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Gardnerella during pregnancy

Gardnerella during pregnancy

Gardnerella pregnancy

infections transmitted sexually, there is a truly impressive number.But even in such a vast list is impossible to find a harmless infection.There may be situations when certain about the existence of the woman becomes aware of the infection during pregnancy only after the testing in the antenatal clinic.Among these diseases may be bacterial vaginosis.Let's talk about details of the infection, how dangerous can be the impact for the body of women and children, that should be taken for the prevention and protection?

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy

Gardnerella is opportunistic pathogens.In fact, it is contained in the body of any woman, even healthy.However, this microorganism can occur always.With strong immunity, the number of gardnerelly in the microflora of the vagina remains scanty.An obstacle to "sprawl" gardnerelly lactobacilli are able to suppress infection.

But the low level of the reduction of lactic acid bacteria (the situation may be due to many ca

uses) there is multiplication of opportunistic pathogens, resulting in a disadvantage of a pregnant woman and some risk to the body.Statistics confirm the manifestation of bacterial vaginosis in 20-25% of pregnant women.

For early detection of vaginal dysbiosis (triggered by excess gardnerelly) need to understand the possible signs of bacterial vaginosis.First of all, the signs are to strong selection.Discharges have a periodicity in nature, greenish, white or grayish color.Characterized by a strong smell, reminiscent of the lost fish.

quite common, although there is not always, and itching of pregnant women in the crotch area.If you do not exclude sex, the problem may be accompanied by uncomfortable, painful sensations.But while maintaining "calm" mucosa - inflammation is not.

Article topic: Bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy

Causes bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy

Gardnerella, like all opportunistic flora of the body, becomes pathogenic when loosening the protective properties of the body.Immunosuppression with the onset of pregnancy is quite a natural process given the tremendous burden during this period.Special characteristic of the consequences of the hormonal system, resulting in a negative impact for the vaginal flora.

antibiotics during pregnancy can also lead to bacterial vaginosis.Douching may also provoke a reproduction of these microorganisms.Pregnant women should abandon hypothermia The risk of developing the disease.The emergence of bacterial vaginosis is typical for women to establish a special pessary to avoid premature disclosure of the uterine cervix.It is installed in the case of cervical incompetence, uterine cervix in insolvency, norovyaschie open, although still at too early a date for delivery.

gardnerelly risks during pregnancy

With timely action to be taken, especially dangerous during pregnancy gardnerella not.Experts believe that during pregnancy it does not involve a danger to the child.Nor will provoke the risk of miscarriage (but true for manifestations in the early stages).The placenta does not transmit these microorganisms, the symptoms disappear after delivery.

But when no appropriate measures have been taken, gardnerelly untreated during pregnancy, there may be some consequences.Yet it is an infection, which can provoke the risk of premature discharge of amniotic fluid before birth with the expected life.Advanced stages of bacterial vaginosis can lead to the risk of low birth weight babies.Unless adequate treatment, there is the probability of disease of the genitourinary and reproductive systems.If not taken medication after birth bacterial vaginosis can lead to endometritis (growth of endometriosis outside the uterine cavity).

gardnerelly treatment during pregnancy?

gardnerelly Treatment involves several stages.First of all, appointed antimicrobials for the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms.It is further assumed the appointment of a set of procedures for the normalization of the vaginal environment and recovery of lactic acid bacteria.Complementing becomes a special sour milk diet.

during the first trimester (before the 13th week) gardnerella can treat only vaginal suppositories.They do not lead to a strong exposure to emerging and developing fetus.Already during the second half of pregnancy is possible the use of drugs for systemic effects with an internal application.In the third trimester a list of medications can be supplemented by local medicines containing clindamycin.

If the symptoms are not eliminated for a month before delivery, can be assigned a special preparation for the upcoming delivery.When treating gardnerelly not supposed to use antibiotics.When pregnancy is necessary not only to get rid of gardnerelly how to reduce the number by getting rid of inflammation.

Prevention gardnerelly during pregnancy

To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, requires timely delivery of tests established by a physician.Enough informative result yields a smear on the microflora of the vagina, timely signaling the need for urgent action.The importance given to and strengthen immunity.To promote the improvement of health will be a good rest, sleep, moderate exercise, high-quality diet.Supplement your diet with vitamin complexes for pregnant women - they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to enhance the protective properties of the body.

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