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Polyphepan during pregnancy

Polyphepan during pregnancy

all healthy people experience recurrent indigestion.Perhaps these health problems are the most common, appearing more frequently than others.However, in such situations, a special characteristic of a risk for women during pregnancy.After pregnancy imposes serious restrictions and prohibitions on the use of various drugs.After all, if earlier it was possible to use almost all drugs, during pregnancy, taking them can lead to complications of pregnancy and a threat to the normal development of the fetus.

In his article, we will try to understand the features Polyphepan drug, which is widely used in the event of an upset stomach.Paying particular attention to the possibilities of using this tool during pregnancy, the recommendations of experts, reviews the rules of the use of pregnant women and Polyphepanum during childbearing.

What is Polyphepan - briefly about the drug

Polyphepan The drug belongs to the group enterosorbiruyuschee funds.The main active component of the drug - lignin.This drug is avai

lable in the form of paste, granules, a powder for internal administration, a powder for suspension and perform tablets.Pharmacological Actions of drugs becomes binding of microorganisms and their metabolic products, allergens, toxins, radioisotopes, heavy metals, which are output from the gastrointestinal tract of an organism.Reception provides drug detoxification and enterosorbiruyuschee action.Polyphepan is an antioxidant and antidiarrheals, compensating the lack of dietary fiber in the daily diet, contributing to the beneficial effects for the intestinal microflora.

peculiarity action Polyphepanum compared with antibacterial drugs, it should be noted the lack of dysbiosis.Fairly widespread use of this drug for weight loss - including for the purpose of cleaning the gallbladder and liver, intestines from harmful substances.Since the digestive processes in the body are intoxicated slow, and it is likely broken.The situation is similar to lipid metabolism.Polyphepan is a natural polymer, cleanses the body by removing harmful components from the intestine, ensuring a fairly deep cleaning.Consequently, we can talk about significant benefits Polyphepanum and to lose weight.Among the unique use Polyphepanum Enterosgel can be noted and activated carbon.

Who appointed drug Polyphepan?

Among the indications for use should be noted Polyphepanum chronic and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.In particular, you can draw attention to foodborne disease, diarrheal disorders, goiter, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis, colitis and salmonellosis.Acceptance of the drug is prescribed in the case of kidney, liver failure and preeclampsia.It is also an indication for the use of the drug becomes an allergy, including drug and food allergies, as well hives.Polyphepan used in gynecology for the following indications - bacterial colpitis and cervicitis, candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis.This medicine is used in dentistry to treat periodontitis, generalized periodontitis, and stomatitis.Among the contraindications should be noted sensitivity to the drug, anatsidny gastritis and constipation.

main contraindications of the drug:

  • Anthony intestine when weakened evacuation motor function of the intestine, obstruction to the timely removal adsorbent fibers.

  • anatsidnyh gastritis.

  • period of exacerbation of duodenal ulcers and stomach.

  • Individual intolerance of the tool.

  • granules are contraindicated in case of diabetes, taking into account the sugar content.

In the case of diabetes mellitus in humans is necessary to prescribe the drug with extreme caution.Use of a preparation may be accompanied by certain side effects such as constipation and allergies.Assigned to this drug is usually for 1-1.5 hours before a meal.The daily dose of the drug for adults is 16 tablets - up to 6.4 m.The duration of the treatment course using Polyphepanum up to 7 days.Pasta in the case of gynecological diseases is assigned locally to the distribution in the vaults and walls of the vagina, for two hours by introducing a tampon.When dysbiosis cure genital Polyphepanum of 20 tampons.

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Is Polyphepanum intake during pregnancy?

The instructions to the drug indicated that during pregnancy is necessary to refuse from it.Polyphepan drug normally used in the case of toxemia of pregnancy.Assigned to this tool with caution, taken under the supervision of a doctor.It should be noted that reviews of this facility female forums are positive uses confirmed efficacy without side effects.But it is not evidence of the possibility of self-purchase and treatment.This tool should be appointed solely by the attending physician, self-medication during pregnancy is prohibited.

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