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CIN during pregnancy

CIN during pregnancy

Every woman is peculiar to the dream of a happy pregnancy without complications with the birth of healthy lungs and a full-term baby.Although we have to admit that there is a desire is not always fully correspond to reality.The consequence of various changes and violations of the woman's body may be different illnesses that lead to a threat to the normal state and development of the fetus.This is sometimes a danger of more serious problems for women during pregnancy, which in extreme cases can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.In particular, special attention is paid to cervical incompetence.This issue, we plan to devote my article, having understood the danger to pregnant women, the necessary measures and recommendations of the experts.

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cervical incompetence is one of the most common factors that lead to premature delivery during pregnancy.There is a similar condition in a situation where the cervix and the isthmus in the child-bearing are not able to co

pe with the increasing workload.Muscular ring of the cervix in the normal state should be able to hold the fetus in the uterine cavity during pregnancy, but in the case of cervical incompetence muscular ring is not able to perform its natural task - a consequence of such a breach is the disclosure of the uterus, which is why there is a threat of miscarriage.

development of CIN during pregnancy can be accompanied by increased levels of male sex hormones in women.In most cases, there is the timing of CIN 16-27 weeks of pregnancy.As a result of cervical incompetence cervix is ​​facing increased pressure, especially against the backdrop of a multiple pregnancy.Development of traumatic cervical incompetence occurs against any other abortion or intrauterine interventions.

When such manipulations occur ring neck muscle damage that leads to the formation of connective scar.Connective tissue, in contrast to muscle is not free to contract and stretch.Lead to the development of traumatic cervical incompetence may also uterine rupture during a previous birth.

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Signs of cervical incompetence during pregnancy

CIN at beremennosti.jpg necessary to recognize the absence of characteristic signs - cervical incompetence are asymptomatic, and only in some cases, in early pregnancy can occur in theas spotting and pulling pain in the abdomen.Also available are bursting sensation in the vagina.However, no evidence of CIN in most cases difficult to diagnose this disease.Therefore, during pregnancy, the importance given to regular visits to the gynecologist.

Every visit to the doctor should carry out a vaginal examination for the early detection and prevention of CIN.To decide on a more accurate diagnosis allows ultrasound that uses a vaginal probe.The results of the research experts take into account the length of the cervix, also analyzed the disclosure of the internal os, then confirm or rule out CIN.

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Methods for treating cervical incompetence during pregnancy

With the development of cervical incompetence due to endocrine or hormonal disorders, for the treatment prescribed certain drugs aimed at correcting hormone levels.It is natural that in any case the treatment should take place under the careful supervision of a doctor.If we talk about the treatment of CIN, which arose as a result of trauma, you may need surgery.To this must be imposed on the cervix seams that in the future will enable to cope with the increasing workload.It should be noted that the surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

alternative to surgery in certain forms of CIN - the special design of the pessary to reduce the burden that falls on the cervix.Finally, it should be noted that the adherence of the pregnant woman is given great importance for the successful treatment of CIN.It should therefore be possible to reduce the physical load and eliminate sex and stress, must become regular visits to your doctor.Quite naturally, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the Appointments and your doctor.Be sure to stick to a positive psychological mood - everything will be fine.