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Pregnancy and sport

Pregnancy and sport

Sport in contemporary society again recaptures own positions.Today once again become fashionable to stick to a healthy lifestyle, it is unlikely such an effect can be achieved without physical education.Nice to know that every year a growing number of women are turning their attention to the sport.The variety of offerings allows each of them to choose the most suitable option: dance classes, jogging, shaping, visit gyms.No one doubts the benefits of these activities for the health and beauty of the body.

But with the onset of pregnancy are quite logical further questions, is no exception and sports.Not whether it will result in deleterious effects to the body of the fetus and the mother?Do you allow physical activities in this period, which

should be considered?

But with the onset of pregnancy are quite logical further questions, is no exception and sports.Not whether it will result in deleterious effects to the body of the fetus and the mother?Do you allow physical activities in this period, which should be considered?

Benefits and limitations of sports during pregnancy

unlikely that doctors will talk about the dangers of sports, including during pregnancy.But you need to understand the individuality of each organism, and therefore always pregnancy proceeds differently, depending on certain factors.Therefore, there may be situations when you need to give up the sport.But in any case charged with light exercise is not just permitted, but strongly recommended.Let's talk about this issue in more detail.

If sport in your life for a long time and thoroughly, we can not abandon it during pregnancy.Until the middle of the second trimester mono continue their studies if there are no contraindications.When the stomach is already significant and rapid growth - it should slightly reduce the level and intensity of the load, but also completely abandon the activities should not be.

Yet, be aware that not all sports are allowed during pregnancy.Doctors recommend renounce jumping, running, lifting weights.Carefully review the list of recommended sports during pregnancy, but from what must be abandoned.

Earlier avid athlete were not, but with the onset of pregnancy attitude changed (besides, there is more free time), too, it is not necessary to deny yourself.But to approach this issue should be quite rationally, keeping gentle and moderate exercise.During the first trimester is better to abandon the experiments.The best time to exercise before pregnancy if not interested in sports, - the second trimester.

today opened numerous centers and groups of physical training and sports for pregnant women.Visit possible to birth themselves.Instructors will conduct comprehensive training, helping with various issues.Nature will also contribute to favorable employment conditions: all the tendons and muscles of the female body produced hardier, more elastic.

Before any physical activities and sports issue should be discussed with your doctor, eliminating contraindications to exercise during pregnancy.But in any case, it should not take pregnancy as a specific disease.Therefore, it does not have to completely abandon physical activity.

It is not so easy to bear a child, which is increasing day by day and becomes heavier.Births are all physically demanding process.This task requires decent preparation of the woman.Therefore, physical activity is not only permitted, but also is becoming a necessity in the period of gestation the baby - to prepare the body for childbirth, greatly facilitating the process for the woman and child.

When properly planned exercise provided an undeniable benefit for pregnancy, with the improvement of the physical capacity of the organism, of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, with a positive effect on metabolism.Because of this woman and the fetus receive the necessary amount of oxygen.

In response to physical activity is an accumulation of the hormone endorphin in the body, which has an effect as a natural pain relief during labor.It is important to bear in mind that a good physical shape female will quickly normalize and warm after birth.

recommendations for exercise during pregnancy

Still and activities should be in moderation, can be carried out only in the absence of contraindications.If contraindications have been identified, should be limited to breathing exercises or exercises, doctor's permission.When self-study at home you need to follow certain recommendations:

- systematic and regular classes, not just sometimes possible.

- no need to start or finish sharply training.

- Consider the signals your body.He knows better than any doctors, is now possible to do the exercises, or better to take time to rest.

- Monitor your heart rate, which should not go more than 125-140 beats per minute.

- Watch for breathing with the help of "conversational test" - in the classroom need to be able to speak calmly.Completely excluded from the exercise of their plans, accompanied by breath or straining.

- During training non-carbonated drink water to avoid dehydration.Every 15 min.recommended 50 ml.carbonated water or other beverage.

- Avoid overheating of the body, because it can create health risks for the baby needed a comfortable, light clothing, with not very high temperatures (in the range 22-24 degrees).

- Training should be carried out necessarily slip coating.

- No need to stand or sit for a long time without movement (can cause pain in the back or the appearance of varicose veins).

- Regardless of the sport, is completely forbidden strong stretching and sudden movements.

- Stick to moderate movement.The ability to promptly stop or reduce the pace is important.

- When weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, respiratory failure, vaginal bleeding, tachycardia, pulling pain in the abdomen or other atypical symptoms should stop training, consult a physician.