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Gurgling in the abdomen during pregnancy

Gurgling in the abdomen during pregnancy

sometimes quite unusual phenomena that accompany pregnancy, may not assume any dangerous consequences for the child.But we have to recognize that sometimes the opposite situation is possible when there is a change may indicate risks of normal pregnancy and child development.Among these phenomena can also rumbling Mark (gurgle) in the stomach, which feels a pregnant woman.We will try to find out more when the change becomes a cause for excitement and to see a doctor, and in what situations is completely harmless symptom.

Safe gurgling in the abdomen during pregnancy

Even when a woman before pregnancy do not have problems in the gastrointestinal tract, in the period of gestation of the child may appear quite new feelings - rumbling, bloating, gas formation, constipationand other characteristic problems.The reason for such phenomena in the life of a pregnant woman gets hormonal changes occurring during the period of gestation of the child in the early stages.However, it is likely the emergence of such

feelings, and at later stages of pregnancy.The reason for the changes in this case becomes a pressure on the intestine, which results in an increase in size of the uterus.The appearance of these symptoms may be exacerbated due to incorrect, power supply during pregnancy.One of the ways to get rid of the rumbling in his stomach gets out of consumption of sugary foods, strong tea, sugar substitutes, various sauces.Preferably frequent meals, but small portions.To get rid of the problem of doctors can be assigned, and special exercises, a positive effect on intestinal motility.

Gurgling in the abdomen during pregnancy in some cases may indicate a violation of intestinal microflora - dysbacteriosis.When this is the pathogenic microflora, the problem is accompanied by rumbling and bloating.Changes in appearance may be accompanied by pain in the navel.In this situation, a woman forced to consult a gastroenterologist, who appoints the inspection at the gastroenterologist.That gastroenterologist to decide on the most appropriate treatment option.Practice proves that the stomach gurgling in case we are considering is not hazardous to the child's condition.

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Gurgling in the abdomen during pregnancy may indicate polyhydramnios

But the reason gurgling in the abdomen can be a serious problem - polyhydramnios.Hydramnion during pregnancy is considered pathology, when the water level is higher than normal.In particular, the volume of amniotic fluid for 10 weeks is about 30 ml., But during the 14 weeks increased to 100 ml.If you exceed the norm by the number of amniotic fluid of pregnant women feeling will include not only the gurgling, but also the feelings of pain and heaviness in the stomach, weakness, malaise in the body.When polyhydramnios may appear rough stretch marks on the abdomen.Gurgling in the abdomen when polyhydramnios has been called "fluctuations".Experts identify acute and chronic polyhydramnios.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that this pathology can lead to very dire consequences.In a third of cases, the diagnosis leads to miscarriage.According to statistics, polyhydramnios in 36% of pregnant women accompanied by severe vomiting, which is a consequence of dehydration.Polyhydramnios sometimes leads to fetal hypoxia, placental insufficiency, defects of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system of the fetus.In 38% of cases resulting in polyhydramnios profuse bleeding in 5-20% - gestosis.

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How to treat the problem of polyhydramnios during pregnancy?

doctor can talk about polyhydramnios only on the results of a special ultrasound.In identifying this disease for pregnant women need constant monitoring by a doctor at the hospital.In the absence of signs of pronounced disorders of respiration and circulation, doctors have the possibility to maintain pregnancy.Otherwise require early delivery, given the high risks to the pregnant woman.

course necessary treatment a woman will take place after the detection of the exact causes of the problem polyhydramnios.For general therapy involves antibiotics, vitamin supplements and diuretics.With a weak labor specialist begins treatment, according to the diagnosis.Sometimes a woman may be required intensive care.Women during pregnancy should take into account that determined the cause of the gurgling should only doctor.Only when determining the cause of the right can be effectively and safely treated.

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