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Antigrippin during pregnancy

Antigrippin during pregnancy

During pregnancy, each woman to want to avoid diseases and complications.But we have to recognize that women are rarely completely avoid various unpleasant surprises - pathology, complications or common colds.In autumn, when the predicted flu epidemic, it is women in pregnancy are at risk.It is understood that a woman's body during pregnancy faced double the load and the consumption of resources, resulting in the weakening of the immune system.So be thinking about the possibilities of treatment of influenza.But during pregnancy, many drugs are banned, it is necessary to look not only effective, but also safe for the pregnancy and fetus means.Among these tools is called Antigrippin.In his article, we will talk about the compatibility of the drug with pregnancy, restrictions and recommendations on its use.

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Traditional Antigrippin during pregnancy is contraindicated

Immediately it should be noted that Antigrippin can be produced in the form of a traditional

drug or homeopathic remedy.Traditional Antgrippin - a drug that provides antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.Effect of the drug can get rid of the symptoms of acute respiratory infections and influenza, reducing the swelling of the nasal mucosa to facilitate breathing.The formula of the drug is based on the components that will complement and reinforce each other.Including components of the drug substance chlorpheniramine maleate steel, acetaminophen, ascorbic acid.The basis of the therapeutic effect of the drug - the properties of the components included in its composition.

should be understood that the use of traditional Antigrippin saved contraindication during pregnancy.After all, with child-bearing woman needs harmless responsible recovery.All doctors confidently celebrate the undesirability of "chemistry" during pregnancy.In this regard, preferably herbal medicine, which is much safer during pregnancy.When used correctly, herbs can provide not only safety, but even more effective than chemicals.

It is also important to add that a woman during pregnancy do not need contact with those suffering from the flu.Even using bandages to protect against the flu will not succeed.Since the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets.Accordingly, during this period should be avoided such contacts.

Treatment homeopathic flu remedies during pregnancy

In the case of the ensuing pregnancy is still preferable to use homeopathic remedies, herbs and fees.This treatment option becomes the best solution, given the course of pregnancy.Among these drugs are marked Engestol, Sandra, and Traumeel Antigrippin in homeopathic form.

How to make a homeopathic Antigrippin during pregnancy

As Antigrippin taking the drug during pregnancy?When feeling unwell, should dissolve the drug for 4-5 pellets in 15-30 minutes.On the recommendations of experts homeopaths should combine it with the flu-Hel - other homeopathic drug.He suggests a similar spectrum of activity, with application of the drug after 15 minutes for two hours.This principle of treatment should be used daily.To consolidate the obtained results it is recommended the use of Antigrippin two hours with increased influenza-Helem 3-5 times a day - the course lasts 5 days.This variant of the scheme of treatment is the most effective and beneficial at the beginning of treatment after the first signs of advancing disease.

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Homeopathic Antigrippin during pregnancy for the prevention of diseases

It is also important to understand that the action Antigrippin in homeopathic form leads to the activation of protective functions and powers of the female body.The result strengthens the immune system of a pregnant woman.In view of this property, possibly prophylactic use of this drug.If you live with the flu, you should think about using homeopathic Antigrippin for prevention.At the same time we add that homeopathic remedies, including Antigrippin and represent a worthy immunocorrectors body.This feature allows you to neutralize the consequences or complications of influenza.

In any case, we must not forget about the dangers of self-medication during pregnancy.Improperly selected scheme, the dosage or combination with other agents may become the cause of certain complications.Therefore, use of medications during pregnancy is possible only after consultation with a specialist.