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Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy

Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy

In today's society women during pregnancy has to take a lot more different studies compared with the approaches in the last century.Modern medicine continues its rapid growth, due to its significant achievements possible to achieve effective prevention and protection against possible diseases of the child, complications during pregnancy or childbirth.Almost every pregnant woman is known the need for compulsory use of folic acid - an effective prophylactic drug during pregnancy.Current statistics show that almost half of the women were aware of the need for folic acid before pregnancy.Also, it was known to go through a variety of ultrasound examinations during pregnancy.Among such studies in pregnant women experts pay attention to the Doppler.In his article, we will pay special attention to this issue - will try to understand the purpose and for the passage of this study.

More The Doppler ultrasound (using Doppler)

Doppler is with time ultrasound to assess blood flow in various organs of the child.
At the same time according to the results of the study can reveal the overall condition of the child.

this study is of great importance for the understanding of the placenta and the blood flow in the uterine arteries.Also important ultrasound study using ultrasound is given in the case of coagulation disorders in pregnant women.In assessing the state of development of the fetus will be rational use study with Doppler echography and cardiotocography.The results of the Doppler allow make the necessary adjustments in the effective scheme of management of pregnancy and childbirth.

Doppler is highly informative and safe use.

When you use a Doppler ultrasound diagnosis in early pregnancy, this approach becomes an essential component of a comprehensive prenatal diagnosis.Doppler ultrasound is performed with the planned US using similar equipment.Because ultrasound machines in most cases today, additional functions dopplerography.Diagnostician at the start of the study determines the position of the vessel, which requires verification.In particular, it will check the blood flow in the vessels of the gastrointestinal tract.The next step is to consider the expert directly Doppler function - as a result of the screen displays an image in the study of the state of blood flow in the examined organs.Further, the device provides an analysis of the data received.The total duration of this manipulation of the order of a few minutes.

When administered passing Doppler during pregnancy?

should also be recalled that the conduct Doppler appointed physician for pregnant women at 32 weeks gestation baby.However, the study may be appointed earlier in the event of pregnancy complications during pregnancy, suspected fetoplacental insufficiency.Including the possibility of the appointment of Doppler ultrasound in similar situations have on the age 22-24 weeks gestation baby.

Doppler usually prescribed for women with a multiple pregnancy - while carrying twins with shared placenta during intrauterine fetal development, in the case of Rh-conflict pregnant woman and child pathologies during a previous pregnancy, when bad data CTG.Too small size of the child for a certain period of pregnancy, carrying Doppler is designed to analyze the functioning of the placenta, with the assessment of blood flow to the fetus through the umbilical cord.It contains two arteries and one Vienna.There is blood flow through the arteries to the fetus from the placenta, providing the necessary nutrients, vitamins and oxygen to the baby.

Unnecessary fetus food will be output from the baby to the placenta through the umbilical vein.Only with low resistance in umbilical artery formed favorable conditions for the supply of blood and nutrients to the baby.But the increased resistance will provoke the appearance of the problems, leading to disturbances in the child's development.In the case of determining the normal state as a result of Doppler, you can not worry about the problems of the small size of the fetus.It is likely that due to its small size tiny size of the woman - because of genetic predisposition.With increased resistance experts may argue about the need for early delivery.