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Oxygen starvation of the fetus

Oxygen starvation of the fetus

hypoxia (oxygen starvation) fetus invariably leads to excitement and anxiety in pregnant women.How serious is the risk of a problem can lead to the condition and development of the fetus?What should be done in such a situation, what methods are suitable for treatment?All these urgent issues that deserve special attention.

More about oxygen starvation during pregnancy

Immediately it should be noted that hypoxia does not mean a lack of oxygen, and violations of the overall intensity of the blood supply.After all blood flow provides all the necessary materials for a child - nutrients, hormones, including oxygen.Hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) fetus - change the body, the cause of which is not enough supply of oxygen.On average, hypoxia occurs during every tenth pregnancy.It should be understood that hypoxia is not a disease.It becomes a sign of the emergence of certain pathological processes in the body during pregnancy (including the fetus and placenta).

fetal hypoxia is one of the complications of preg

nancy, which lead to a threat to life and health of the child.Perhaps the appearance of hypoxia during different periods of carrying a child - from the 2nd trimester, when there is rapid growth of the fetus.At the same time various possible consequences of the problem of fetal hypoxia.

Two types of oxygen starvation of the fetus.For the duration of fetal hypoxia may be chronic or acute.Occurrence of acute hypoxia occurs suddenly, lasts for the development of chronic slow, a fairly long period.Acute anoxia is usually characteristic for the period of delivery.Sometimes it can occur during pregnancy.The development of chronic hypoxia of the fetus occurs during pregnancy.The emergence of chronic oxygen starvation of the fetus may have already from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.If provided by competent medical care, chronic hypoxia leads to virtually no consequences for the health of the child.Acute hypoxia is a fairly serious threat, leading to a direct threat to the life of the fetus.

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Causes of hypoxia during pregnancy

This condition can occur for various reasons.First of all, it should be noted the presence of certain diseases during pregnancy.Anemia (a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood) is in this situation is especially dangerous.The problem of anemia indicates a violation of the red blood cells, which envisages the transportation of oxygen to the tissues of the woman's body and the fetus.

reason may be lack of circulation, provoking disturbances of microcirculation in the tissues of the body.By circulatory failure often cause various heart disease and lung disease.Among the hazards, which can lead to fetal hypoxia, note bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, kidney disease, diabetes.When preeclampsia (toxemia during the second half of pregnancy), perenashivanie pregnancy or threatened preterm labor may be in breach of fruit-placental blood flow, causing fetal hypoxia.

leads to oxygen deficiency and can illness of the fetus - including intrauterine infection or hemolytic disease.In this group of diseases called pathology of the umbilical cord, placenta, congenital malformations, anomalies of labor of different kinds.

result in acute fetal hypoxia may be the baby's neck tight entanglement umbilical cord, placental abruption, cord knot, malposition during labor.

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The effects of oxygen starvation of the fetus during pregnancy

Depending on the degree of hypoxia, it may lead to minor or serious consequences.Among other things, depend on the consequences of the current pregnancy.When oxygen starvation at an early stage of pregnancy there is a serious risk of anomalies.If fetal hypoxia occurs late in pregnancy, there is a risk of central nervous system and fetal growth retardation.Fetal hypoxia has also affected the adaptive capacities of the child after birth.

able to determine that hypoxia in early pregnancy leads to slower maturation of fetal brain structures, with 6-11 weeks of development.Also this condition leads to malfunction, and the structure of blood vessels, slowing the maturation of the central nervous system of the child protection mechanism.As a result, there may be some brain damage.

Asphyxia - hypoxia in the newborn.Manifested problem of oxygen starvation in the form of a faint cry of his absence after the birth, pale skin, weak expression of innate reflexes.Prolonged oxygen starvation in the future may develop a serious neurologic disease.As a result of acute oxygen starvation of the fetus developing irreversible processes, including life-threatening.But this does not mean that you can not achieve a favorable outcome in this situation.It depends on the situation of sufficient competence of doctors and the rest of the medical staff on the correct action to take appropriate action.In acute fetal hypoxia sometimes requiring urgent action, including emergency childbirth - to save the child.In this situation, the account goes on the clock already, sometimes literally minutes.

diagnosis of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

using signals his body and mannerisms of the fetus a woman can detect certain dangers.If significantly reduced the number of baby move, and 1-2 back, on the contrary, they were restless and very strong movement.In this situation, one should immediately consult an obstetrician-gynecologist.Even suspicious woman with unfounded anxiety in this situation fully justifies their excitement.In this situation it is better to err than to miss important changes.After hypoxia is quite a serious problem.Oxygen starvation of the fetus can be detected in a medical facility due to Doppler study, cardiotocography, amniocentesis, ultrasound, laboratory diagnosis.

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Treatment of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

Upon confirmation of the diagnosis of fetal hypoxia is assigned to mandatory compliance with bed rest.Through it provides an improved blood supply to the uterus.Also, the doctor prescribes a survey, according to which set the appropriate treatment course, to eliminate the causes of this condition.For treatment provided in parallel using two methods.The aim of the method is improved blood flow, and the other is aimed at increasing the level of nutrients in the blood of pregnant women.

include medicines, which are assumed in the framework of complex therapy, observed no-spa, aminophylline (used to expand vessels matochno- and fruit-placental parts of the placenta), also aktovegin, trental (normalize the rheological properties of blood circulating in the system "mother - placenta - fetus "), are also used Magne-B6 and ginipral (for relaxation of uterine muscles).

Appointed as the use of drugs that helps to normalize metabolic processes, with an increase in fetal brain tissue and hypoxia.In the case where the results of treatment fails to achieve a positive effect is achieved to perform a cesarean section.The decision on the actual pregnancy of 28 weeks.

prevention of oxygen starvation of the fetus during pregnancy

Among the main tools for effective prevention of pregnancy marked quite simple actions.Including a daily walk for two hours, airing the premises in which a woman is, the use of vitamins, including iron tools and supplement your diet foods rich in iron.Other precautions are giving up bad habits, protection from colds and viral diseases.

Also avoid high physical loads, adhering to moderate sessions.Prevention of oxygen starvation of the fetus becomes gymnastics for pregnant women, the best fit akvagimnastika, combined with the performance of breathing exercises.As a result of reduced hypertonicity of the uterus, improves oxygen uptake and metabolism of the fetus.