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Dostinex and pregnancy

Dostinex and pregnancy

have to admit that the first time pregnancy occurs not always.The reason for this situation are often hormonal disruptions of the female body.Sometimes you can not get pregnant because of the increased levels of the hormone prolactin in the woman's body.Upon confirmation of the characteristics of the organism as a result of a thorough examination with the relevant analyzes, to go through the necessary treatment.To reduce prolactin levels usually assigned use of the drug under the name Dostinex.

Article topic: Prolactin and pregnancy

Prolactin -

pregnancy hormone is produced mainly in the hormone prolactin by the pituitary gland.This hormone is actually essential for the body, is involved in many systems, especially the reproductive.A significant increase in the level of prolactin hormone leads to failure and unpleasant consequences, including infertility.Elevated levels of prolactin leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Normally, increasing the amount of prolactin occurs at onset of preg

nancy and lactation.When active sports also saved elevated levels of prolactin in the blood of women.The reason for the short increase prolactin are as stress, positive emotions and sex.

Increase of prolactin in the blood and possibly as a result of certain pathological factors - various diseases, including cirrhosis of the liver, thyroid disease, polycystic ovary syndrome and renal failure.The reason may be, and pituitary tumors.

Increased prolactin in pregnant women is accompanied by certain symptoms: allocation of milk or colostrum from the breast, the appearance of menstrual disorders (anovulation, scanty menses), decreased libido, increased body hair, and infertility.

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More details about the medical preparation Dostinex Dostinex

(Dostinex) is a well known drug, can reduce the production of prolactin.The active component is cabergoline, inactive - lactose and leucine.The drug comes in tablet form - 0.5 mg.The package contains eight tablets.Purchase of this drug is available in pharmacies by prescription only.

principle of the drug based on blocking of prolactin, timely, normal maturation of follicles in the ovaries, with the restoration of the menstrual cycle.As a result, unable to achieve normal ovulation in the female body.On average, after a single use of the drug to reduce prolactin levels required three hours.The drug acts 7-28 days.Note rapid drug absorption from the digestive tract.

dosage drug use Dostinex

used the drug once (maximum 2) a week.Dosage in the first times the use of the drug is 0.5-1 tablet.In normal tolerance Dostinex, but without attaining the therapeutic effect is assigned to a gradual increase in the dose used.When elevated levels of prolactin in the blood (hyperprolactinemia), the maximum dose should not exceed 4.5 a week.Every month since the beginning of the use of the drug is necessary to control a woman prolactin in your body - the results of the necessary tests.Indicators are usually normalized after two to four weeks of treatment with Dostinex.

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side effects of Dostinex

Statistics confirms the good tolerability.When using the drug in order to normalize the amount of prolactin may be a manifestation of side effects as dizziness, headache, constipation, nausea, gastritis, abdominal pain, feeling of general weakness and dyspeptic symptoms.There is a heightened sensitivity and tenderness of the breasts, the risk of depression, the patient, with the sensations of hot flushes to the face, low blood pressure.But the strongly expressed such signs can be quite rare.Generally they are relatively weak, with a rapid normalization of the situation.

of side effects is especially true for the start of treatment - during the first 2 weeks of using the drug.This tapering allows use to get rid of any symptoms.Then perhaps a gradual increase in the amount of the drug to the originally set dose.After discontinuation after 1-2 days the symptoms are caused (but the decision should be made only after consultation with a specialist, without making separate adjustments to the assigned treatment).

Dostinex drug use during pregnancy

Quite common is the question of the compatibility of the drug and pregnancy.It often pregnancy occurs on the background of the use of Dostinex.Therefore, it is reasonable woman wonders about the possible dangers of the preparation for the embryo.In this case, the answer would be: drug Dostinex is absolutely incompatible with the occurrence of pregnancy.

use of the drug is designed to prepare your body for pregnancy.The purpose of using Dostinex is becoming a significant decrease in the amount of prolactin.But if pregnancy occurs, such measures can not be taken.Since prolactin is the main hormone of pregnancy, necessary for its preservation and normal development.Therefore, understanding the ensuing pregnancy should be informed about these changes gynecologist, cease to use Dostinex.

When planning a pregnancy, after a course of using Dostinex, before conceiving a child is recommended to wait one month.Only then you can start trying to conceive.After excreted Dostinex is a sufficiently long period, with the active ingredient of the drug cabergoline results in an undesirable influence to the fetus.

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