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The bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy

The bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many changes and entirely new experiences in the life of every woman.Including to face with the emergence of discomfort, pain, toxemia, and various prohibitions and restrictions on already familiar things.In particular, it will have to give up sleeping on your stomach, you will need to make dramatic changes in their usual life.Often a sign of pregnancy is the appearance of bitterness in the mouth and heartburn.This bitter taste in the mouth assumes certain causes and possible remedies.We give this issue special attention, sorting out the possible causes and appropriate measures to remedy the situation effectively.

Causes of bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy

Initially should identify possible causes of bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy.In most cases the bitter taste characteristic of the third trimester of pregnancy.The reason for this can explain the increase in the size of the baby in the womb.During pregnancy increases the sensitivity of the female body, there is a

worsening of the taste buds - all this too will provoke bitter taste in the mouth.Quite often a bitter taste in the mouth cause changes in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the general hormonal changes the body.These two causes are interconnected given relaxation under the action of progesterone uterine muscle and the valve between the esophagus and the stomach.Consequently, in the esophagus it is acid, a slowing of the digestion process.

Remedy bitter taste in the mouth during pregnancy

Immediately it should be noted that that appears to get rid of the bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy is unlikely.Although it is possible to resort to some methods that allow you to relieve their condition.First of all, you should pay attention to the daily diet.

First of all, in your diet is necessary to give up certain foods that can trigger esophageal sphincter relaxation.Among these products should be noted strong tea and coffee, also need to give up spices, chocolate, fatty, spicy and fried food.It is better to stick to a fractional power - eating more often but in small portions.It should not be anything to wash down the food.You also need to give up the foods, the effect of which increases the acidity of the stomach.Immediately after a meal should not lie down - preferably more to be outdoors.Rest after eating can only 1-2 hours after a meal, it is recommended to put a pillow under your back.This posture implies elevated upper torso that will prevent acid from entering the esophagus.

can also alleviate their condition, if an alternative to coffee and tea prefer to use herbal infusions and decoctions.In the case of bitterness can recommend chewing gum.Under its effect is an increase in saliva - saliva will help to neutralize the acid.It should seek the advice of the attending gynecologist, who can individually select and recommend a proven, effective means of eliminating the bitterness in the mouth.

means to get rid of the bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy because of traditional medicine

Traditional medicine has a large arsenal against bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy.But we should not resort to experiment on their own to fight the bitterness in the mouth - Contrary to popular belief, not all herbs are acceptable during childbearing.In particular, contribute to get rid of bitterness in the mouth is the consumption of juices.For the preparation of the juice we need 200 gr.carrots, 60 g.parsley and 150 gr.celery.For the preparation of these products to be thoroughly cleaned, then they begin to squeeze out the juice.The output will turn a small amount of juice, but it is recommended to drink 3 times a day.When the consumption of the drink every day, he will perform a preventive function against the emergence of bitterness in the mouth.Some women during pregnancy, this juice is prepared in advance, store it in the refrigerator.Further, when the bitterness in his mouth drink small amounts.Get rid of the bitter taste in some women during pregnancy allows the water with a little soda.

Bitterness in the mouth when beremennosti.jpg Others argue that getting rid of bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy contributed to the potato juice, it is also useful to chew the roots of sweet flag.Yet experts before using any traditional medicine strongly recommend to clarify the relevant issues at the attending physician.He can individually define permissible and quite safe means.

also important preventive agent against bitter taste in the mouth is to choose for themselves loose clothing.If the clothing will squeeze the stomach, it may lead to the formation of bitterness in the mouth.It is hardly necessary to remind once again about the dangers of smoking, the negative impact of this habit on the state and development of the fetus - a fact which is known to every woman.However, not everyone at the same time aware of the probability of occurrence of bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy is because of their nicotine addiction.Summarizing the article, we can say with confidence - bitterness in the mouth during pregnancy leads to greater discomfort and discomfort than to specific hazards.Pregnant women should always be patient - it will gain and suffer without stress and worry for their child, despite the discomfort and other emerging complexity.