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Grapes in pregnancy

Grapes in pregnancy

Grapes loved not only for its special taste, but also unquestionable healing properties.Among the characteristics - body toning and efficiency, helping to get rid of fatigue and premature aging.These properties are confirmed not only in folk medicine, but also professional research scientists.Like any berries, grapes rich in vitamins and various trace elements.It should be noted and presence of organic acids, antioxidants, capable of providing an overall positive effect on human organism.

But it is known that during pregnancy, the situation can change dramatically.Sometimes even the useful properties of certain substances may lead to harmful consequences for the pregnant woman.Indeed, during the childbearing woman has all his strength and resources geared to ensuring the ideal conditions for a child.Therefore, it is also important to avoid any dangerous or negative factors for the health and development of the baby.

special attention during pregnancy always deserves the proper preparation of their d

iet.Therefore it is quite logical question many pregnant women about whether the use of grapes during their pregnancy.At the same time women are interested in why doctors advise to reduce total consumption of grapes, sometimes he does prohibited.As polls show the doctors, they do recommend to refuse or restrict the use of grapes during pregnancy.We will try more to understand the reasons of such a categorical position.

Can grapes during pregnancy?

Among other things, it should be noted the high caloric content of the berries.The content of 100 grams.grapes is about 70 kcal, in combination with high glucose and fructose.Therefore, due to the excessive amount of grapes in their diet will gain weight rapidly.And most importantly - will initially gain weight baby.Due to the large fetus has to be prepared for different complexity, including during pregnancy, especially during childbirth.After the passage of a large baby through the birth canal is a much more tangible to additional risks.Doctors are aware of the activation of growth due to the properties of grapes, therefore advised to abandon the grapes late in pregnancy.

will not argue - in everyday life to question the benefits of the grape is not necessary, including the skin of the berries.Scientists provides information on which the grape skin is rich in pectin, a positive effect on bowel function, contributing to the effective elimination of toxins.But it is important to understand that the grapes leads to intestinal fermentation, increased flatulence.The bones, which can enter the body along with grapes, leading to the risk score intestine.

In fact, there is a risk of bloating the appearance of a feeling of heaviness.When fermented grape intestine will lead to greater pressure to the uterus.Doctors are of the opinion that because of this there is some likelihood of premature termination of pregnancy.

benefits of grapes during pregnancy

But in any case, the grapes on the right part of the rating of the most useful products.Grape is famous for the variety of contained minerals and vitamins.It is also known, and a wealth of content in B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), PP and C, it should be noted, and selenium, iron, cobalt, magnesium, potassium and magnesium minerals, which have a positive effect on memory and vision.Grapes contain organic acids that are capable of coping with the neutralization of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Eating grapes can withstand cardiovascular disease, giving an opportunity to deal with hypertension.The list of benefits is complemented by improving blood circulation in the brain is significantly reduced content of harmful cholesterol.

Grape juice during pregnancy

To provide for the organism listed the positive effects do not necessarily need the grapes "in its purest form."In fact, during pregnancy, you can reflect on the grape juice.With regard to the risks of natural juice and bans virtually none.It is not contained the seeds and peel, which can be "stuck" in the gut.But with the juice of the measure is also necessary to know - drink daily rate shall not exceed one glass, which is better to drink in the morning.

strict ban on grapes are not imposed even during pregnancy.Just important to consider the measure for grapes in pure form or juice.And in the later stages of these products better exclude from your diet.During pregnancy is forbidden to mix grape with fatty food, milk, mineral water and other fruit - in fact, any such combination can cause heaviness in the stomach, which is due to "congestion" can cause fermentation in the gut.