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Early and late toxicosis during pregnancy

Early and late toxicosis during pregnancy

What is morning sickness?

toxicosis (sickness in early pregnancy) - quite strange phenomenon on account of which there are many different opinions of scientists.With our tips you will be able to improve its internal state.

Some experts say that morning sickness in early pregnancy occurs due to the "riot" hormones.It is believed that this hormonal predisposition.Some doctors refer to digestive diseases, as during pregnancy, they can escalate.Another theory is the reaction of women on the immunity of the child, because when toxemia with vomiting from the body toxins.

All these views coincide on one thing: toxemia entails psychological underpinnings.Nausea - one of the essential symptoms of pregnancy.It has a property to suppress emotions or prevent their occurrence, but they do not disappear without a trace, and it must somehow manifest.Vomiting - a physical release from mental disorders.Perhaps you are not ready to become a mother.But with the birth of your baby you will easily cope with this proble

m, because your life is sure to be filled with bright colors.

Article topic: toxicosis in pregnancy: what to do when

begins (as last) morning sickness during pregnancy?

mainly nausea and vomiting observed on the fifth and sixth week of pregnancy, and are enhanced for the ninth stop on shestnadtsatoy- eighteenth week.However, 15-20 percent of pregnant this symptom can chase up to the third trimester, and at five percent, he does not stop until the birth itself.Despite this, after pregnancy this phenomenon is completely passed.

toxicosis symptoms usually are weakness, vomiting and nausea.Some women have them only in the mornings, while others may continue throughout the day.Women who suffer from motion sickness, especially in this period is difficult to move around in transport.

At the same time begin to change the taste preferences: favorite food may now seem disgusting, but what you thought was tasteless, could you please.People close to you will notice that you become more moody and nervous.

There are times when morning sickness is manifested as seizures, legs, arms, face, or itching and sometimes suffocation.

Article topic: Early morning sickness in pregnant

Causes toxicity

The best way to protect yourself from a psychological sickness - it does not prevent the situation in which you are.It is necessary to thoroughly look into their feelings.Pregnancy dramatically changes a woman's life, and it is quite normal that she is not only a delight.

Sometimes, of course, you will be assailed by doubts.But such feelings are often unresolved problems.Only after you are aware of them, you stop morning sickness.

  • relationship with the future father.You do not expect as favorite react to the news (especially if you do not plan)?Worried that he was not ready to become a dad?Do not worry, because you knowingly chose this man.Tell him about your feelings and experiences.Your mate should feel their involvement in the event.This will undoubtedly bring you closer.

  • new lifestyle.First of all you have to give up smoking and alcohol.Naturally, from extreme sports, too.First you will be unusual, but then it will become the norm for you.Well, if even after a baby you maintain a healthy lifestyle.But in any case it is a positive impact on you.

  • Finance.There is a well-known and proven the saying "God gave the child - and give a child."You must learn how to distribute the budget sparingly.The future father, while you are pregnant, may apply for the two works, and after the baby is born, you can earn not excommunicated from the baby.And help comes from relatives.In general, you will overcome all!

  • Career and beauty.Your job is to suspend.But soon the time will pass.Many employers prefer to hire women who already have children, because these women are more organized and disciplined.The woman who gave birth to - not always exhausted and needs rest.Try to wear fashionable clothes and engaged in gymnastics.

  • guilt.Malaise that occurs early in pregnancy, explained.It is quite normal that you no longer want to sleep or lie down.But you already know clearly that the pregnancy - is not a disease.And in this case to justify its status, you begin to feel sick.

  • Women's Issues.If your experiences have been previous failed pregnancies, then the psychological level you are afraid that this will be repeated.You must forget the past and to tune in to a positive result.If you follow our advice, you will be a wonderful mother.

  • stereotypes.The human brain - a kind of bio-computer that receives all the information literally.And so if you are sure that the nausea in the morning - is an essential symptom of pregnancy, then it really will haunt you.In this situation, the drug will be the time.As a rule, the third month of poor health is lost.

early toxicosis

appearance of toxicity suggests that your body is a very large amount of slag.It's not the most pleasant, but you can come to it from a philosophical point of view.And be sure to carry out a cleansing of the body.Of course, cleaning the body during pregnancy should not be abused.Much attention should be paid to your diet, it must be properly balanced, rational and more saturated with vitamins.From products such as confectionery and flour products, sugar, coffee, alcohol must be abandoned.

