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Intrauterine fetal hypoxia

Intrauterine fetal hypoxia

Pregnancy completely without problems and pathologies occurs infrequently.Among these pathologies experts noted fetal hypoxia.According to statistics, about fetal hypoxia during every tenth pregnancy.In his article, we will try to identify the causes of intrauterine fetal hypoxia, symptoms of the problem and necessary steps to be taken by a pregnant woman.

Types and causes of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

fetal hypoxia - a pathology in which there is a lack of oxygen to the baby.There may be two types of this disease - chronic or acute.Chronic is a lower risk, although more common.There chronic hypoxia due to pathologies and diseases of women, which lead to a shortage of oxygen.In particular it should be noted anemia, asthma and smoking.

are diagnosed with "chronic" hypoxia physician in detecting fetal growth retardation for 2 or more weeks - is determined by results of US.In such a case, a pregnant woman will be asked to undergo appropriate treatment in a hospital.The goal of therapy with such a

diagnosis usually becomes the removal of uterine tone, with improved placental circulation.Sometimes a decision on the appointment of certain drugs that reduce the density of the blood, helping to improve the exchange of oxygen.

For successful treatment of a woman necessarily require adherence of the day, a good rest, rest, supplement your diet foods rich in iron.It is also often considerable help a pregnant woman ensures the passage of the treatment in a sanatorium.Chronic hypoxia can lead to delays in the development of the child, due to which after birth it would not have the ability to self-adapt to the external environment.For the care of these children are used incubators and necessary medical equipment.

Article topic: symptoms of fetal hypoxia

But a great danger to the mother's body and the child's condition provokes the flow of acute hypoxia.With such a diagnosis the risk of very rapid death of the child.Occurrence of acute hypoxia is possible during any trimester of pregnancy, at birth and immediately.This hypoxia can be caused by tight entanglement umbilical cord, placental abruption and uterine rupture.For a pregnant woman in this case urgently need to perform a caesarean section because the expense is literally for hours, sometimes even minutes.

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diagnosis of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

Acute hypoxia is usually detected quite easily.But the presence of chronic hypoxia woman can not even guess at untimely visit doctors without passing the US within the time frame.To detect chronic fetal hypoxia can be used three ways:

  • - Passage of the medical examination.Obstetric gynecologist uses a stethoscope to listen to fetal heart rate, given its frequency (ES).The sign of fetal hypoxia - an indicator of less than normal.

  • - CTG.According to the results of this study can not identify the heart rate of the child.

  • - Doppler.This study reminds ultrasound, its purpose is to determine the blood flow in the uterine arteries.

pregnant woman should monitor the status of the fetus with the first perturbation of the baby.Baby move for the day should occur up to 10 times.This greater risk may be increased frequency of such movements than decrease.Reasons for revitalization of the child may be different to express their own dissatisfaction.A smaller number of perturbations is usually due to lack of oxygen.

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Gymnastics against fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

In the absence of contraindications for pregnant women are usually provided with akvagimnastika performing breathing exercises.Such exercises lead to a relaxation of uterine tone, the whole body, with the improvement of oxygen uptake fruit.With the combination of breathing exercises with aqua reduced tone of the uterus, improves the body's metabolism of women and children.When performing these exercises regularly manage to effectively reduce the symptoms of lack of oxygen to the baby.To advance to identify fetal hypoxia requires the timely visit to the doctor, to the performance of its assignments.Due to the effects of compliance with the recommendations of the expert fetal hypoxia in most cases can be avoided.