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Bifidumbacterin during pregnancy

Bifidumbacterin during pregnancy

Pregnancy involves a significant change of the female body, which is prepared for nurturing a whole new life.But pregnancy is often accompanied by some problems for which treatment should be chosen fairly benign and safe for the fetus means.Among the most common problems during pregnancy observed irregularities in the digestive system, the appearance of bloating.In this case, for the effective treatment of drug Bifidumbacterin appointed.In his article, we will talk about the principle of operation, characteristics of the drug and recommendations to women for such treatment.

General characteristics of the drug Bifidumbacterin

Bifidumbacterin refers to a group of probiotics.The preparation consists of live bacteria and promoting antagonicheskomu action for harmful microorganisms of the intestine.Accordingly, the effect of the drug is aimed at destruction of staphylococci, E. coli, yeast-like fungi of some species.Also it means helps to restore the vaginal flora and intestines, leading them back to no

rmal activities, with increased resistance to possible bacterial attacks, improving metabolism.It contains the drug in various forms - Tablets, powders, candles.Among the analogues may be noted Biolakt, Probifor, Bifinorm.An important feature is the ability use Bifidumbacterin healthier vulva and intestines of a pregnant woman.Effect of the drug leads to suppression of bacteria that could induce the appearance of inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Article topic: bowel disorders in pregnancy

gastrointestinal tract of pregnant women and the use of Bifidumbacterin

During pregnancy, the body is faced with increased load, which reduces the immune suppression activity of the gastrointestinal tract and muscle muscles of the uterus.The reason for reduction of such activity is a protective physiological process - the body tends to avoid the risk of miscarriage.But such changes lead to disturbances of intestinal motility, with the advent of bloating, constipation.By reducing the pathogenic microflora multiplies immunity, the bulk of which goes to the intestines.Included in this microflora and yeast-like fungus Candida.It is worth noting that its action leads to a yeast infection in women.It is unlikely that women need these infections, given the risk of complications for her organism and, therefore, threats to the fetus.Therefore, a similar neutralization of intestinal microflora.It is recommended for this task is Bifidumbacterin, proven safety of use during pregnancy.

action of the drug leads to better digestion of food in the female body, improving its promotion through the intestines.Because of this it is possible to reduce the symptoms of colic and intestinal bloating.In the normal advancement of food through the intestines decrease constipation, and therefore reduces the risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy.The action of the drug can also reduce the risk of infection to the skin of the anus, of infection in the genito-urinary organs.Pathogens occurrence of these infections are typically pathogenic intestinal microflora.Given the close proximity of the genitals to the anus, there is a risk of infection to them, leading to inflammation.To reduce this risk due to manage bowel disease using Bifidumbacterin.

Local Bifidumbacterin use during pregnancy

Bifidumbacterin issued in the form of suppositories.They are introduced into the rectum or vagina.The introduction in the vagina usually used after treating inflammation using antibacterial drugs to restore the normal vaginal flora and acidity.After treatment with vaginal suppositories restores the ability to self-clean, no survival of pathogenic organisms.

Bifidumbacterin Candles may also be administered prior to delivery or carrying out other manipulations of the genitals.The purpose of using the drug becomes the prevention of septic complications.In spite of the harmlessness and safety of this drug during pregnancy, it is not necessary to resort to self-medication.We select suitable schemes and dosages should only specialist who will take into account the peculiarities of pregnancy and the female body.