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How to bring down the temperature during pregnancy

How to bring down the temperature during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have to deal with changes in their body weight, with a completely new sensations.We have to recognize that these changes are unlikely to be called pleasant.Since pregnancy is accompanied by a weakening of the immune system.Therefore, while carrying a child must be extremely cautious in the use of various drugs to treat diseases accompanying this period.In particular, with the onset of pregnancy conventional methods to combat fever already are forbidden.What should be done in such a situation?This issue we will pay special attention in his article.

reasons of temperature rise during pregnancy

have to admit that a lot of women during pregnancy are forced to deal with viral infections or other diseases that are taking place against the backdrop of rise in temperature.What can be done for normalization of temperature, eliminating the negative effects for your body, pregnancy and child development?The main recommendation in this case, it is the rejection of self, definitely need

an urgent appeal to the advice of your doctor.Do not assume that the temperature will drop very soon.It is important to understand that an increase in body temperature during the first trimester of pregnancy to 37.5 degrees Celsius can be a very safe body's response to increasing amounts of progesterone in the blood.Therefore, if a pregnant woman has no symptoms of cough, colds, sore throat, then there is no any reason for concern.If you have such symptoms, when the temperature rises to 38 degrees, maintaining throughout the day, there is a risk to the fetus in early pregnancy.As in the first months is the formation of all organs and systems of the future child.

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during pregnancy should also be borne in mind that a slightly lower risk of a rise in temperature, and during late pregnancy.But nevertheless this state may lead to the risk of oxygen starvation of a child - hypoxia.In the worst of circumstances developing situation develop into premature labor.

Shoot down the temperature should be in certain situations:

  • When fever persists quite a long time, or if it starts without drugs skyrocket.

  • In the case of temperature increase due to a sore throat.

  • When the temperature reached the mark of 38 degrees (in the last months of pregnancy - 37.5 degrees).

due to the high temperature during pregnancy may be some problems:

  • intoxication toxic substances.The result may be irregularities and failures in the functioning of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

  • Preterm delivery, given the impact of high temperature on the placenta.

  • Changes in protein synthesis, if the fever persists longer.

  • developmental disorders of internal organs and systems of the fetus.

danger during pregnancy is considered to be the temperature is 37.8 degrees.When the temperature reached 38 degrees, it starts to lead to the adverse effects for the development of the cerebral cortex of the fetus - can cause effects on the mental abilities of the child.

What tools are forbidden to lower the temperature during pregnancy

Pregnant women need to understand that the least harmful effects suggest antipyretic drugs, made on the basis of paracetamol and viburkola (medication plant-based).Also, quite a topical solution to reduce the temperature becomes and enema analginum - but before using such means necessarily need to consult with your doctor.

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prohibitions and restrictions on drugs to reduce fever during pregnancy

How to bring down the temperature at beremennosti.jpg However, aspirin and drugs containing it in its composition during pregnancy are at a categorical prohibition to use.This is especially important in the last trimester of pregnancy.The reason is due to the negative impact of aspirin on blood clotting.The consequence of such properties of the drug used may be the opening of the bleeding woman and baby during childbirth.It is also no less a threat during childbearing implies acceptance of tetracycline.The tool may have a negative effect on the child's developmental delay.

Prolonged intake of streptomycin during pregnancy also may involve a threat - a risk of deafness.A consequence of the use of chloramphenicol in order to reduce the temperature at the time of pregnancy may be changes in the liver of the fetus.Consequently, the main condition during pregnancy in the case of temperature increase - no need to immediately grasp at the preparations that were familiar and tested before pregnancy.No need to resort to new drugs, unwarranted experimentation - stopping their attention on the means of advertising or medicines that have advised friends.During pregnancy, allowed to use only drugs prescribed by your doctor, who will determine the allowable individual drugs, preferred dosage and duration of treatment to recommend, given the real reason for the elevated temperature.

Drug-free anti-high temperature during pregnancy

However, doctors do not recommend during pregnancy to try to bring the temperature down to 38 degrees.After all, such an increase in temperature indicates the body's fight against infection.

keeping the temperature within 37-37,5 should consume more in their diets warm liquid.Optimally, if it will choose compote of dried fruits, weak tea, herbal teas unsaturated.In particular, you can treat yourself to a lime or raspberry tea.Linden tea promotes sweating - you can sweat and reduce body temperature.A useful addition for the tea becomes the addition of lemon, honey.

Doctors urged to keep special caution in the use of traditional medicine, "granny" methods.Namely, they pay attention to the limitations of wiping vinegar or alcohol.Such tools have proven highly effective in achieving results, but you should understand the danger of penetration of harmful components in the body through the skin, resulting in a negative impact for the child.If resort to wiping to lower the temperature during pregnancy can be recommended only wiping with clean water at room temperature.In each case, the decision about how to reduce the temperature taken individually - to exclude self-treatment drugs can be used only if prescribed by your doctor, and only when the mandatory supervision.

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