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Vaginal ultrasound

Vaginal ultrasound

Modern medicine has come a long way to a successful, sustainable progress and development.Leading medical possibilities allow it to detect the presence of problems in the early stages to address them, and health care.That is the timely detection of the signs and understanding of the problem becomes the key to effective and safe treatment, contributing to good condition and well-being.Among these modern means of early and accurate diagnosis of the problem is noted use of an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus.Their use allows women to determine the sex of the child and to ensure reliable control over the development of the pregnancy and the fetus nine months.Vaginal ultrasonography has become a new stage of development and improvement of ultrasound diagnostics in modern medicine.Features, benefits and characteristics of vaginal ultrasound, and we pay attention to Sway article.

Features vaginal ultrasound

With the latest capabilities of ultrasound equipment allows a convenient survey of the uterus, cervi

x, fallopian tubes, vagina, bladder and ovaries.At the same time the possibility of the appearance of vaginal ultrasound, by using special sensors to provide important advantages for the study.First of all, to perform a vaginal ultrasound is not required filling of the bladder - for many patients, this principle is much more comfortable.Also, by using a vaginal probe can more clearly visualize organs during pregnancy, raising the overall quality of diagnosis.Features modern vaginal ultrasound is superior to conventional, because it allows you to identify a pregnancy earlier deadlines.This procedure allows for greater security and for women.After all, such a remedy - cost, quick and easy examination for which you do not need special training.

testimony to the passage of vaginal ultrasound - gynecological diseases, early pregnancy, monitoring its progress, monitoring of the Navy, the state of the women after removal of the spiral or follikulometriya.At the same time there are no contraindications to undergo vaginal ultrasound, which can be done on any day of the cycle.

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Vaginal ultrasound can be detected congenital anomalies of the uterus, fibroids or leiomyoma, endometriosis, polyps, hyperplasia, malignancy.If the detected data illness, constant research allow to monitor the progress of treatment, changes in tumor size, achieving a final cure.

for women after the age of 40 years is recommended passage of vaginal pelvic ultrasound once a year for prevention.

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Performing vaginal ultrasound during pregnancy

In modern medicine, ultrasound - a common, reliable examinations during pregnancy.As a result of vaginal ultrasound can be detected different types of ectopic pregnancy: cervical, tubal, ovarian.

If the study in late pregnancy provided the use of abdominal sensor (for traditional US), in the first trimester of childbearing preferred method of transvaginal ultrasound.With this method ensures maximum accuracy of the image of the uterus to the developing fetus.This option allows you to detect ultrasound pregnancy much earlier to promptly, at the very early stages to identify the problems and pathologies of embryonic development.

Note that this procedure will require a condom for hygiene purposes.You can use any standard condoms from the pharmacy.

indications for vaginal ultrasound during pregnancy

include indications to perform a vaginal ultrasound early in pregnancy marked:

  • definition of pregnancy.

  • monitoring fetal development.

  • rank parauterine space.

  • identified threats gestation.

  • Definition of uterine fibroids.

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use of such ultrasound after the first trimester is not so common.The objective of its implementation is the assessment of the state of the cervix, the understanding of the ability of retaining membranes, the evaluation of the uterine scar after cesarean section and diagnosis of placenta previa.

pretty common issue of safety using the vaginal ultrasound and the frequency of its acceptable use.Note the safety of transvaginal ultrasound, which is not subject to restrictions on the number of diagnostics.Absolutely can not worry about what vaginal probe can harm the baby.Since the action of ultrasonic waves has no effect on the child and the benefits and advantages of this type of research in modern medicine is difficult to overestimate.