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Fetal malnutrition

Fetal malnutrition

each woman to want that baby was born happy and healthy.But it is not always possible to avoid any complications or problems during pregnancy.According to the results of another study and analysis often reveals abnormalities in fetal development, there are problems with his health.Some diseases to be effective treatment subject to the timely adoption of the necessary measures.But it affects certain complications unfortunately impossible.In his article, we choose to focus on the diagnosis of fetal malnutrition, which is detected during the third trimester of pregnancy.

fetal malnutrition during pregnancy

fetal malnutrition - intrauterine development of the child.Typically, this diagnosis is detected during the third trimester of pregnancy.Determines the degree of development of the fetus doctor comparison data in the survey, the volume of the stomach and the length of the uterus.Since the second half of pregnancy there is a fairly rapid increase in the size of the stomach.If the doctor based on the

results of the next survey will notice that the stomach during the last 2-3 months has not increased in size, will be assigned to the passage of an additional ultrasound examination.When ultrasound measured individual parts of the body of the child (fetometry fetus).In the study of special attention is paid to a circle the size of the head, abdomen, thigh length.To avoid errors in determining the diagnosis, recommended visiting the same doctor.After interpreting the same indicators experts may vary.

fetal malnutrition can be three degrees.The easiest - the first degree of fetal malnutrition.Exhibited first degree malnutrition, when the accepted norms of fetal development is lagging behind in less than two weeks.After birth, a diagnosis is usually not confirmed.In such cases, low birthweight is often caused by the presence of family characteristics (when all children in the family were middle-sized), or when an error in determining gestational age.Wasting the second degree - the gap to 4 weeks, the third - more than four weeks.The first degree is usually a child there is no harm, but in the case of the second and third can result in serious consequences for the mental and physical development.

Wasting can be of two forms - the asymmetrical or symmetrical.With symmetrical shape is supposed to reduce the size of all the organs, not corresponding to the current pregnancy.Asymmetric malnutrition suggests unevenness in the development of various organs.In particular, the brain and the skeleton may be normal, and the development of liver, kidneys and other organs lags behind.The development of an asymmetric wasting usually occurs in the period after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

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Causes of fetal malnutrition during pregnancy

Wasting is usually caused not by poor diet, although it can provoke the emergence of such a state.Typically, a delay of smoking and alcohol lead.Since nicotine, tar, alcohol and other toxic components lead to the adverse effects to the fetus.Another common cause is infection, sexually transmitted infections - cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, latent infections.Therefore, it is important to identify these infections is still at the planning stage of pregnancy to advance their cure.

late toxemia of pregnancy (preeclampsia) also can lead to malnutrition.The risk groups include pregnant women with the presence of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes.The cause of malnutrition may be, and certain drugs, multiple pregnancy, premature ripening of the chorion (placenta), chromosomal abnormalities.Also at risk include women under the age of 15 years or older than 35 are also at work in the company, involving the tedious manual labor, contact with toxic chemicals, emotionally straining.

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How to treat fetal malnutrition during pregnancy

Upon confirmation of fetal malnutrition for women will require periodic passage of CTG and Doppler ultrasound to monitor blood flow disturbances of the umbilical cord and placenta, changes in heart rate of the child.

Treatment in most cases leads to a subtle effect.It requires no treatment of malnutrition, and the reasons on which it arose.In addition to measures to eliminate the root cause is assigned for a woman to use drugs aimed at relaxing the uterus and improve utero-placental circulation.Perhaps the appointment of a pregnant woman for drugs and vitamins designed to normalize blood rheology.During this period, you must provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients received by a child.

cardinal treatment can become a caesarean section.But such an operation is received, provided the child's weakness for independent delivery.Critical malnutrition in the treatment given to the normalization of the power of women.The daily diet of pregnant women need foods high in animal protein and carbohydrates.Mandatory component of the menu during pregnancy should be chicken, meat, dairy products and fish.Do not forget about the fruits and vegetables, which also provide significant help.

with timely medical examination and compliance with its provisions, there is every reason to talk about the possibility of having a healthy baby, who will give happiness and sincere smiles of your loved ones.