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Mustard pregnancy

Mustard pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a special event in the life of any woman.But while carrying a child is not just a happy event in the family, but also the need to take into account the advice of a doctor, to make significant changes in his life, carefully care for the pregnancy and the child's safety.A particularly important issue in pregnancy becomes treatment in case of different diseases.

Can I use mustard during pregnancy?

separate topic of conversation becomes cold treatment during pregnancy.It is known that none of us is immune from the risk of colds, especially the body of a pregnant woman.In the case of the disease want to quickly and effectively get rid of the problem.But as fast as possible, but the main safe for pregnancy and baby, to get rid of a cold?For many years before women turned their attention to the various funds, including mustard, banks and other warming procedure, especially without thinking about the possible consequences.It was kind of a tradition that is almost not subject to doubt.

But time passes, and changes related to the use of mustard plasters.Today had the ambiguous attitude to this "yellow leaves".On the possibility of its use during pregnancy, and we'll talk more.

There are different views on the use of mustard plasters pregnant women:

  • Contraindications to the use of yellow cards just for pregnant women.
  • no contraindications, but it is better to refuse.
  • use mustard plasters during pregnancy is possible only after consultation with your doctor.
  • can use mustard during pregnancy without any fears.Just overdoing it with this procedure.
  • Mustard anyone at all can not be used for pregnant women and all acts categorical prohibition.

safe alternative to mustard plasters during pregnancy

But what better then used to treat the common cold during pregnancy?After all, it is likely that the treatment is better to use mustard, rather than resort to various medicines of chemical origin.However, be aware that these drugs can cause a tone of the uterus - is fraught with the risk of miscarriage.Could it be offered some more sparing alternative to using mustard plasters?

the treatment of cough most secure solution experts call different inhalation.After all, today a choice of a variety of modern, efficient inhaler, although we should not forget also about the folk remedies of past generations: breathe steam over a saucepan in a paper cone, covering even a blanket if desired, quite convenient to brew healing gathering the kettle, to breathe into his nose.Here, the main condition for getting the right choices, the better to breathe.

Among other things, we can build on the proven way - a pair of boiled potatoes, some limited and peel.If in doubt about a possible allergy, you can recommend some herbal teas.Quite popular solutions are eucalyptus, St. John's wort, sage, calendula, mother and stepmother, chamomile, plantain, licorice root, linden blossom, and others.

quite effectively cope with the treatment of cough and various essential oils.We should highlight the pine or fir essential oil.You can also once again reminded of the "star", but its use requires special care.

worthy alternative to mustard plasters can be considered iodine mesh to be applied to the back (except vertebral area).A popular solution is considered to be a copper massage: it heats up 1 teaspoon of honey to 40 gr., Putting on the chest, tapping her fingertips.The procedure is carried out to the desired result within two to three days.

fairly efficient alternative to mustard plasters can be cabbage leaf, smeared with honey.And just drink honey with milk is also very helpful.Perhaps its application and onion juice - also pretty useful tool.

Today it is possible to choose different alternative ways of treating cough.Therefore unlikely mustard may be considered uncontested panacea.Also, the risk of yellow cards is that they are used by our grandmothers when an unwanted pregnancy - effective home remedies for abortion.

therefore clearly not hurt caution in the use of mustard plasters.If you prefer this tool, be sure to follow the instructions for use.

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