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Vitamin E during pregnancy

Vitamin E during pregnancy

Unfortunately, we have to talk about a very poor quality of the modern diet of each person, with a lack of nutritious food.Fewer remains in fruits, vegetables, meat and green components needed by the human body to complete the work and development.Therefore, for every person with an active lifestyle, consider the content of their diet a sufficient number of essential minerals and vitamins, resorting to monotherapy or vitamin-mineral complexes.The need for immediate many substances during pregnancy increases several times.As many resources Motherboard resources required for the development of the child.The second factor - increased consumption of some of these components required for the female body, given the direct involvement in the formation and further development of the child.In the category of such vital components necessary for the child to be noted receipt and vitamin E.

Purpose and benefits of vitamin E during pregnancy

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, may be considered the most essential and ba

sic substance during pregnancy.He even got an appropriate name - "tokos" Greek translated "birth", "ferro" means to wear.It can therefore be the natural conclusion of the importance of this component for a normal pregnancy and healthy child development.Tocopherol is an antioxidant protecting against cancer.The consequence of this vitamin deficiency may be to reduce the protective ability of the body, muscle weakness and anemia, and menstrual problems and infertility.The effect of this vitamin is to eliminate infections, effective protection against the adverse effects of the environment, especially important for rapidly dividing cells (including also the embryo).

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Together with vitamin C becomes tocopherol preventing the development of atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.The action vitamin E helps to improve oxygen delivery, becoming the prevention of blood clots in the blood vessels, reducing spasms of the lower limbs, exerting a positive influence on the condition of the hair, skin and nails.Vitamin E is considered the most feminine to the body - has a positive effect for the normalization of the menstrual cycle, facilitates maturation of infantile uterus, used in case of a late start of menstrual function is effective for the treatment of ovarian dysfunction.Also, the effect of this vitamin has a positive effect on reproductive functions (important when planning a pregnancy), and the work of female and male gonads.

Vitamin E promotes normal pregnancy, becoming the prevention of risks of miscarriage during the early periods.Also, it is no doubt a need for the normal development of the child (taking part in the laying of the respiratory system of the fetus).Therefore, vitamin E, and folic acid experts call essential components in the diet of pregnant women.Also, this component has a positive effect for ovarian, contributing to the normalization of hormonal background (with the restoration of production of progesterone and estrogen, impaired balance hormones), becoming the prevention of spontaneous abortion.This is similar to the effects of vitamin hormone progesterone.It contributes to the preservation of pregnancy, exerting a positive influence on the maturation of the placenta and the work of the state of its vessels, as a preventive detachment and threats of other violations.Vitamin E is takes part in the production of the hormone prolactin, necessary for lactation.

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dosage of vitamin E during pregnancy

Vitamin E.jpg But with all the benefits of this vitamin is necessary to consider certain restrictions during pregnancy - they should not be abused.After tocopherol is a fat soluble vitamin that can be stored in adipose tissue from adipose tissue is a property of fat during pregnancy - why some experts are of the opinion on a possible overdose with certain unpredictable consequences in the future.Also, under the action of vitamin E increases the elasticity of the muscles - adverse event during childbirth.

Therefore, this vitamin is usually not appointed at the end of pregnancy.Do not abuse it, exceeding the level of the daily requirement for the body.And in this sense is not exceeded, as with increasing doses of its positive impact on the pregnancy and the fetus will not grow.The daily need for this vitamin for humans is about 20 mg.Given dose of drugs in the ME - international units.1 ME corresponds to 1 mg of tocopherol acetate, or 0.67 mg.tocopherol.

Many point out that the doctor was appointed to a much higher dose - 200 mg., And sometimes 400 mg.per day.However, it should be understood destination identity, in each case, taking into account the specific indications.Safe during pregnancy is called tocopherol daily rate of 1,000 mg.But we should not get too carried away with its consumption.Quite often, gynecologists do not prescribe this vitamin separately, but it is contained in the designated multivitamin complexes.

If you do not eat vitamin E, separately, the organism can get it together with some products.Animals do not synthesize this component - it may be contained only in the composition of plants.Namely - the part of the nuts, vegetable oils, rose hips, seeds, eggs, green vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice and buckwheat.Particularly high content of vitamin differ bran, wheat germ oil, whole grain products.After contact with vitamin E takes a large or complete destruction of inorganic iron.Therefore it is better to refuse to accept iron preparations, together with tocopherol, eat cooked foods rich in iron, is recommended only after 8, but rather all 12 hours after consumption of vitamin E.