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Zovirax during pregnancy

Zovirax during pregnancy

Of course, the ideal - when the pregnancy is not accompanied by any diseases and the need to use different medicines.Yet experience shows that such ideal conditions are hardly ever preserved.After all, pregnancy is accompanied by a significant decrease in immunity, which is why he is more susceptible to the effects of various infections and diseases.A similar statement when lowered immunity characteristic for the impact of viruses.What must be done to pregnant women in the event of a cold on the lips, how to get rid of the problem, what drugs to use?

quite common in this regard is the use of the drug for the treatment Zovirax.In his article, we will talk more about the features of the product, understand the possible compatibility of the drug with pregnancy.

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Reduced immunity and the appearance of herpes during pregnancy

weakening of the women's immunity upon the occurrence of pregnancy is quite normal and natural physiological reaction of the organism.The r

eason for reducing the body's defense is that the fetus is not rejected.That is why from the onset of pregnancy characterized by aggravation of chronic infections with a reduction of protection to penetrate new ones.As a result, the body's immunity is reduced, it becomes more susceptible to colds and other infections.The cause of herpes virus can be of various types.Usually the result of a virus the first (simple) type becomes the appearance of "cold" on the lips.When the virus of the second type occurs genital herpes, which can be dangerous for pregnant women.

menacing feature of herpes - when ingested one time will remain for life, it is able to cure only temporarily dull the symptoms of the disease.Hence, the appearance of recurrences throughout life.The appearance of relapses (repeated appearances) virus may contribute to disease, stress, conditions that lead to the reduction of human immunity.As is known, pregnancy also results in a significant decrease in immunity.

also be understood that carriers of the herpes virus appears most people.If a woman is a carrier of the second type of herpes before pregnancy, in her body formed antibodies to the pathogen - and they will protect the fetus in the womb.Much more dangerous is the second type of herpes is during pregnancy.Since the child is not receiving protection from the effects of the virus before the appearance of antibodies.There is also a child's chance of contracting the virus from the mother during passage through the birth canal during labor itself.However, panic is premature and unnecessary unrest should not succumb.Since becoming quite rare cases of intrauterine infection of the fetus.Genital herpes does not become a cause for termination of pregnancy.

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mechanism of the effect of Zovirax - how the drug

Zovirax .jpg drug Zovirax is very well known to many people.After all, it becomes quite an effective way to combat the problem of herpes.Based on the effect of this drug action antsiklovira - its use during pregnancy is well aware of modern medicine.Among the distinctive features of Zovirax should be noted inactivity to healthy cells of the developing fetus.Action of the drug will be activated by the enzyme, which was isolated virus-infected cells.

Zovirax excels at penetrating cell membranes of patients, appearing in their composition and blocking the reproduction process of the herpes virus.A similar effect is enough to ensure the safety of pregnancy.

it allowed the use of Zovirax during pregnancy?

The results of the studies failed to prove the absence of exposure to the drug Zovirax regarding the status of the fetus, without causing anomalies in its development.But even taking into account this factor, to resort to self-medication with this drug is not worth it.Appointed by the use of this drug during pregnancy, the safest periods.Despite the fact that complications of herpes is extremely rare for a child, is still ruled their likelihood should not be.Sometimes intrauterine infection provoked by herpes can cause lesions of the brain of the child, pneumonia or hepatitis.In the case of herpes infection at birth the child has a rash on the skin and mucous membranes.These children are treated with intravenous Zovirax.Treatment course is quite a long time in the hospital.

Summing up, we can say about the possibility of reducing the risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus, infection during labor by using Zovirax.However, the choice of the duration of the courses, the time and dosage must be made solely by the attending physician.

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