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Basal temperature for missed abortion

Basal temperature for missed abortion

During pregnancy, the female body undergoes a lot of really specific changes, including the notes and the basal temperature.Women often precisely determine changes in basal body temperature pregnancy even before the delay.But during pregnancy, during the first trimester, basal temperature may be important - it was during this period often occurs fading of the fetus, there is a risk of miscarriage.Thanks to the knowledge of the normal values ​​of basal body temperature and performance in case of deviations, a woman can control the situation, if necessary, seeking the advice of your doctor.In this article we will try to understand how the basal temperature in the case of pregnancy pathologies and fading.

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signs of fading pregnancy

Many women know that pregnancy increases the basal body temperature.At this elevated temperature is maintained for a sufficiently long period.Many women seeking as quickly as possible to determine pregnancy, lead measuremen

t schedule your basal body temperature.Although today the availability of more convenient options for monitoring the development or lack of development of their fetus.Therefore, we consider in the article is not only a change in basal body temperature, and other signs of fading, trouble pregnancy.

After two or three weeks pregnant women in most cases, begin to notice some changes in your body.First of all, pregnancy is defined by the absence of menstruation, the appearance of toxicity.At times in this period, pregnant women experience breast pain, swelling their notices, the increase in size, pigmentation of nipples.Over time, the woman is already accustomed to such changes.If they begin to disappear suddenly or gradually, standing guard.Women should pay special attention to the sudden withdrawal of toxicity, breast tenderness.When the disappearance of these signs of pregnancy is accompanied by vaginal discharge red-brown color, it is safe to talk about the problems of pregnancy.

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Basal Temperature missed abortion

After pregnancy basal temperature increase, remaining at that level for a developing pregnancy.Normally, the basal temperature will remain elevated throughout the pregnancy.

Reduced basal body temperature less than 37 degrees is a secondary sign anembrionii (fading of the fetus).There is a decrease in basal body temperature to a level that was even before pregnancy - 36,7-36,9 degrees.However, immediately say, that sometimes the cause of such indicators could be errors thermometer incorrect measurement of basal body temperature.

also add that such a rule presupposes certain exceptions.Basal body temperature in rare cases can be above 37 degrees and in the case of anembrionii.Therefore, it is impossible to speak of the absolute certainty of the normal (physiological) pregnancy only in terms of basal body temperature without additional research.

consequence of developing pregnancy can become a miscarriage, given the contraction of the uterus, peel the ovum, which goes from the vagina painful bleeding.However, missed abortion often may not lead to a miscarriage.Therefore, it is important not to lose such a valuable time and promptly seek help physician.

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Diagnostic tools missed abortion

stop its attention to various medical techniques that identify missed abortion at any stage:

  • urinalysis or blood levelhCG.If anembrionii content hormone human chorionic gonadotropin is reduced compared to the flow of a normal pregnancy.Laboratory analysis or appropriate test reveals missed abortion.

  • ultrasound.Ultrasonography allows the technician to identify the absence of heartbeat of the fetus to judge the occurrence of anembrionii.

  • Gynecological examination.On palpation specialist revealed discrepancy between the size of the uterus current term of pregnancy.Symptom missed abortion - the absence of the baby's heart as a result of listening to the doctor.

woman be sure to follow the recommendations in the missed abortion gynecologist, jointly with him is already planning the next birth, do not worry and panic.According to medical statistics, the possibility of a successful pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby after missed abortion.