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Menovazin during pregnancy

Menovazin during pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a special period in the life of every woman who brings a completely new rules and restrictions.This is accompanied by a radical restructuring of pregnancy hormonal levels, decreased immunity - all this makes a woman more susceptible to external factors and disease.At the same time use any medication during pregnancy should be extremely cautious.

If previously normal woman endured the use of various ointments, tablets, injections and suppositories, which helped achieve an effective treatment, then with the onset of pregnancy approaches to the choice of drugs should change dramatically - with the care of normal pregnancy without complications, and the health of their child.Among the common questions referred to the possibility of using Menovazin during pregnancy.In his article, we will try to understand the basic indications, rules of use of the drug, the possibility of its reception during pregnancy.

Menovazin More about the preparation - especially drugs

drug Menovazin - combined

agent containing in its composition procaine, benzocaine, menthol.Under the influence of these three main components and provides a local anesthetic effect.For novocaine or procaine characterized anesthetic properties, benzocaine applied for the purpose of surface anesthesia, menthol contributes to the vasodilatation of the skin surface, increasing the overall analgesic effect benzocaine and procaine.Menthol also provides a feeling of cold.It is important to add that Menovazin when applied topically will not penetrate into the bloodstream.Issued active drug in an ointment and a solution.The solution contains in its composition of 70% ethanol.

Is Menovazin intake during pregnancy?

important feature Menovazin becomes the fact that the drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream - so you can judge its safety of use during pregnancy.Typically, the attending physician prescribe these drugs to combat a variety of painful sensations that are usually arose because of nerve damage.The drug Menovazin proven itself sufficiently high and effective action.It is important to understand that the early stages of a pregnant woman carrying a child is forbidden to take anti-inflammatory painkillers inside, so the only option to get rid of the pain is exactly Menovazin.

Instructions for receiving Menovazin during pregnancy

All pregnant women who are planning to use Menovazin, must review the information in the instructions in this preparation.The manual also indicates the absence of the negative impact of the drug on the body during pregnancy.Menovazin drug used exclusively for external use - for rubbing.However, to resort to self-medication during pregnancy should not be - in the event of pain medication can be used only in consultation with your doctor.Therefore, we need to be sure to seek help from your doctor.He can appoint the medicine in the form of rubbing alcohol or an ointment.

Because such pain during late pregnancy are typical for many women, the cause is due to an increase in load to the spine.Sometimes, to feel such stress, doctors recommend that women before pregnancy to try to vilify 10-pound backpack.Speaking seriously, help in this regard can be a pregnant woman, but the appropriate measures should be determined only by your doctor.The doctor will determine the appropriate scheme, dosage and treatment with Menovazin or other drugs.

Contraindications to receive Menovazin during pregnancy

doctor did not prescribe medication if necessary, its use does not occur.Using Menovazin provided solely for the purpose of anesthesia.Sometimes prescribe medication as antipruritic agents, given the soothing effect of menthol.Contraindications to receive Menovazin - hypersensitivity to the drug or insensitivity to certain components in its composition.Applying this tool must necessarily be under the supervision of the attending physician.In case of itching, allergic reaction after application of the ointment or through rubbing alcohol solution Menovazin should stop taking the drug.

Such cases in practice are rare.However, it should be taken into account - it is necessary to abandon the application of the drug to the skin lesions, including wounds, abscesses and other damage to the epidermis.Realizing Menovazin safe use during pregnancy, many women resort to self-medication.But sometimes there are situations when the cause of pain in the lower back requires not only medical treatment and pain relief as may be indicative of a rather serious disease.Including these changes may be a sign of threatened miscarriage.So no need to risk precious time - it is not necessary to resort to self-medication without consulting a physician to rule out the risk of a number of negative effects on pregnancy.

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Indications reception Menovazin during pregnancy

The preparation consists of components that do not lead to negative impacts for the condition of the fetus.Therefore, fairly widespread use of this drug treating physicians.It should also be appreciated that the likelihood of absorption of the drug through the skin in adults is only 5 percent.

Widespread use Menovazin found for the analgesic effect in the following cases:

  • pain sustavah.jpg Various pain, caused by nerve disorders (in the case of neuralgia, especially in intercostal neuralgia).

  • Myalgia (muscle pain).

  • osteochondrosis.

  • arthralgia (joint pain).

  • Degenerative diseases of the skin, accompanied by the appearance of pronounced itching.

Yet most Menovazin characterized by the use in the case of neuralgia, which often occur in obstetric practice.Widespread drug due to hydrophilic tissue during pregnancy.During pregnancy, any tissue of the body will draw abundantly the water.A similar situation exists for the nervous tissue sheaths nerve fibers.As a result of the copious amounts of water to pull arises mechanical compression of the nerve fibers, leading to a sensation of pain in the course of this nerve.Such a state of pregnancy may be considered normal - passes the problem on their own after birth, with a reduction in the hydrophilic fabric.But such pain lead to severe suffering for the woman during pregnancy.By taking Menovazin during pregnancy will be able to effectively get rid of unpleasant subjective sensations.

Side effects Menovazin use during pregnancy should be noted

good tolerability of the drug during pregnancy.However, prolonged use of drugs consequence may be certain side effects due to absorption from the skin surface, followed by the accumulation in the human body.Manifestations of adverse effects during pregnancy may be in the form of dizziness, hypotension (blood pressure lowering) and feelings of weakness.If you notice such symptoms need urgent stop using Menovazin during pregnancy.It does not need a specific treatment in this case.Considering that normally during gestation Menovazin assigned brief course, there is almost no side effects, we considered the drug.

combination Menovazin and other drugs during pregnancy

order to avoid adverse health effects, we should not resort to self-medication - be sure to consult with your doctor, telling him about the use of other drugs.At the "hostility" to the use of this drug during pregnancy is possible to think over the choice of a gentle medication in particular we can recommend a means of containing paracetamol.

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