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Calcium gluconate during pregnancy

Calcium gluconate during pregnancy

need for the female organism in vitamins and minerals increases considerably during pregnancy in addition, they need the kid himself.For the health and normal development of the child must be a sufficient amount of calcium in the body of a pregnant woman.Realizing this, many doctors prescribe for pregnant women calcium gluconate to the 14th week of gestation of the child, sometimes at earlier dates.

drug can be used only on prescription, given the risks of excess calcium in the wrong dosage during self-treatment.Even Valuable calcium in the case of excessive amounts can lead to negative consequences for the body of the pregnant woman and the baby.

necessity of calcium during pregnancy

That calcium is becoming a major element in the overall formation of bone and tooth tissue.During pregnancy, you need more calcium, because you need to take into account the child's need for it.Calcium contributes to the proper development of tissues of the body of the child.Calcium - an important "building" material

in the overall formation of the nervous system, skeleton and bone baby.He also becomes a necessity for the proper formation of the ears, eyes, hair and nails of the child.In many ways, the amount of calcium will affect the overall mental and physical development of the child after birth.It is therefore important to take calcium efficiently - without an excess or restrict consumption.

The use of calcium gluconate during pregnancy

Glyukonat_kalciya_pri_beremennosti_.jpg why moderate consumption of calcium is given importance?The reason is that calcium deficiency leads to the exposure of the pregnant body to allergy, stress, or other diseases.If the body of the child is not enough calcium, and there is a risk of rickets.Due to the consumption of calcium is possible to reduce the likelihood of premature birth and miscarriage tool helps stabilize blood pressure, significantly decrease blood loss during pregnancy.

Calcium has proven itself effective in leg cramps, faced by pregnant women.And another important point - the preservation of the teeth during pregnancy.It is therefore important rational consumption of calcium, to prevent or minimize the aforementioned problems.

But to risk results not only in a lack, but also an overabundance of calcium.First of all, an overabundance of calcium in the body of a pregnant woman leads to a risk for the bones of a child.Bones are inelastic, which reduces the spring.The hardness of the bone will be a child during childbirth complicate cross-baby through the birth canal.After

at birth compresses the skull bones baby for the birth of the baby.With limited compression heads are possible complications and birth trauma.Moreover, the kidneys are facing an additional burden, given the intensity of the extracted excess calcium.

Article topic: Calcium during pregnancy

Norma calcium during pregnancy

If calcium gluconate is taken every day, to child through the placenta will come about 250-300 mg.Ample daily volume of trace elements.Therefore, pregnant women are assigned a maximum of 500 mg.for one reception.This mode provides even flow to a pregnant woman and a child.

But in each case the individual destination, with a strict regimen facilities.So do not ask about the number of drug girlfriends, who appoints them.It is better to apply again to the local doctor to clarify the recommended amount of a drug useful for your body and the unborn child.During pregnancy, you are responsible not only for their own health, but also for the future of the baby - so it is important not to be guided by the advice of girlfriends, and seek competent professional help.

Products containing calcium during pregnancy

product mg of calcium per 100 grams
poppy-seed 1667
sesame-seed 1474
cheesesolid 1005
wheat bran 950
paste 824
processed cheese 760
cheese Adygei 644
plum kernel 600
sheep cheese 550
cheese cow 530
tea 495
rape-seed 454
yeast 400
sunflower-seed 367
cherry kernel 309
condensed milk, sugar 307
sweet almonds 273
mustard-seed 254
wheat cereal 250
sago 250
nut nutmeg 250
pistachio 250
parsley 245
dill 223
chickpeas 193
mung 192
garlic bulb 180
milk sheep 178
cotton-seed 171
hazelnuts 170
apricots 166
beans 150
beans vegetables (scapula) 150
milk goat 143
cow's milk 120
mare's milk 89

Contraindications to the use of calcium

Experts note the contraindications of the drug in case of various diseases, including chronic diarrhea, kidney failure, allergic to the use of this tool, giperparatiereoz atherosclerosis.It is also important to avoid the combination of calcium gluconate with use of other preparations containing sulfate, calcium carbonate.A detailed list of existing contraindications on the package is individually discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the drug can be a doctor.

It should be noted at the end of the article the calcium content in a variety of foods daily consumption, especially during pregnancy.Therefore it is better to eat more cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, and yogurt.The diet should be supplemented with a daily consumption of rye bread, nuts and cheese.Every day is recommended for at least 1 cup of milk.Approach to nutrition and their health very carefully.