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Hypertonicity of the uterus

Hypertonicity of the uterus

What is hypertonicity of the uterus - a question that is relevant to virtually every woman in the planning of pregnancy or during childbearing.Also hypertonicity of the uterus are often referred to as "the increased uterine tone" and "tone in the uterus."In his article, we will try to deal with the peculiarities of the state, its causes, dangers to the fetus and the possibility of effective treatment.

Symptoms and signs of hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy

uterus contains three layers: a thin film wrapper, muscle fibers and the endometrium covering the uterine cavity inside.For a muscle fiber is characterized by the ability to reduce, coming in tone.Nature has put that during pregnancy the uterine muscles do not contract, stay relaxed.But exposure to the muscle layer of the uterus stimuli for various reasons, is its reduction and compression.The result is a pressure (depending on the force reductions), in such a case there is a diagnosis of uterine hypertonus.Normotonusom called the cond

ition in which the uterine muscles remain in a calm and relaxed state.

hypertonicity of the uterus is an indication of miscarriage in early pregnancy or premature birth - the later.It is therefore important to understand the possible manifestations of this condition.By identifying possible relevant symptoms promptly consult a specialist, getting rid of the causes of hyper.The first signs of increased tone of the uterus - the emergence of nasty, nagging pains in the lower abdomen, in the sacrum and lower back.Quite often there are appropriate and pain in the pubic area.The woman in the abdomen there is a feeling of fullness.After the first trimester of pregnancy, when it appeared rather large belly may be feeling like a stone uterus.

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Diagnostics hyper uterus during pregnancy

to detect uterine hypertonus can be used in different ways.The simplest option - a physician by palpation.Such a method is particularly informative in the later stages of pregnancy, when the uterus is located outside the pelvic organs - above it.In this case, the doctor, feeling the abdominal wall may determine hypertonicity.Another way to define hyper uterus during pregnancy became ultrasound.This option is more informative as to determine the tone of the uterus and are not perceived by the woman.This situation is relevant at the local tone - at a voltage of only part of the uterus, but not all.Tonusometriya also used in the detection of uterine hypertonus.In that case, a special unit - it is applied to the abdomen sensor to read the relevant information.

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reasons hyper uterus during pregnancy

It should be noted that the hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy can occur for many reasons.In particular, the cause of hyper in early pregnancy may be the presence of various hormonal disorders of the body.The most common cause in this category becomes a shortage of the hormone progesterone.Hypertonicity can also induce certain changes in the uterine wall, including endometriosis and fibroids.In the case of inflammation of the reproductive organs to pregnancy (ovaries, uterus, appendages) there is a high probability of hyper during childbearing.

Resulting hypertonicity of the uterus can be a stressful situation, a significant emotional turmoil, fear, etc. appeared. Complemented by such a list, and increased activity of women, tiring physical work, defective, not enough quality rest and sleep.

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Group's risk of hyper uterus during pregnancy

skilled able to identify the existence of some "at risk" of occurrence of uterine hypertonus.In this category are referred to women who have identified one or more symptoms from this list:

  • - In the case of an abortion before.

  • - Weak immunity.

  • - underdevelopment of genitals.

  • - Inflammation of the genitals.

  • - Women older than 30 or younger than 18 years.

  • - Bad habits - smoking, alcohol, and so forth.

  • - Frequent exposure to chemicals.

  • - Bad relationships with spouse or other family members, with stress, emotional disturbances.

Danger hyper uterus during pregnancy

dangerous rise in the tone of the uterus during the first trimester of pregnancy may be a developing pregnancy, the death of the ovum, or spontaneous abortion - miscarriage.In the later stages of the risk of spontaneous abortion is, for the term of more than 28 weeks - in preterm labor.A local tone it represents a special danger for the wall attachment of the placenta.Indeed, in this situation the danger of placental abruption.This cause can provoke chorionic detachment during early pregnancy.The risk for the fetus when hypertonicity of the uterus is in violation of the blood supply to the chorion (placenta).Accordingly, the developing fetal hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) of the fetus, the risk of delay of its development and growth.

Features treating hyper uterus during pregnancy

If you experience pain in the abdomen during pregnancy, as in the sense of "rock" of the uterus should be first of all go to bed.When a mild tone such measures are sufficient to relax the uterus.But this should definitely be to tell your doctor.Especially with occasional appearance of such sensations.It is necessary at this time completely avoid strenuous exercise (even mundane trips to the store) and stressful situations.

In the case of uterine hypertonus usually assigned use antispasmodic drugs (papaverine and no-spa) and sedatives (including valerian tincture, motherwort, synthetic drugs trioksizan, sibazol, nozepam).When accompanied by a tone of pain, contractions, the pregnant woman is supposed to be hospitalized.

Appointed for women in the early stages of the use of any duphaston utrogestan.For the period after 16-18 weeks of pregnancy; a partusistena, ginipral, brikanila.Widespread removal and hyper-Magne B6.

Prevention hyper uterus during pregnancy

In view of the causes of the problem of hyper, you need to think about effective means of prevention.During pregnancy, be sure to follow the recommendations of the gynecologist, following the established regulations.Since the attempt at self and non-compliance with the rules can sometimes lead to very serious consequences.

To prevent hyper uterus of a pregnant woman needs complete rest, without stress, strong emotions, maintaining normal psychological balance.His family and colleagues at work must be reported on the undesirability of stressful situations.It should also abandon the tedious and lengthy trips.Be sure to take the opportunity to ensure restful sleep.A necessary condition for becoming vitamin-mineral complexes.To avoid problems, provoking the emergence of hyper uterus need to pass a medical examination.And the detection of such problems to be addressed.