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Reasons for non-viable early pregnancy

Reasons for non-viable early pregnancy

for every pregnant woman who carefully and responsibly preparing for nurturing the child, the diagnosis missed abortion always become terrible news.After yesterday happy woman dreaming as soon as possible to meet with their child after diagnosis refuses to believe this terrible reality.But in this situation it is necessary to gather strength immediately respond to the incident, later having understood the possible causes of fetal death of the child and the fading of pregnancy.

important to understand that when the stood pregnancy occurs not only psychological trauma for the parents, but also a serious threat to the woman's body.In this case, you will need a special cleaning dead embryo from the uterus to prevent an internal infection arising at the beginning of the expansion of the fruit.Missed abortion - the state when for a reason fetus dies, stopping its development in the future.The probability of such a tragedy is preserved during the early period or in the later period of pregnancy.

However, we have to admit that most of the problem women face in the first and early second trimesters.Conduct specialized studies have confirmed the maximum vulnerability of the fetus and the greatest danger of fading pregnancy or abortion in the timing of 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, 8-11 and 16-18 weeks of pregnancy.

danger is quite a large number of possible causes of missed abortion.In particular, lead to such a tragedy may seem quite banal events and situations in the life of a woman.Therefore, experts hasten to remind once again - during pregnancy mandatory conditions are passing regularly surveys closely monitoring the health and condition of the pregnant woman.In situations where it was not possible to avoid the tragedy, and had to deal with missed abortion, the doctor should urgently take the necessary steps - as soon as possible to be cleaned of dead tissues of the embryo.In the case of pregnancy fading even in the early stages of carrying a child, doctors usually prescribe vacuum aspiration or medical abortion.

However, some experts prefer to stick to wait.They expected some time that the child will himself.Admittedly, he often does the body gets rid of the dead in the early stages of the embryo.If you missed abortion at a later date likely need to scraping the uterine cavity in a hospital.

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Possible causes of missed early pregnancy

When the first shock will be left behind, she acknowledges the irreparable loss of their child.Now comes the need to understand the possible causes of such a tragic situation.As a result of the passage of the necessary surveys and studies, together with the woman doctor may determine the possible causes of this tragedy.By identifying the most likely causes of missed abortion married couple in the future will be able to minimize the risk of repeated tragedy in the future.

We have to recognize that there are actually quite a number of factors that can lead to missed abortion in the early stages.It should be understood that the most dangerous in the formation and development of the fetus - the first weeks of gestation of the child.The reason is the maximum vulnerability of pregnant women and growing embryo, they are subject to various factors that are extremely dangerous for the pregnancy.In addition, lead to the fading of pregnancy may be a variety of reasons - the use of certain medications that are contraindicated during childbearing, to hormonal changes in a woman's body.

Hormonal disruptions as a cause of missed early pregnancy

Among the most typical causes of missed abortion should be noted hormonal problems of the female body.Leads to the death of the fetus can deficit "pregnancy hormone" - progesterone causes the normal development of the pregnancy.Another reason for the fading of pregnancy may be an overabundance of the male hormone androgen, the effect of which would inhibit the normal development of the pregnancy.Therefore, experts recommend all couples to responsibly towards future pregnancy planning, pre-set the female hormones, to avoid the risk of missed abortion because of certain hormonal problems of her body.

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Genetic disorders and missed abortion

Another fairly common cause of missed abortion during the early periods are genetic disorders in the formation and development of the fetus.which are incompatible with life.The cause may be genetic fault "transfer" of the damaged gene from a woman or a man.Sometimes lead to genetic disorders may be a combination of parental genes.It should also be noted in fading of pregnancy in the first, second and even third times, it is possible with certainty to speak clearly unfavorable genetics.In any case, the fading pregnancy consultation with genetics specialist will not be superfluous.

missed abortion due to infectious diseases

high probability of missed abortion in the event of any "acquisition" directly during pregnancy certain dangerous infection to the embryo.Nature is so specifically incorporated that with the onset of pregnancy, resistance to infections and effects to the female body is significantly reduced, with the weakening of the immune system.Otherwise it is not possible to bear a child - after normal working immune system will not allow the embryo to attach, since it would be regarded as a foreign body.Without reducing the body's immunity will try to get rid of the embryo in any way possible.

