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Stomatitis during pregnancy

Stomatitis during pregnancy

Stomatitis is a fairly common and dangerous for the human disease.Stomatitis and insidious danger lies in its possible consequences during pregnancy.In his article, we try to understand the characteristics of this disease, what threats it may have, we will talk about possible ways of effective prevention and treatment of stomatitis, considering them in child-bearing.

As suspected disease.The symptoms of thrush during pregnancy

current statistics show that the problem of stomatitis face every second woman during pregnancy.Cause stomatitis, like many other diseases, can hormonal background in the female body.The disease is characterized by certain attributes - including wounds on the mucous membrane of the mouth, redness of the cheeks, palate and lips.The consequences of this is the appearance of redness ulcers and erosions that appear as white spots with a touch.In addition, these symptoms are not limited to a certain discomfort - as also lead to pain, problems with proper nutrition.

With proper treatment of such risks and complications can be avoided, so it is important to timely appeal consult a doctor if you notice such symptoms.The best and safest treatment individually can pick up a competent physician.Since the purpose of the treatment course is not only a struggle with the disease, but also to minimize the risks for women, pregnancy and the child's condition.

Possible consequences stomatitis during pregnancy

stomatitis arises due to lower immunity.Since pregnancy is accompanied by a decrease in immunity, because of which the human body is unable to resist the effects of various infections and viruses.As a result, at times lack of insufficient oral hygiene, soon to face the problem of stomatitis.In this case, the mouth appear fungal, viral, bacterial infections, gradually starting to develop.Under the influence of viral infections is the development of herpetic stomatitis, because fungal candida appears.An additional factor in the development of stomatitis - smoking pregnant woman.

worth noting and rather dangerous consequences stomatitis, if you do not seek timely help of a doctor.

When the infection spreads beyond the mouth, there is a risk of high temperature, dehydration, inflammation of the mucous genital sores occurrence in the newborn, if the disease has not been cured before delivery.

However, do not panic - the correct approach to the issue of the danger does not arise.

After numerous studies and experience a reliable support - excellent condition can be effectively treated if timely to someone for help, carefully following the treating physician.

How to identify disease - diagnostic methods stomatitis during pregnancy

Stomatitis when beremennosti.jpg To identify the disease, usually the doctor examines the patient's mouth, based on the data in the medical record.It is understood the lack of specific tests, which would allow to accurately identify stomatitis.This stomatitis during pregnancy is associated with features similar to all patients.The main symptom of stomatitis becomes redness of the mouth, there is a definite tingle.Further consequences of the disease are erosion, ulcers shaped white spots with a red border.

When stomatitis during pregnancy in women also have pains while eating, with an increase in the sensitivity of language, body temperature, significantly increased salivation.Sometimes stomatitis may be accompanied by unpleasant smell from the mouth.When you see the background of inflammatory diseases of genitals, eyes, occurrence of bubbles with the liquid in the mouth can be seen on the advanced stage of stomatitis.In this case, you want to immediately consult your doctor.

stomatitis also at an advanced stage and is accompanied by a general deterioration of women's health.It should be noted the likelihood of recurrence of stomatitis - so it must be treated based on an accurate understanding of the causes of this problem.

Methods for treating stomatitis during pregnancy

suitable method of treatment during pregnancy is determined by taking into account the causes of the problems.In case of sores because of fungal infection, an effective therapy needed antifungals.Just mention the security for the baby most of these drugs.But it should be understood - are not safe by all means.To ensure security for your body and the baby, recommended mouthwash solution.For this simple food 1 tablespoon of water diluted in a glass of warm boiled water.For effective results mouthwash recommended every half hour.

In case of stomatitis due to bacterial diseases that occur when injury of the mouth, should be treated with antibacterial agents.The cause of injury can be a bite inside of the cheeks or tongue.Most injuries can cause burns or a tongue piercing hot drinks.

Good to know! Acceptance of these drugs for the treatment of stomatitis can cause premature termination of pregnancy during the first months of carrying a baby.

If a disease during pregnancy causes the allergy, you must first define the existing allergen eliminating it.Such stomatitis can be treated with antihistamines.To effectively treat the disease, it is important to a pregnant woman attentive to oral hygiene.It becomes the key to surgical removal of such unpleasant diseases.

Effective treatment requires selection of pasta, able to disinfect, to ensure proper anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to heal any wounds and ulcers.An important component of effective treatment of the disease becomes a proper nutrition.As a result of a lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet of women there is a risk of stomatitis, complicating and delaying the timing of treatment of disease.

means preventing stomatitis during pregnancy

oral health polosti.jpg Of course, it is better to think about effective prevention, eliminating the need for treatment - less risk and discomfort.This pregnant woman must remember every day.To avoid the manifestations of the disease, it is sufficient to adhere to a number of simple recommendations.

Stick thorough oral hygiene every day.For oral care is needed not only to the toothpaste with the antibacterial effect but also mouthwashes and dental floss.Be sure to supplement their daily diets with sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, which should be thoroughly washed.Typically, the surface of fruits and vegetables becomes a place of gathering of many different microbes, bacteria, delivery, storage or direct sales.To wash the product, you should warm boiled water, and not an ordinary cold.

should supplement their diet with vitamin complexes, which will give the body protection against external influences and increase immunity.Food during pregnancy can be bought only from reliable vendors that you trust.

Read more about diet during pregnancy stomatitis

In the case of stomatitis during pregnancy, importance is given proper daily diet, which should be quite useful for the organism saturated with trace elements and vitamins.Including diet should include fresh vegetables, meat and fish.It is important to understand that can lead to stomatitis spicy food, citrus fruits, sweets and cereals in your diet.

Pregnant women are advised to eat a diet until you manage to eliminate stomatitis.This diet involves structurally unstable food in their diet to avoid injury to the inflamed mucous membranes of the mouth.It is also better to abandon the sharp, salty foods for the prevention of irritation.If you want to supplement its usual menu with something sweet, it is better to confine honey.Note that rinsing the mouth with a solution of honey is rather useful, helping to heal wounds and reduce inflammation.

Choose fruits and vegetables should be only a neutral taste (discard the acid fruit).They should be used as the juice or pulp.To avoid injury to the mouth, grind meat to be minced, or cook a pie out of it.Cooking meat dishes during treatment is recommended for a couple of stomatitis.But it should be understood that it is not necessary to abuse protein food in case of this disease.It is better to exclude from your diet seasoning and salt.Either they should try to minimize the consumption.More preferred at this time the broth.It should also focus should fall on dairy products.

Since under the effect of dairy products are not damaged mucous membranes, given the consistency of products.You should also turn their attention to kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese with low fat diet since the goal becomes not a struggle with overweight.Pregnant women during treatment during pregnancy can supplement the diet of cereals and butter: semolina, rice, buckwheat, oats.It should be completely excluded in the diet of coffee, soda and juices of citrus.Their action in the treatment of stomatitis can cause irritation of mucous membranes.Eat foods when stomatitis is recommended in the form of heat, it is not out of the refrigerator.After all, the cold will not contribute to effective treatment.

Summing up, we can say - a pregnant woman at a stomatitis should initially take their medication.Rinse the mouth, diet, hygiene and compulsory registration of appointments and doctor's recommendations will contribute to an effective fight against the disease, eliminating the danger and threatening stage stomatitis.