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Papazol during pregnancy

Papazol during pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a special period in the life of every woman, during which it is required by careful attention to all of the drug used.During this period, more than ever, it is the actual phrase "look before you leap."At the same time, in any case necessarily need to consult with their physician, without resorting to self-medication.Since the action of drugs during pregnancy can lead to negative consequences for the female body, pregnancy, state and development of the child, there is a risk of a number of adverse reactions.

Even many drugs that were previously effective and completely safe, with the onset of pregnancy can lead to specific threats.Among the common drugs to lower blood pressure called Papazol.In his article, we will pay attention to the peculiarities of this drug safe use during pregnancy, possible contraindications and recommendations for use.

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Papazol is a combination drug that provides a hypotensive and antispasmodic action.In its co

mposition contains Papazol 2 components: bendazol and papaverine.Bendazol - antispasmodic properties with immunostimulatory activity.Papaverine, referring to antispasmodics, a hypotensive effect, contributing to lower the tone, smooth muscle relaxation of muscles, respiratory, urogenital systems, of the gastrointestinal tract.Papazol produced in the form of tablets, assigned only to the recommendations of the treating physician.

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Indications and contraindications receiving Papazol during pregnancy

Among the indications for use Papazol therapists pay attention to hypertension, smooth muscle spasm of cerebral vessels, facial paralysis, polio.It should be very careful to use the drug in case of traumatic brain injury patients with renal or hepatic failure, in the case of hypothyroidism or other diseases of the body.Papazol in combination with other drugs is also assigned very carefully to avoid negative effects of the treatment course.Do not forget about the possible contraindications of the drug.Among them should be noted bronchial and epileptic syndrome, individual sensitivity to the drug or its components in the lineup, also banned the drug for children under the age of one year.Side effects of the drug may be nausea, constipation, dizziness, allergic reactions, or arrhythmia.

Reception Papazol under increased pressure during pregnancy

Women often for the first time faced with an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy is.The main cause of the problem becomes significant increase in the load on the heart and blood vessels, as increased weight and the woman, accompanied by a variety of hormonal changes.This increase in pressure during pregnancy may be a hereditary factor.When similar problems encountered your mother during pregnancy, we can talk about a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure.

The zone of special risk of high blood pressure include women age 40 years, also hatched twins, or faced with diabetes or problems in the kidney.In most cases, the pressure increase characteristic of the last trimester of pregnancy, when the already characterized by a significant increase in the weight of the woman.This condition for a woman - a sign of preeclampsia.In this case, definitely need appropriate treatment, given the dangerous consequences for the fetus, sometimes resulting in premature birth.Therefore, pregnant women require hospitalization, appointing Papazol as part of combination therapy.

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Papazol Instructions for use during pregnancy

The instructions to the drug dosage contains 2-3 times a day one tablet for adults and children over 12 years.Also noted in the instructions - not established the safety of this drug during pregnancy or breast-feeding.Consequently, the completely non-self using Papazol, even if you have previously used it before conception.Therefore, the drug can be used only on prescription.In particular, pregnant women in the discussion forums indicate that the doctor appointed by it on the tablet 0.5 Papazol 2 times a day.Many at this point poor tolerance of the tool, some women have itchy skin, and vomiting.Therefore, resorting to experiment with self-Papazol not necessary.For questions and pressure medication during pregnancy are extremely serious and responsible.It is important to adhere to prescriptions and recommendations of the attending physician, without abandoning hospitalization if necessary - because it involves the care of women's health, pregnancy and child development.So doctor will be able to quickly and competently to make the necessary adjustments in the course of treatment by monitoring changes in the state of health and the status of women.

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