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Bromhexine during pregnancy

Bromhexine during pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a special, very important period in the life of every woman.She brings to the habitual way of life completely new rules, restrictions and recommendations that must be taken into account each woman during pregnancy.However, this change is not limited to - the body needs more energy to create the ideal conditions for the development of the child.As a result, with the onset of pregnancy is a weakening of immunity the pregnant woman.During childbearing female body is more susceptible to various diseases and infections.Necessary to effectively address the problem - in fact in this period the woman is responsible not only for himself but also for the state and development of the unborn child.Therefore, approach the issue of the selection of appropriate drugs must be very carefully, responsibly and carefully.Various medications that were previously freely used by women with the onset of pregnancy may be at risk.In our article we will focus attention on the use during pregnancy is one of the

most common drugs.Let's talk about the views of experts on the use of bromhexine - on possible recommendations, appointments, contraindications and limitations.

Composition and receive instruction during pregnancy Bromhexinum

Bromhexine is effective mucolytic drug.Its use is quite common in the case of colds, coughs, chronic or acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia or other illnesses bronholegichnyh species.Bromhexine due to the peculiarities of their structure and the formula provides an effective expectorant action in the case of formation of phlegm.Therefore, has become quite popular in treating diseases, we reviewed.In the structure in any form of drug release contains hydrochloride.However, depending on the form of preparation, its composition may be added, and other active chemical components.Therefore, the use of other tablets need to discuss their interaction with Bromhexinum directly with your physician.It should also take into account the categorical ban on the use of bromhexine with alkaline solutions.Help to strengthen the effect of the funds will be drugs or tea with mint and eucalyptus.Bromhexine pharmaceutical market today available in various forms - dragees, tablets of different dosages, an elixir, medicine, syrup, inhalable solutions or drops.

Contraindications for use during pregnancy Bromhexinum

Note that Bromhexine any form requires certain contraindications for use during pregnancy.Prescribed the drug during pregnancy can only be on the condition that the potential benefits of its use will likely exceed the risks for the child.But assess all relevant risks should be exclusively specialist.All this suggests the need to complete the survey and specialist advice before prescribing this drug.It is strictly forbidden to resort to self-medication, self-determining the dosage of the drug.Since this drug may otherwise cause certain side effects, including excessive sweating, education rash on the body, headache, cough, nausea and other phenomena.Among contraindications to the use of bromhexine should note the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Possible alternatives Bromhexinum use during pregnancy

Summarizing this article, it should be emphasized - to effectively treat cough during pregnancy can pick up no less effective, but safer drugs.Among these tools is possible to note the use of various homeopathic medicines, are also not forget about the use of effective traditional medicine.But in this case, it is forbidden to resort to self-medication.At the slightest sign of a cold is necessary to inform the doctor, with him to identify the most suitable and safe treatments, including the use of traditional medicine.Therefore, we strongly recommend to consult on this matter with your doctor, not only resorting to the advice of friends.After a drug that helped her friends, it can adversely affect your health, taking into account the individuality of each organism.Women have to take responsibility not only for themselves but also for the state and development of the unborn child.Therefore, the use of drugs during pregnancy requires the most responsible and competent approach.

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