending on the destination and the selected composition.Rinse should be with warm water, always while using the shampoo.The effect can be supplemented through the water with vinegar, broth herbs, lemon juice.

Castor oil as a cosmetic

Castor oil is also excellent established itself as an effective cosmetic product, softening, nourishing and whitening the skin, helping to get rid of wrinkles.Accordingly, castor oil during pregnancy can be a great tool in large dryness, appearance of cracks.Castor oil moisturizes eyelids.It also helps get rid of the seals, build-up, including on the soles, heels, knee bends or elbows.

For such cases may well be suitable pan, which is added to castor oil.It is also possible to use different cosmetics, which contains in its composition castor oil.Also castor effectively relieves itching and various skin irritations, therefore optimally suitable for getting rid of the effects of allergies or large scratching.

Castor oil during pregnancy helps a woman maintain her beauty.But for this it is important to use the right - an external application.Accordingly, it is necessary to abandon the use of castor oil inside,