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Beige isolation during pregnancy

Beige isolation during pregnancy

Since early pregnancy there is a change in hormonal levels of women.In particular, the hormone progesterone in the first 3 months leads to a thicker opaque and viscous precipitates.This results in a special tube, closing the entrance to the uterine cervix, protecting the fetus from exposure to infections and other environmental factors.But it should be understood that not all discharge during pregnancy can be considered normal.The reason for the treatment of anxiety and isolation are accompanied by changes in odor and color of itching and other discomfort in the genital area.A sign of danger to the fetus can be the appearance of beige secretions.

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During the first three months of pregnancy, the uterus is provided by adjustment of the work of the hormone progesterone.When a thick transparent or white tinged mucous secretions during pregnancy can be judged on a sufficient level of progesterone, creating a mucous plug, which prevents penetration into the uterus of various

substances hazardous to the fetus.At slime should be odor should not have other undesirable features, including burning and itching.The situation is accompanied by a fixing of the fetus and placenta formation.

In the days of the alleged menstruation or a few weeks after conception, you may receive the discharge streaked with blood.This is usually not a sign of a specific threat, but is recommended to consult a specialist.In the blood during the second half of pregnancy, the formation of large levels of estrogen, so there are more liquid and viscous isolation.

To reduce discomfort, pregnant women often resort to special sanitary napkins, but you should definitely give up the pads through which the risk of infection in the birth canal.

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Beige isolation during pregnancy - a symptom of inflammation

To avoid risks to the fetus, you must pass the relevant tests in a timely manner to determine the presence of microorganisms, removing them even when planning a pregnancy.Since the presence of bacteria in the vagina possible before pregnancy.

odor secretions and change their colors during pregnancy is possible as a result of exposure to certain infections and other stimuli, indicating that any changes in the hormonal background, the emergence of diseases of uterine cervix.Beli can be yellow, white, beige, bloody, brown or other colors.The doctor usually appoints a smear, according to the results to identify the causes of such changes a woman's body

When beige secretions during pregnancy, consultation gynecologist becomes imperative.Discharge may indicate inflammatory diseases.

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pregnancy Pregnancy is accompanied by a decrease in immunity women, so the body more susceptible to infections.Signs of infection in the female body can be beige selection, with the advent of discomfort in the vulva.During exacerbation of inflammatory secretions can be shade of beige to greenish.The mucus leads to irritation of the skin, with an unpleasant odor.

cause of inflammation may be non-specific bacteria - Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Proteus.When an infection provoked by such bacteria in early pregnancy may be threatened miscarriage.These symptoms require a visit to a doctor to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Inflammatory appearance may occur as a result of infection, a sexually transmitted.Including gardenellez infection, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and so on. If any of these diseases in the early stages, an exacerbation of the process will require treatment with antibiotics.In chronic disease treatment with antibiotics in the 2nd half of pregnancy begins when the effects of drugs are not as dangerous.

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Another reason beige secretions - lack of progesterone in the blood.Typically, the process is not accompanied by discomfort in the genital area.Therefore, the doctor prescribes a blood test for progesterone levels.Hormone supports normal pregnancy at all stages, resulting in reduced activity of the immune system, acting on the fetus in the first stage of development, growth of the uterus with decrease of its tone.

pregnant women in any case it is necessary to control the state of health and change in the body.The appearance of suspicious vaginal discharge can be a sign of danger to the child, their shade can be determined by the nature of the threat.But an accurate diagnosis can be determined only gynecologist on the results of inspection and analysis.