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Inderal during pregnancy

Inderal during pregnancy

Pregnancy is particularly happy period in a woman's life, bringing new color and hope in ordinary life.However, along with the happy moments of pregnancy brings to life every woman are certain rules and restrictions that must take into account, including in relation to drug use.Pregnancy is almost always accompanied by a variety of pain, discomfort, previously unknown to the woman states.Pregnancy is associated with reduced immunity, which often triggers the onset and development of certain diseases.But even in the event of a disease it should be treated with extreme caution, considering pregnancy, be careful and responsible approach to the choice of drugs.Because many of today's drugs are prohibited for use during pregnancy.In his article, we will find out whether this category Inderal, what are the rules, guidelines and limitations on its use by pregnant women.

About preparation and principle of Inderal

Note that Anaprilin among the five most common drugs in the case of vegetative-vascular dyston

ia.As a rule, receiving propranolol is provided in the event of a panic attack and fear.After preparation itself differs quite acceptable and cost-effective action, contributing to the rapid get rid of anxiety, lowering blood pressure and reducing the heart rate.Yet about the absolute safety of the drug, however.The active ingredient of the drug is propranolol.Anaprilin included in the group of beta-blockers - its action is aimed at blocking beta-adrenergic receptors of various organs.These receptors are located in the connections between nerve fibers and bodies.Their reaction to the excitement gets the adrenaline - the hormone of fear.As a result of excitation increases production of the hormone.At high levels of adrenaline in the blood and having panic attacks.Consequently, we can talk about a chain reaction in the case of fear and release the hormone adrenaline.

Under the influence of the drug Inderal beta adrenergic receptors become insensitive to the action of epinephrine.As a result of fear or excitement still provokes the production of relatively large amounts of adrenaline in the body, but still he is not able to act, given the obstacle in the form of the drug Inderal.It is based on this principle sedative effect of the drug, taking a probable panic.

But still Inderal is not classified as psychotropic drugs or sedatives.The action of adrenaline on the body in the case of vegetative-vascular dystonia must be very quickly neutralized.There is a fairly rapid absorption of propranolol in the human body, starting to operate after 3-5 minutes if the drug is put under the tongue.The maximal effect of the drug is achieved after 1-1.5 hours after using, the action of the drug for up to five hours.The drug is available commercially in the form of tablets of 40 and 10 mg.

The main effect of Inderal is aimed at lowering heart rate, reducing blood pressure, reducing the conduction of nerve impulses and the need heart of oxygen.

Side effects and contraindications to the use of propranolol

to this drug is characterized some side effects.Among other things, under the action of the drug is decreased blood sugar, increased motility of the gastrointestinal tract, increased uterine muscle contractile properties.Also, the action of the drug will provoke the appearance of a spasm of peripheral vessels, too slow response reaktsii.Ne be forgotten as some contraindications to the use of propranolol.Among the contraindications to this drug should be noted decreased intracardiac conduction, bradycardia, heart failure and hypotension.In the case of heart disease human action Inderal may even lead to pulmonary edema.

not be received propranolol in the case of diabetes and asthma, because the action of this drug in this case may trigger a threat of hypoglycemic coma.Operates a categorical ban on Anaprilin during operation, in which you need to focus - including driving public transport and so forth.

Instructions for use Inderal during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the use of Inderal is only possible by appointment physician providedhis personal control.Pregnant women need to understand that the product contains the active ingredient propranolol - can provoke the development of fetal hypoxia.Effect of the drug helps to reduce pressure with a slow heart beat.A similar effect can lead to negative impacts for most fruit.However, in the event that a pregnant hypertension syndrome are at high risk of brain disorders.In this case, it will have to compare the benefits of using the drug for a pregnant woman and the possible risks for the child.Therein lies the danger and difficulty of choosing.Also, there is a prohibition on the use of propranolol during breastfeeding.Summarizing the article, we can talk about the risks of using Inderal while pregnant - so resort to self-medication with his admission expectant mothers is strictly prohibited.

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