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Why sick during pregnancy

Why sick during pregnancy

The cause of nausea during pregnancy can become a variety of diseases.Although we have to admit that the nature of pregnancy during pregnancy is very different.In his article, we will try to understand the causes of nausea during pregnancy, possible preventive measures and effective treatment methods.It is well known that pregnancy in any case leads to a fundamental restructuring of the female body.

Therefore, the cause of morning sickness has to be considered not a disease, but a typical morning sickness during pregnancy.With the first signs of toxicity woman can usually have to face during the first days of pregnancy.The appearance of possible nausea upon awakening or during the day.Even there is a theory that the cause of nausea during pregnancy becomes elevated levels of hormones in the female body.

main causes of nausea during pregnancy

But it should be understood that the main cause of nausea during pregnancy may be transferred inflammatory diseases of the uterus and genital organs, improper

diet prior to conception, neurological and endocrine disorders.Moreover, the situation may be with nausea compounded by the effects of stress, colds, lack of sleep, the factors leading to the weakening of the human body.Every person is well known that pregnancy is accompanied by a sharp increase in the sense of smell - too many ways can provoke the appearance of an attack of nausea.Especially sharply the body of a pregnant woman can respond to the smell of salted fish, dust, perfumes or other scents.

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Three degrees of nausea during pregnancy

According to the doctors, there are 3 degrees of toxicity during pregnancy: mild, which is characterized by vomiting up to 4-5 timesDay, accompanied by a slight decrease in weight.In this case, women need to be hospitalized.For treatment will usually find a suitable individual diet.

moderate toxicosis - vomiting up to ten times a day, accompanied by a feeling of weakness, weight loss and sometimes may increase body temperature, reduced pressure and accelerate the heart rate.In this situation, already required the appointment of certain drugs.Picked drugs will the doctor individually, taking into account not only the effectiveness of the treatment, but also for the safety of pregnancy and the child's condition.The treatment is complemented by individually selected diet and compliance with other recommendations of the attending physician.

high degree of toxicity during pregnancy - when a woman is faced with vomiting up to 20 times during the day, with strong dehydration and weight loss of up to 3 kilos per week.In this case, you need to have hospital treatment, given the rapid loss of fluids and substances necessary for the child at such a degree of toxicity.However, in fairness it should be noted - the high degree of toxicity is relatively rare.

Dangers of nausea during pregnancy, effective ways of preventing

be understood that the nausea of ​​pregnant women does not mean that it is facing and the baby in the womb.Since nausea during pregnancy in women occur on an empty stomach, passing after a meal, even a small amount of snack food.

Article topic: Nausea during pregnancy

What can be done to combat the nausea during pregnancy?

Experience suggests that the most effective option to eliminate nausea during pregnancy - appointed following the recommendations of the attending physician, adhering to the established diet and a healthy lifestyle.It is not necessary in this case, limited solely to the doctor's advice - after all, you can supplement your diet some products, relieves pregnant women.

Tea limonom.jpg Moreover, with the feeling of nausea during the first trimester of pregnancy, experts recommend limiting your physical activity, possibly more relaxing.In particular we should not forget about the regular outdoor exercise, frequent eating small portions - stick to the fractional power.This house must be maintained access to fresh air.All these measures can significantly alleviate the condition of nausea during pregnancy.Doctors recommend that women with toxemia take for himself a rule to eat breakfast after waking up - is not getting out of bed.To do this in the evening next to the bed to prepare an apple or another favorite fruit.Do not rush to get up, and after a light snack - should lie down to reduce the signs of toxicity.Rich in protein foods will help reduce the signs of toxicity.

Thus consumption of sweet fruit, biscuits, sweets, spicy or fatty foods will only provoke the occurrence of nausea.Also check that the food was not very hot or cold.After all, such as the temperature of the products is able to affect the manifestations of toxicity during pregnancy.If there is severe nausea, can recommend tea with lemon, or make a few sips of mineral water.Also contribute to getting rid of nausea may decoctions of the leaves of mint, calendula, valerian, yarrow, herbal teas.Two tablespoons herb pour 2 cups boiling water, let it brew, then filter and take 50 ml.3 times a day.Pay attention to the signals your body, stay healthy - an important condition for a pregnancy without complications, and the normal development of the child.

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Summing up - how to deal with nausea during pregnancy

  • It is necessary to limit physical activity during the first trimester, spend more time on recreation.

  • Walking should be at least two hours every day.

  • should adhere to a fractional power - eat often, every two or three hours, but in small portions.

  • should be provided in the bedroom of a pregnant plenty of fresh air, it is recommended to sleep with the window open.

  • the morning breakfast should be easy, even without getting out of bed - for example, stockpiled in the evening yogurt or an apple.But after a meal does not need to hurry up - it will be useful to lie down, to reduce nausea.

  • in the daily diet of pregnant women should be products rich in protein - dairy products, eggs, cheese.It is also important to supplement the diet of carbohydrates - only contained but not biscuits or sweets, and in fruits.It should give up the spicy, rich and plentiful food.It can provoke the appearance of nausea.The temperature of the food should not lead to discomfort.

  • should abstain from sharp movements in the morning - can provoke the appearance of an attack of nausea.

  • Do not drink while eating, it is temporarily exclude soups in your diet.Between the meal should drink a lot.

  • If nausea becomes an excellent choice for a couple of sips of mineral water or tea with lemon.

  • Listen to the signals of the body - should eat what you like.

  • Smoking will lead to increased secretion of gastric juice, which stimulates the development of nausea.Smoking is dangerous during pregnancy, are also adversely affecting the development of the child.