In attacks early toxicity may be doing yourself a mint water: it in boiling water, place the mint, a spoonful of honey and a slice of lemon and allow to stand for 5 minutes.When a situation where you need to go somewhere, take on the road with candies, dried fruits or nuts.Try to replace a trip to the transport walking.Toxins are perfectly displayed through the skin, so you can not limit yourself to the bath in the campaigns.

Article topic: reasons of toxicity during pregnancy

late toxicosis of pregnancy (morning sickness during the second half of pregnancy)

Basically toxicosis occurs only in the first trimester.Only in rare cases in the second trimester any normal foods can cause nausea and vomiting.At this stage of pregnancy complications such doctors described as "preeclampsia".When toxicosis second trimester there is edema, protein in the urine, increase in weight of about 400 grams per week, and high blood pressure.

The stronger the symptoms are, the worse it feels a pregnant woman.It is necessary for such symptoms to react in time.A woman who constantly visit the gynecologist to be aware of the initial stage of preeclampsia.The doctor will insist on treatment in the hospital.Treatment of preeclampsia occurs depending on its severity.Those skilled in the first prescribed pregnant lowering drugs pressure, improving microcirculation and blood flow stimulating renal function.

For some reason, there is preeclampsia?This usually occurs because of poor lifestyle choices.

  • girl abused salty foods?In this case, suffer kidney.During this period, should limit itself to the pickles.

  • If you do not give up the spicy, greasy and too sweet food, you are at risk to recover kilograms 10.

  • begin to accumulate excess fat and body shall be provided with his own blood.Because of this increased pressure, occur vasospasms, output necessary for the body material, increases the load on the lungs, heart and kidneys.

replacement When the body's end, he begins to select them in the future baby, and subsequently refuses to work.To avoid such a situation, you need a balanced diet and all recommendations of the doctor.If you have preeclampsia occurs, it does not mean that during these pregnancies, he will be present again.

toxicosis in the last stages of pregnancy can not be ignored.It is necessary to monitor your health.If you suddenly began to rapidly increase the weight appear edema, increased blood pressure or you have been with a baby rhesus conflict (it is possible to determine if the woman will pass a special blood test for the Rh factor, and it must be done not later than 7-8 weeks of gestation)you need to immediately contact a doctor.

Treatment of toxicosis during pregnancy

Even if the cause of toxicity - this disorder on a subconscious level, nausea, vomiting, and very real.And fight with them is also quite material.We'll tell you some ways to treat morning sickness during pregnancy.If you follow them, you will feel the result.The main thing - remember that everything depends on you.And the less you think about the bad, the better you will feel.

not have to get up as soon as you wake up, you can still a little lie down on the bed.Breakfast possible in bed.Try to eat only the food that you like.More work out hiking in the fresh air.

Eat small portions, but often, and drink tea with mint.It happens that some people use homeopathy, it is dotted acts on the protective function of the body and leads to the optimization of all internal systems of a pregnant woman.To achieve this result, it is enough just to swallow several homeopathic balls at the initial stage of pregnancy.Subsequently, thanks to the body adjusts its work.

Some women may experience nausea, but no vomiting.But there is an appetite, but too moody: Pregnant hours can choose what she would eat.After still chooses, she eats a spoonful or two - and the appetite goes.For others the beginning of pregnancy coincides with the advent of financial difficulties.In this case, the woman is very irritable, and her anxiety every day grow ever stronger.Because of this - constant nausea.Mainly in the medical records of these patients contained the same words: "toxemia of pregnancy, first trimester."

tablets from toxemia during pregnancy

Treatment homeopathic remedies does not apply to long-term methods, but seeing a specialist when it should be an integral part of it.

Many women after taking the tablets at the initial stage of toxemia of pregnancy nausea and vomiting stopped completely, and if they do not stop, then appear in a milder form.Homeopathic treatment is different for everyone.There are some nuances, for which it is assigned, for example, if a woman, after she wakes up, there is a feeling of nausea and vomiting, followed by;or it can not bear the smell of meat or perfume any particular line, all this will affect the choice of the individual, it is appropriate to her preparations.

To avoid the toxicity, it is necessary before the start of pregnancy to undergo cleaning the body of toxins.Many courses of preparation for pregnancy it attached great importance, so try to prepare for the pre-conception.

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