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Djufaston the threat of miscarriage

Djufaston the threat of miscarriage

Djufaston the threat of miscarriage

A frightening diagnosis for pregnant women becomes the "threat of spontaneous abortion."But an experienced doctor hastened to reassure the woman and determine the preferred treatment.One of the most popular drugs during the early periods called djufaston.It is a drug proven and effective action and relatively safe during pregnancy.

Operating principle duphaston during pregnancy

Pregnancy involves significant changes in hormonal levels of women, especially during the first 12 weeks.The ovaries of pregnant women provide enhanced production of the hormone progesterone.Progesterone is also often called the pregnancy hormone, having extremely important in child-bearing.The effect of this hormone helps to relax the uterus, without the risk of miscarriage.

Duphaston is a synthetic analogue of progesterone, providing appropriate effect to the pregnant body.Djufaston comes in tablet form.The definite advantage, since not so long ago had to work hard progesterone intram

uscular route.Many pregnant women frightened by the prospect of administration of injections with an oily solution - the procedure was accompanied by noticeable symptoms.

Appointed application duphaston at risk of miscarriage.You can use tools in the treatment of infertility, endometriosis, and uterine bleeding to stop.Appointment duphaston usually provided during the first trimester of pregnancy.Although the examples are possible appointment of the drug during the second trimester to produce effective results.

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Dosage and Administration duphaston pregnancy

Any medications during pregnancy may be taken only on doctor's prescription.It is not necessary to resort to self-medication, based on the information on the Internet.After all, a woman is not able to independently determine the correct diagnosis.Self-medication can lead to more harm to the pregnancy and the fetus than the problem itself.

optimal dose duphaston appointed strictly individually.When a dosage is taken into account the woman's condition, revealed the presence of hormonal disorders.With the threat of miscarriage in most cases, the doctor prescribes a similar scheme: 40 mg once duphaston for the first dose, and then three times with 10 mg.per day (about every 8 h.).

take the drug for the full rate to the disappearance of existing threats.After normalization of the state and the disappearance of threatened abortion, defined as the "maintenance" dose.When the threat of re-assumed resumption of treatment in a similar way.

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Side effects and contraindications in pregnancy duphaston

We have to assume that the Duphaston, like many other drugs, can not be considered completely innocuous drugs.His action does not lead to serious consequences on the fetus, but can involve side effects for most women.Therefore, carefully to the instructions of any drug, especially knowing use.It is important to consult a qualified and experienced doctor.

Among the possible side effects should be noted the emergence of constipation, pyelonephritis, a hemorrhoids.The cause of the side effects becomes suppression of motor activity of smooth muscles of intestines and urinary tract.When using duphaston during pregnancy may cause headaches slack.But the appearance of these symptoms does not need to abandon the preparation.

When to use background duphaston signs of jaundice (including provoking disturbances in the functioning of the liver), severe pain in the right upper quadrant, it is assumed the abolition of the use of the drug.If the pregnancy has already been transferred jaundice occurs contraindication to the use of duphaston.Experts will decide on the preferred adequate substitute, which can become utrozhestan.

Doctors are of the opinion that djufaston involves quite mild effect without causing consequences for the child.Do not worry about the negative effects of male pattern to female children.It is used for the production of duphaston not male sex hormones, and most of the drugs, suggesting a similar effect.

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