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Ambrobene during pregnancy

Ambrobene during pregnancy

Hardly anyone was surprised by the fact decrease immunity and hormonal fundamental restructuring of the female body with the onset of pregnancy.As a result of these changes significantly reduced the female body protection against colds.Women during pregnancy has to face serious hormonal changes and the weakening of immunity, which makes a woman more susceptible to colds attack with characteristic symptoms of runny nose, cough and other symptoms.But pregnancy brings many prohibitions and restrictions on the daily lives of every woman, including account for the most responsible approach to the issue of the choice of drugs.For some drugs, which are widely used before pregnancy can be dangerous for the woman and fetus during gestation baby.Therefore, in any case it is necessary to abandon attempts to self - administered any drugs, their dosage and duration of the course should be solely by the attending physician.In our article we will focus attention on the use of the drug during pregnancy Ambrobene by d

etermining the safety of its reception in the child-bearing.

Is Ambrobene intake during pregnancy

should immediately direct answer to the main question - the use of this drug during pregnancy is permitted, if the physician has decided the appointment of agents.But still it is not recommended to use Ambrobene during the first trimester of gestation of the child.It should also be noted that the main active component in the composition of the drug - Ambroxol, is an analogue of bromhexine.This component is included in the category mucolytics and expectorants affecting mucus secretion in the airways.

Ambrobene is an effective and popular drug that is appointed in the case of respiratory diseases pregnant women, especially for violations of Education and sputum.The results of the study were not identified negative effects of this drug for the condition of the fetus.Therefore, it is relatively safe to use it during pregnancy.It should also be added that the effect of the drug Ambrobene does not lead to the development of certain abnormalities in the fetus, reduces the viscosity of mucus, allowing it to display from the respiratory tract.Also Ambrobene action helps stimulate the activity of cells that produce a liquid component of airway secretions - promoting liquefaction of sputum.Select the appropriate method of use of the drug directly to the pregnant woman.Including can use the drug in the form of syrup, tablets or inhalations.

Indications and contraindications to the use of Ambrobene

Among the indications for use of the drug should be noted Ambrobene cases of chronic and acute bronchitis, bronchiectasis, asthma and pneumonia.Particular attention should be paid and possible contraindications of the drug - a duodenal ulcer, stomach, convulsions, epilepsy, hypersensitivity to any components in the formulation.In all these cases, the use of prohibited use Ambrobene.

Ambrobene If you use extreme caution is also needed in the case of disorders and diseases of the kidneys and liver.In the presence of these diseases the doctor will individually approach to the selection of an appropriate dosage of the agent, based on the results of analyzes and particulars of the functions of these bodies.It is also to be understood that any form of the drug release, in particular syrup Ambrobene during pregnancy should be used only if supervised by a doctor, only for its intended purpose.We must also consider the undesirability of using this drug in the first third of pregnancy.

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Side effects of using Ambrobene

Among the possible side effects of this drug, we note the presence of allergic reactions, urticaria, rash, angioedema, sometimes anaphylactic shock, allergic contact dermatitis.Also effect of the drug can lead to other side effects, including a feeling of weakness, diarrhea, headache, dryness in the respiratory tract, the mouth, rash, constipation, runny nose, dysuria.

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At high dosage and duration of use of this drug may be manifestations of vomiting and nausea.If one of the above symptoms you must immediately cease to use the drug, to consult on this matter with your doctor.All the information given leads to the conclusion that it is a natural fairly high efficiency in the treatment of cough Ambrobene.This tool allowed to use during pregnancy, but only if it is prescribed by a doctor.Therefore, during pregnancy should never resort to self-medication - be sure to follow the recommendations of the Appointments and physician for assurance normal pregnancy without risks and complications during child-bearing and the upcoming birth.