To avoid this problem, there is a weakening of immunity of the female body.The consequence of these changes may be some other danger - the weakening of natural defenses can be activated the "old" chronic infections, as the body is more susceptible to infectious new influences.Among the hazards to pregnancy should be noted the development of rubella, cytomegalovirus possible contamination, the risk of varicella.The consequence of such diseases may be some number of abnormalities of the fetus, the threat of missed abortion or miscarriage.

Causes of missed abortion in the early srokah.jpg also no less a danger is the impact of infections that are sexually transmitted.Among them should be noted herpes, chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma and so on. Since the infection can penetrate into the body of a child - the fetus has not yet formed its own immunity.The consequence of exposure to infections may be some pathology of the fetus - in the critical case at all leads to a cessation of development.Therefore, when planning pregnancy, women need to be sure to get tested to identify possible infections, sexually transmitted diseases.Think about the conception of the child will only be possible after the final terms of getting rid of these infections.Also, do not forget about the flu or SARS - they, too, can lead to serious risks and dangers while carrying a child.

during pregnancy significantly increases women's susceptibility to various infections and external influences, given the significant weakening of the immune system.Thus infection during this period are twice more dangerous.The main danger is not to carry infection, and their characteristic features - intoxication, fever, dehydration, which together can cause impaired blood flow in the "mother-placenta-fetus".The consequence of circulatory disorders of the fetus is a lack of oxygen and nutrients needed for normal development of the embryo.The danger of this condition is the risk of fetal death, and missed abortion.

Antiphospholipid syndrome as a cause of missed abortion

Antifospolipidny syndrome is accompanied by a problem of blood clotting, which can lead to negative consequences for the state and development of the fetus.In particular, antiphospholipid syndrome characterized hypercoagulability in all vessels.Increased blood clotting can lead to a decrease in the formation of blood vessels of the placenta, adversely affecting the functions of it.Among other things, increased blood clotting leads to the risk of clogging or damage uteroplacental vessels.The result is a failure in the development of the placenta, disturbances in the full development of the fetus, often becomes a phenomenon of his death.

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Drugs and alcohol consumption can lead to missed abortion

Causes of missed abortion in the early srokah.jpg Ideally, women should not use the drug for a few weeks before trying to conceive.It should be understood quite longer elimination of certain drugs from the human body.Similar requirements also apply to the consumption of alcohol - from a need to give more in the planning stage of the child.The best option - to exclude from their habits alcohol before planning conception.After all, like medicines, alcoholic drinks are included in the category of substances with a negative impact on the state and development of the fetus - the effect of alcohol and drugs leads to terratogennomu effect.

In particular, the effect of certain drugs and alcohol leads to disruption of normal fetal development, there may be some developmental abnormalities, malfunctions in the development of which are incompatible with life.Therefore, the use of these drugs and alcohol use, even in extremely small doses at early stages can lead to critical.

Wrong lifestyle and missed abortion

on childbearing is largely influenced by the daily diet especially, the schedule of work, leisure, habits and overall lifestyle.It is well known that pregnancy becomes a special state when a woman needs to be attentive to the signals your body, exercising the utmost care about the future of the child.Including diet should include only healthy food, keeping a balanced diet to the fetus receives all the necessary nutrients and beneficial components.Smoking during pregnancy is strictly forbidden cigarette - they contain thousands of harmful components that will lead to the adverse effects to the fetus.Nicotine will adversely affect the flow of oxygen and other nutrients needed for normal development of the child.

course, with the onset of pregnancy will make significant changes to their way of life, work and leisure regime - to create ideal conditions for the development of the child.Including women need to fully sleep regularly to be outdoors, not stay too long at the computer for hours.Also negative effects during pregnancy can cause physical strain, stress and nervous shock, that after conception should be completely eliminated or minimized.

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