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Gaviscon during pregnancy

Gaviscon during pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a special period in the life of every woman, bringing a new sensation, and drastic changes of the organism, hormonal levels.We have to recognize that in most cases change with the onset of pregnancy is hardly necessary to consider enjoyable.Among these changes should be noted and the appearance of heartburn.Needless to once again remind you to some discomfort and results in the appearance of heartburn problems.

Moreover, if the earlier women knew how to effectively deal with heartburn appeared, then with the onset of pregnancy, the use of many drugs is strictly prohibited or restricted.Therefore, the appropriate rate may be appointed only physician, who will supervise the treatment.

include fairly common means to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy experts pay attention to Gaviscon.In his article, we will try to understand the peculiarities of the drug, the rules and guidelines for its use, possible limitations and differences in comparison with other common counterparts to elimi

nate heartburn.

Instructions for receiving Gaviscon during pregnancy

action Gaviscon Based on the properties of sodium, potassium, and baking soda.In its composition active drug comprises aspartame, macrogol, natural flavors, acesulfame potassium.They play a supporting role by providing preparation for the appropriate physical properties.At the same time during pregnancy is not valid constant reception Gaviscon.

The instructions given to the preparation of the recommendation on the use of after each reception meals and at bedtime, but still support the pregnant woman - Gaviscon has a rather swift action if you use this medication in periods of acute heartburn.Current components of this drug when swallowed begin to interact with the gastric juice, the result is a specific gel with softening effect, removing burning in contact with stomach acid to the esophagus wall.

Pharmacological properties and indications for Gaviscon in pregnancy

For internal use Gaviscon is a rapid reaction with acidic stomach contents person.Wherein the gel is formed of alginate, which is characterized by a substantially neutral pH.Under the effect of the gel on the surface of the gastric contents formed a protective barrier, suggesting prevention of gastroesophageal reflux.When regurtatsii gel into the esophagus, where there is a reduction of irritation of the mucosa.Gaviscon mechanism of action is based on the physical process, which does not affect the absorption into the systemic circulation.Among the indications for use of the drug should be noted the symptomatic treatment of dyspepsia, which is associated with astroezofagealnym reflux (acid regurgitation, heartburn) and the increased acidity of gastric juice, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after a meal, including during pregnancy.

Article topic: severity of the stomach during pregnancy

course and dosage Gaviscon during pregnancy

Appointed Gaviscon use during pregnancy inside, keeping the dosage of 5-10 ml.The instructions to the drug indicated - should take Gaviscon after each reception of food or at bedtime.The maximum daily dosage of the drug may make up to 40 ml.When using packaged Eviskona before opening the bag need to stretch - for mixing the components of the drug.

physician must come to the appointment of Gaviscon individually, necessarily taking into account the general condition of women.In particular, women who adhere to a special diet because of kidney problems, heart failure, a different approach is required.You will also need individual adjustment of the drug in the case of other diseases of the female body, which resulted in violations of metabolic processes.Consequently, we can speak with confidence about the impossibility of self-treatment with this drug, based only on information on the Internet and recommendations of their friends.In any case, the view of the relevance of this drug regimen prescribed, dosage and course of treatment should be determined only by the attending physician.

Gaviscon interaction and co-administration of other drugs

use Gaviscon gained considerable popularity among pregnant women, taking into account the safety of fetal development, excluding the negative impact on the overall pregnancy.Since no components are absorbed into the bloodstream.At the same time, you can safely take this medication along with other means.Gaviscon is combined with other drugs.The only contraindication to its use - idiosyncrasy of certain components of the drug.As a result of such intolerance can be allergic reactions and rashes on the skin.

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comparing Rennie and Gaviscon use during pregnancy

Renni.jpg women during pregnancy often quite naturally wonder about the permissible drugs while carrying a child.Including the common question of the admissibility Gaviscon analogues during pregnancy, to get rid of heartburn.By its pharmacological purpose similar to Gaviscon Rennie.This Gaviscon included in the category of alginates - components of these drugs will form a gel in the protection of the stomach.Gaviscon duration of action compared to Rennie is 4 hours after administration.The course of treatment with the drug should not be longer than 7 days.Dosage Gaviscon day is limited to two to four pills for Rennie dosage - 1-2 tablets.If you achieve the desired effect using Rennie fails, you can recommend the intake of another pill.In this case both involve the same drug contraindications for use.

recommended avoiding the use of Rennie when elevated levels of calcium in the blood, kidney failure, sensitivity to components of the medication.Many pregnant women are divided on the recommendations of this facility in the discussion forums.Some preferable Gaviscon, others place rave reviews about Rennie.Therefore it is difficult to talk about the comparison of these drugs, which one will be better - often it will not be able to judge even doctor.

Article topic: heaviness in the abdomen during pregnancy

Can I use Gaviscon during pregnancy?

To understand the possibility of receiving Gaviscon during pregnancy to avoid heartburn, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of action - it is a bit different from the standard antacids.Addition of sodium hydrogen carbonate Gaviscon in its composition also comprises sodium alginate.Active component in the reaction with the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice will form a gel - it coats the gastric mucosa for the resistance against the harmful effects of gastric period.

Among other things, when casting the stomach contents into the esophagus, the gel will outpace gastric contents covering the esophageal mucosa, and for providing a protection against acid attack.The composition of the preparation contains active substances which are practically not absorbed gastrointestinal tract, without causing systemic effects for the organism.There absorption of auxiliary substances in the blood, so the use of this drug certainly need control of laboratory analyzes in patients with severely impaired in kidney stone disease, severe heart disease.However, it should be understood that these diseases are almost always directly contraindications for pregnancy.

Thus, it is possible to eliminate the reception Gaviscon heartburn.Note that this is a fairly new and modern medication.So no need to worry in the case of use of this drug by the attending physician.The cost of medication (during pregnancy is often an important factor) is in the range of 150-300 rubles - the price effect in the amount of packaging and the form of the drug.

Among the features of the antacid should be noted long-term (about four hours), high efficiency, confirmation of its safety during pregnancy as a result of special investigations.In most cases the responses of experts and pregnant women are positive about it, although we will not rule out the factor of personality.

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