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Nimesil during pregnancy

Nimesil during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women wonder about the choice of suitable drugs for the treatment of various diseases.Indeed, in this period will be responsible not only for himself but also for the normal course of pregnancy, the state and development of their unborn child.Therefore it is necessary very responsible approach to the issue of the selection of appropriate drugs without resorting to self-medication.For any disease medication should be taken only on doctor's prescription.Such fears during pregnancy are not redundant, not to create complications for pregnancy, child development and the upcoming birth.Among the specific questions referred to the possibility of using the drug Nimesil during pregnancy.Nimesil is a common anesthetic drug, the possibility of applying that during pregnancy, possible contraindications and recommendations will be discussed in an article in more detail.

What you should know about using nimesil during pregnancy?

First of all, it should stop its attention on the principle of

action of this drug.The main effect of the chemical nimesil - inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis.Prostaglandins are special substances involved in inflammation.In fact, one can argue about the ability nimesil effectively eliminate inflammation, removing pain.Of course, this action is beneficial - but it should be understood that with the decrease in the inflammatory processes nimesil will also affect the flow of other processes in the human body, including the growth and development of the fetus.Because prostaglandins are directly involved in the impending labor.Also nimesil action affects the functioning of the liver, like other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs character.Therefore, it is recommended not to use this drug during pregnancy.In addition, the producers themselves of this tool provides relevant information directly to the instructions to the drug.

instructions to receive nimesil during pregnancy

The instructions to the drug contains the line: "Nimesil is contraindicated during pregnancy."Also of note, and restrictions on its use during lactation.

In particular, during the period of use of the funds will need to be able to separate the baby from the breast - it is usually too important.It should be noted restriction on the use of this agent in many European countries, not only during pregnancy, but also in certain diseases.Active drug used in recent years only for the purposes of the attending physician.Moreover, Nimesil not used as an antipyretic in any European country - except become only our compatriots.

Indications and contraindications to the use of nimesil

Like any other medicines, the use of the tool is possible only with the permission of the doctor and for its intended purpose.Appoints the preparation may in the case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, arthritis, tendon injuries and ligaments of the joints);myalgia, neuralgia, painful menstruation, also when recovering from injuries.The drug in such cases to provide a relatively high efficiency of its operation.But even taking into account the fact that the action nimesil practically no effect on the gastric mucosa from him anyway should be discarded in case of serious disturbances of the kidneys and liver, acute ulcer venadtsatiperstnoy intestine and stomach disease, bleeding disorders, and during pregnancyand lactation.

Nimesil during pregnancy - summarizing

All statements information suggests the need to maximize gently and carefully approach the issue of the selection of appropriate drugs.Therefore, you should always keep in mind some fairly simple guidelines that are imperative while carrying a child.When pain tolerance is still better not to resort to drugs.When the pain is often accompanied by their condition, should consult your doctor without resorting to self-medication.Any form of medical treatment for early pregnancy is possible only on prescription - drugs should be used with extreme caution.More preferred in this period are traditional medicine or homeopathy.In any case, you must give up the use of drugs without instruction or instruction in a foreign language.Medications such dubious origin should alert - it is likely that the ban on the use of the funds in your country.Do not forget to scrutinize the information in this manual should not once again endanger the health and development of children, comforting themselves erroneous rule of "one bag of drugs will not hurt."

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