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Avamys during pregnancy

Avamys during pregnancy

woman during pregnancy is faced with dramatic changes of his body, with the emergence of completely new sensations.But for all the changes and complexities of health must be extremely cautious in the use of any drugs during pregnancy.After all, if earlier, some drugs were completely safe for the body, after the conception of the child they already may be a threat to the pregnancy, the state and development of the fetus.Therefore, special attention should be paid to even the common cold - should be a responsible approach to the issue of the selection of appropriate drugs for treatment of the common cold and its symptoms.

fairly common means for such a result, it is the use of Avamys, which is popular for the treatment of rhinitis.But there is a natural question - Is it possible to receive Avamys during pregnancy.It will use it quite effective, but safe?This common questions pregnant women, and we will pay special attention in his article.

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Avamys Avamys drug produced in the

form of a metered nasal spray - nasal drops.The main active ingredient in the composition of the drug - fluticasone furoate.It is a synthetic glucocorticosteroid with strong anti-inflammatory effect.Consequently, the drug is a hormone.It is important to understand - the drug is completely absorbed, binds to blood proteins by nearly 99%.This tool is displayed through the intestines.For internal use 1% of the drug excreted by the kidneys.

Indications and contraindications receiving Avamys during pregnancy

Among the indications for use of the drug should be noted the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis for adults and children older than 12 years, and the elimination of edema of the nasal mucosa in adenoids.Contraindications to the drug - sensitivity to certain components in the formulation.

  • Since Avamys is a hormonal drug, even taking into account the local effect of the drug (because of its action almost exclusively in the mucous membrane of the nose), yet it is not recommended in conjunction with hormonal therapy inside or injections: a consequence of the combined effect may be an overdose.

  • Like the overwhelming majority of drugs is not assigned to the drug for people with individual intolerance to fluticasone furoate or other components in the composition of Avamys.It may sound strange, but sometimes medication allergies may lead to its emergence.

  • should be very carefully and only in the case of the urgent need to apply the spray people with severe liver disease.

It should be understood that taking Avamys during pregnancy is not prohibited.But its use during pregnancy is limited to cases of urgent need.Instead Avamys ideally better to resort to other alternatives harmless from the common cold, even though we have to admit - not all of them are able to provide adequate efficiency.Do not use the drug may be administered to children under the age of two years.It is forbidden to spray the patient is prone to nosebleeds, and is not appointed within the first weeks after surgery on sinuses, also in the presence of the wounds of the nasal mucosa.

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Avamys Side effects during pregnancy

It should be noted, and some side effects that are characteristic for receiving Avamys.In particular, the intake of the drug may cause nasal bleeding, with the appearance of hives, nasal mucosa damage, rash, sometimes there is a risk of anaphylaxis and angioedema.

As we have noted, is not the best way spray Avamys will be combined with the use of ketoconazole and ritonavir as a consequence of the combined use may be some signs of an overdose of the hormones of this type - with the emergence of a feeling of weakness, increased heart rate, decreased pressure.Among other things, the use of Avamys may occasionally accompanied by the appearance of nasal bleeding - in this case an urgent need to eliminate the use of the drug and consult your doctor.

Spray if you are hypersensitive to cause allergic reactions of the respiratory (asthma) and skin (hives) systems, generalized reactions such as: including anaphylaxis, angioedema.Therefore, once again we encourage you to consult with your doctor, without resorting to self-medication.

method and dosage Avamys pregnancy

sick person in the appointment of the drug is recommended that the following dosage: for adults and children older than 12 years at 2 injection into each nasal passage - every day.Dosage after onset of therapeutic effect is reduced by half, making 1 injection in each nostril.At the same time experts do not advise using more than two injections of funds in the day.Determine the duration of treatment with this drug, taking into account the patient's condition.

Avamis.jpg Note that patients often begin to worry about using this tool, because the drug is one of the hormonal drugs.As well it is known, what could be the side effects of using these drugs.But it is important to understand that in most cases the side effects are caused by misuse of the drug.Even simple, non-hormonal medicines may lead to negative health effects, when used without a specific dosage regimen of the drug.

In most cases, doctors when prescribing these drugs to determine an appropriate dose of personal.In this report the woman about the proper method of using the tool, paying attention to the characteristics of this drug.In particular, doctors recommend taking this money only after the nasal wash solution Dolphin.The instructions to the drug with the data to take into account each person.Be sure to follow the information in the instructions to safely and effectively get rid of rhinitis by preventing the possible negative effects of the treatment course.

Why is it important to study the instructions in the Avamys pregnancy

Instruction used drugs during pregnancy deserves special attention.Since the official instructions have to be considered a single document containing all valid and verified information about a specific drug.Therefore, it is important to carefully review the instructions to the drug before buying - especially before using the spray, even if the use of the funds designated physician.Since the prescribing physician focuses on the result handed over analyzes, data and inspection information that the woman told him.But we have to recognize that people are often not reported by the doctor all the details that he believes negligible or simply forgets.However, in practice, these details can be particularly important for the appropriate choice of drug, effective and safe method of treatment.

In particular, the use of Avamys with ritonavir may provoke an overdose of glucocorticoids, leading to the consequences.Therefore, if you do not tell your doctor about using capsules Ritonavir in this period, you are familiar with the limitations and contraindications in the instructions of both drugs, the side effects as a result of spray Avamys can turn out a useful drug in an unsafe and violent means.Also, the instruction always contains detailed information on the optimal dosage of the drug, the right course of treatment in the case of different pathologies.

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Avamys use during pregnancy

not appointed by the reception of the drug spray for children under the age of 12 years, while there is a certain degree of risk when used during pregnancy.The instructions to the drug indicates that it is undesirable to use during pregnancy.The reason is largely due to the lack of research on the effects of Avamys pregnancy and the child's condition.The current practice confirms - Avamys is not always safe during pregnancy.

Therefore, the drug should be administered individually by the attending physician, the woman will need necessarily follow its recommendations.Reviews of this preparation in the discussion forums suggest neutral effects of this medication often appear rash.Some experts recommend that you first wash the nose with a normal saline solution, then to inject Avamys.Summing up, we can talk about a certain degree of risk of the use of this drug during pregnancy.Therefore, we can recommend it only for the purpose of the attending physician taking the drug under its control.

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