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Almagell in pregnancy

Almagell in pregnancy

Pregnancy leads to the emergence of entirely new, previously unknown to many women's feelings and signals your body.Including the first woman often faces the problem is heartburn during pregnancy.Typically, this problem faced by pregnant women during the second half of pregnancy, feeling some discomfort.In his article, we try to understand the possible causes of the problem, how to resolve heartburn and benefits Almagelum for optimal results without affecting the body of the pregnant woman and the child's condition.

Possible causes heartburn during pregnancy

widely believed that heartburn during pregnancy due to the appearance of hair on the baby's head.However, gastroenterologists in this regard, think otherwise.They note the following mechanism of occurrence of heartburn during pregnancy - hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice after a meal thrown into the esophagus, which is why there is a feeling and discomfort.

Throw possible for two reasons:

  • child grows, increase the size of the uterus

    , it begins to move up, because of what presses on the stomach.There is a decrease in the volume of the stomach, part of the food will be thrown up into the esophagus.

  • Pregnancy is accompanied by increased levels of progesterone, which leads to a weakening of the muscles, including the sphincter (prevratnik stomach).

food at normal voltage sphincter will not flow back from the stomach.When relaxation of the sphincter of such a possibility arises.

Article topic: Heartburn during pregnancy

What can be done to deal with heartburn during pregnancy

To prevent heartburn should follow a fractional power - eating more often, but sticking to smaller portions.As a result, be able to avoid feeling of fullness in the stomach.After the meal, in any case can not go to bed to avoid backflow of food from the stomach into the esophagus.After the meal we can recommend or like to sit for 20 minutes, which will reduce the deposition of calorie intake.It is also an excellent prevention of heartburn is to avoid the consumption of fried and fatty, acidic and spicy foods.When heartburn pregnant women should use preparations containing antacids, action is directed to the neutralization of hydrochloric acid.Among the most effective and safe drugs to be noted Almagell.

Appointed the drug for pregnant women to alleviate the condition of toxicity and symptoms of toxicity.But it should be taken into account - the duration of the course of treatment of the drug can not exceed three days.Among the possible side effects of this agent should be noted occurrence of constipation.Therefore, to abuse this tool is not necessary.

Forms release, indications and contraindications for use during pregnancy Almagelum

Almagell Available in gel form, contributing to the uniform distribution of the drug on the stomach.This principle allows to extend the validity of the drug used.Relief heartburn typically occurs after 5 minutes of use of the drug.Contraindications to the use of this medication - kidney disease, and individual sensitivity to component in Almagell.It should be noted that the general reviews on the use of this drug during pregnancy are quite positive.After receiving the effectiveness of this tool is proved by many generations of pregnant women.The components of this drug will not penetrate the blood - which gives an indication of the safety of use at low dosage to combat heartburn.Also, efficiency Almagelum confirmed and the results of medical research.

Note that Almagell attracts attention quite large list of different indications for use.Including the use of this drug is overdue in the case of heartburn caused by various factors, chronic and acute gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice, duodenal ulcer and gastric inflammatory diseases of the colon and small intestine, reflyus esophagitis, discomfort and pain in the abdomen for violationsin diet and consumption of coffee, alcohol, smoking.Almagelum should be abandoned in the case of severe kidney disorders, Alzheimer's disease, is also prohibited for children under the age of one month and people with hypersensitivity to the drug.Despite the prevalence and painful heartburn during pregnancy, preparation at child-bearing should be avoided.You should consult with your doctor - strictly following his appointment, for the assurance of safety for the pregnancy and the child's condition.

Instruction Almagelum during pregnancy

Note that for each drug is characterized by the use of specific recommendations.Almagell during pregnancy ingested.Bottle of gel should be shaken before use.The medicine should be used for 1-2 teaspoons, half an hour before a meal, although you can use before bedtime.It is important to understand that for the effectiveness of this drug should not drink within an hour of using it.

After consumption of the drug is recommended to lie down - to enhance envelop properties Almagell.You also need to understand - using this tool, you need to stop breast-feeding.The reason is not enough study of the impact of the drug on breast milk and baby.

experts pay attention to high efficiency Almagelum to get rid of the problem of heartburn.Although the drug must be administered individually by the attending physician, who determines the appropriate dosage and duration of treatment course.

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