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Bartolini during pregnancy

Bartolini during pregnancy

women during pregnancy is necessary to get acquainted with many new phenomena and medical requirements.Among these medical terms, which a woman finds out during pregnancy, it should be noted, and Bartolini.In his article, we will look at more features of this disease, let's talk about the possible causes of its appearance, symptoms and recommendations for treatment.

More about Bartolini during pregnancy

It should be noted the presence in the vestibule Bartholin gland.In medical terminology, there is a concept bartholinitis - purulent inflammation of the prostate gland.Among the reasons for the emergence and development bartholinitis experts noted the flow of certain infections: gonorrhea, E. coli, Staphylococcus and others.Also can provoke bartholinitis and lack of hygiene of female genitals, decreased immunity, bacteria overgrowth vaginal and sexually transmitted diseases.When the flow of infectious bacteria through the Bartholin gland it is the development of the inflammatory process.This situati

on leads to the accumulation of pus no "exit" out.This situation leads to the appearance of inflammatory "pouch."The threat that such a "sack" may at any time break.

surgical interventions in bartholinitis there is a danger of spreading germs, not only in the pelvic organs, but also throughout the body. Therefore, the appearance of the disease can lead and abortion.

Symptoms of pregnancy during bartholinitis

deserve special attention signs bartholinitis appearance during pregnancy.Now it should be noted that the symptoms of the disease can vary.They depend on the characteristics of the organism and the degree of neglect of the disease.Among the most characteristic features should be noted redness of the skin of small labia in the area of ​​Bartholin gland.Also, there is a seal tissues, leading to pain on palpation.Walking thus provokes strengthening of pain and discomfort.Manifestation "local" on the background of signs of possible weakness, deterioration of health, lethargy, increased body temperature.

bartholinitis use during pregnancy

Immediately it should be said that any illness during pregnancy deserves special attention.After all, the effects of the disease can manifest itself not only for the state of the woman herself, but also pregnancy and child development.In most cases, female genital disease caused by the current state of the immune system.It is known that pregnancy leads to a reduction of immunity women.Accordingly, the probability of occurrence of infectious diseases in pregnant women, including bartholinitis.This disease is quite specific and unpleasant, and during pregnancy it becomes really dangerous.

Since the possible spread of infection through the fetal bladder, or blood in the amniotic fluid, and then to the fetus.As a result, there is a risk of spontaneous abortion in the pregnancy up to 22 weeks, for a longer period there is a risk of premature birth.Also, infection in the womb of a pregnant woman can cause a delay in the development and growth of the fetus, signs of infection unborn child.Symptoms may manifest in the form of eye disease or intrauterine pneumonia.There is also the risk of exposure to the pathogen bartholinitis mochevyvoditelnuyu system, causing pyelonephritis.

When the disease in the third trimester of pregnancy, is closer to the upcoming birth, there is a risk of invading the infection to the baby directly in the process of childbirth.As a result, there is a risk of lung, eyes and other organs of the child's body.

How to treat bartholinitis pregnancy

Given the potential consequences for the child as a result of bartholinitis, is unlikely to once again talk about the importance of treating this problem.Pregnant women should be as soon as possible consult your doctor.Some pregnant women are afraid to seek help of a doctor in the case of illness, fear of treatment with antibiotics.It should be noted that for treatment of the disease during pregnancy used antibacterial therapy treatment of inflamed sites anesthesia.At the disposal of modern medicine are many antibiotics that have proven safety of use in pregnant women.

If necessary, the gynecologist appoints the use of these drugs.P When available bartholinitis before pregnancy, when she was a cyst, especially difficulty in its removal does not arise. provided for this purpose rather fast execution cyst removal operation through the implementation of a small incision under local anesthesia.Usually after surgery remains a small seam.

If bartholinitis during pregnancy was complicated by sexually transmitted diseases, the decision on continuation of the pregnancy will be considered individually, taking into account the complexity of the disease.To avoid force majeure factors during pregnancy, including infection, be sure to follow your doctor's instructions to control the condition of the body at the first danger signs an urgent need to consult a gynecologist.

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