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Papilloma during pregnancy

Papilloma during pregnancy

Pregnancy for a woman becomes both especially happy, but extremely important period in the life of every woman.Since pregnancy is accompanied by dramatic changes in hormonal levels, which may lead to a certain pathology, and various diseases that previously women were not even known.In particular, a woman during pregnancy may face problems of varicose veins, high blood pressure, heartburn.Among the possible consequences of pregnancy should also note the appearance of papillomas.What is the peculiarity of this phenomenon, the reasons why they occur - these pressing issues we will pay special attention in his article.

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) - growths on the skin surface.They usually have a fairly small size, skin color, although there may be a little darker, taking brown.It is unlikely that their appearance called aesthetic and attractive, especially when on the neck or face.But in any case, do not be upset, because these tumors are not cancerous.Papil

loma during pregnancy in most cases occur on the face, neck (typically laterally) under the breasts or between them, in the armpits and groin.There is no exact information on the causes warts in pregnant women, but they occur in any skin condition before pregnancy.Consequently, they have to consider is the cause pregnancy.If papillomavirus in women were even before conceiving a child, with the onset of pregnancy, their number will increase, will be located throughout the body.

Accordingly, the scope of warts during pregnancy will expand.Typically, this process occurs in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

current statistics show that the formation of papillomas faces about a quarter of the entire world community.For the same statistics, the percentage of occurrence of papillomas higher among people older than 50 years.The risk group also includes people with diabetes, and overweight.Widespread belief that most people face with papillomas at constant rubbing of the skin, particularly in the area of ​​natural folds and armpits.After all, fat people are a daily occurrence of friction in the groin area, which leads to increased formation of papillomas.

appearance of warts during pregnancy is usually associated with hormonal changes.The reason is that the effect of increasing the level change becomes hormone cell growth in the epidermis.However, still provoking factor - that the friction of the skin.Therefore, in most cases occur papilloma during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.Since this period is accompanied by an increase in the weight of a woman with the appearance of wrinkles on the body, the friction and the formation of papillomas.

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So, if there papillomas per woman is quite natural question - how their presence can affect the normal course of pregnancy, will not papillomavirus pose a threat to the development of the child, perhaps, there are other dangers?

Human papillomavirus on pregnancy and fetal health affects slightly.If a woman is already in the form of papillomavirus genital warts may accelerate their growth with an increase in vaginal secretions.

reason for a heavy discharge is to create a favorable moist environment for the virus.Also, the process may be followed by certain hormonal changes or disruptions in the immune system.However, HPV, that is, warts, in most cases do not bear much of a threat to her health, pregnancy and fetal development.In rare cases, HPV can be transmitted to her baby during childbirth.But the likelihood of such a danger does not have to be considered.Since the child's contact with the virus, the body is able to handle the baby with the problem on their own, the process is not accompanied by other symptoms or consequences.In rare cases, the infection kid HPV strains that lead to genital warts may appear in early childhood warts on the vocal cords, sometimes in other areas.This rare phenomenon is called airway papillomatosis.It is also important to add that such a form of HPV becomes very dangerous, but it is very rare.

Papilloma at beremennosti.jpg Experts recently begun to associate with HPV infection in labor development in children bronchi papillomatosis, laryngeal warts in the genital area, the anus.Despite the rarity of this phenomenon, its occurrence usually associated with child birth after cesarean section.Therefore HPV in pregnant women is not an indication for caesarean section.Such evidence may be the presence of a large female genital warts (warts), which leads to the difficulty of natural childbirth.Warts may appear similar in women when pronounced immunodeficiency, particularly AIDS.Again, we note that a similar phenomenon is extremely rare, occurring in practice, only in rare cases.Quite a common opinion about the frequent recurrence of warts during pregnancy, increasing in size, sometimes even leading to certain problems during childbirth.

Under the existing medical statistics confirm that HPV is transmitted from mother to unborn child with a frequency range of 4-80%.Thus no accurate data, which confirm the transmission path of the virus.It is likely that the child's body the virus is transmitted by contact through the membranes, cervix, mother's birth canal.It should also be understood - after the birth of HPV that have been identified during pregnancy, in most cases, are not saved.The disappearance of clinical symptoms problems as warts or growths are substantially reduced in size.These changes indicate that the majority of births are spontaneous self-healing mechanism of HPV.

Methods for removing warts during pregnancy

arisen for the first time papilloma quite naturally lead to additional experiences by pregnant women.But the panic in any case should not be.After all, for a pregnant woman provides additional control on the part of the physician, which will help to understand the possible causes and consequences of such formations.Reasons for concern in most cases do not arise.In the case of small warts that are not inflamed by friction or touching the clothes, do not hang, it is likely that the woman will not face any additional discomfort.The attending physician in this situation may be advised to adhere to waiting position immediately prior to the birth itself.

If papillomavirus will be saved, not disappearing on their own, without reducing the size, it is possible to decide on appropriate methods of eliminating tumors.Otherwise (if the warts are really in the way, have large dimensions) can be easily removed.To cope with this problem dermatologist can fairly quickly.Usually cut legs dangling papilloma performed even without the need for anesthesia, without the need for significant spending their time.As an alternative to solve the problem can be noted freeze papillomavirus.

Features warts treatment during pregnancy

women during pregnancy should take into account the existence of different methods of today, aimed at a complete cure HPV.Current treatment options HPV medication process provides efficiency at 50-70%.A quarter of all cases of relapse problems after only a couple of months.Consequently, after the removal of warts at a certain place may itself reiterate in another.Therefore, in each case, be strictly individually decide on the appropriateness of the treatment of warts during pregnancy.If the doctor with the patient decides to begin to treat papillomavirus, you must consider the factors that reduce the effectiveness of the treatment course.Among these factors, it should be noted stress, hypothermia, vitamin deficiency and fatigue.It is also important to understand that the beneficial effect in the treatment of retinoids provide - vitamins A, C and beta-carotene.

Modern medicine can offer a variety of treatment options for genital warts (warts hanging).In most cases, extended the use of destructive methods - of the local treatment.The proposed embodiments can be in the form of the chemical, physical and surgical (by condylomata) techniques.

means of preventing warts during pregnancy

It is also important to add that in different periods and used varied methods of treating HPV, which over time continues to improve and evolve.Today, the vaccine is tested for the fight against high risk HPV.If we talk about effective means of prevention, pregnant women should be understood - condoms are not able to protect against the risk of HPV infection.Such barrier contraception is not able to also affect the genital warts.It may be recommended to pregnant women to prevent warts, avoid weight gain, excluding the high friction of the skin in contact with the clothing.

This suggests the need for the close-out of linen, fitting things that can rub the inguinal folds.However, even these measures can not be totally reliable prevention of genital warts.

should also note the importance of the factor of heredity.It is important to ask her mother, she did not experience during pregnancy with papillomas.Perhaps they are after birth she disappeared - so a similar situation would have.However, always the appearance of small warts or increasing the size of the old is always necessary to inform your doctor.

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